WoWS 0.6.10: Updated Graf Zeppelin Stats

*Please note that the following stats are subject to changes before it is released*

-Graf received a new optional AP bomb PC-500 alongside SC500 HE bomb
-PC 500 has effective penetration from 35mm to 245mm
-Less accurate than Enterprise in autodrop, but more accurate manual drop


Ship HP: 52600
Deck Armour: 12mm – 40mm
Citadel Protection: 20mm – 100mm
Torpedo Protection: 16%
Max Speed: 32 knots
Rudder Shift Time: 13.66 seconds
Turning Circle Radius: 1140 m
Surface Detectability: 16.2 km
Air Detectability: 13.83 km

Flight Control:
Mod.1 (Fighter/TB/DB) : 2-0-3
Aircraft distribution: 25-0-47
Fighter squad: 4 aircraft each
DB squad: 5 aircraft each

Fighter: Messerschmitt Bf 109T (Tier VIII)
Servicing time: 4.1 sec/plane
Speed (Cruising/Strafing): 175 knots / 193 knots
AA Damage: 61
Loadout: 40.7

DB: Junkers Ju 87C (Tier VIII)
Servicing time: 5 sec/plane
Speed(Loaded/Returning): 135/183 knots

HE bomb: SC 500
Damage: 7800
Chance of fire: 85%

AP bomb: PC 500 RS

Secondary Battery:
150mm SK C/28 MPL C/36 (8 x 2)
Range: 7.5 km
Reload: 7.5 seconds
Damage: 1700
Chance of fire:8%

105mm SK C/33 (6 x 2)
Range: 7.5 km
Reload: 3.35 seconds
Damage: 1200
Chance of fire:5%

105mm SK C/33 (6 x 2)
100 damage, 4.5km range

37mm Flak M42 Zwilling (11 x 2)
113 damage, 3.5km range

20mm Flak 38 (7 x 4)
45 damage, 2km range

(1st slot) Damage Control Party
(2nd slot) Defensive AA Fire


2 thoughts on “WoWS 0.6.10: Updated Graf Zeppelin Stats

  1. What bullshit is this WG? A carrier with no torpedo bombers now? I do not care if it has AP or HE dive bombers without torpedos .
    There absolutely no point in even testing this. Why can’t you balance with a historical 2-2-2 layout? Dive bombers only mean zero fun! And that for a premium ship?


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