Possible HD FV215B?

An HD FV 215B is a possibility, but take it with a grain of salt. This may be an artist rendering. If this were true, this could either mean two things. The FV215B is here to stay or it’ll be a reward of some sort.


21 thoughts on “Possible HD FV215B?

  1. I have very strong feeling they do Foch 155 treatment for it.

    There is already a few evidences, like it was mentioned yesterday that “you should grind FV215b fast” as well as this.

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      1. So first WG makes everyone torture themselves through French TDs, probably the worst line in the game, they now make everyone torture themselves through British HT line, probably 2nd worst line in the game overall.



        1. Well both lines are kinda bad. I can agree in this but if you are a long time player you had them unlocked as soon as those Coke out sooo this bad line Grind only really concerns new players


        2. The Conqueror or FV 215b if used well are far from the worst HTs in the game, and once you get past the ARL V39 the TDs from then on are pretty good actually (having just ground through the 8 and 9) they play like non-turreted mediums, might just be how I play but I get fairly reliable results playing them like that


  2. They say that they will do the same thing that they do to the Foch (155). I’m pretty sure that what will happen is that the FV will be replace by something like the Super Conqueror but people who have the FV will keep it.

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  3. I just find it so funny it is called the worst grind in the game. Man i had the FV-215b for well over a year now and only used it in Clan wars.
    But the Caernarvon and Conqueror were not that bad of a tank. Sure the Caern had a lower front plate issue, but come on!!! ALL Tier 8 Hvy Tanks have that issue. yeah, the turret was 5th class but was still workable.
    The Conq, omg, it is so powerful!! Just like the M-103 in some ways. I can bully, some, Tier 10 heavies in the Conq if i get the right spot and elevation angles to them. The gun is so precise and fast rounds = Top 3 for damage easily.

    Well i guess you can say any tank you get into a good spot and can farm damage, but in the Conq…it isnt that hard or bad, IMO.

    IMO the Chinese heavy line, the Russian IS-4 line, the ANY Arty line are the LONG Fucking BORING is it worth it lines.


    1. “ALL Tier 8 Hvy Tanks have that issue.”

      defender, liberte, and chrysler K are just giggling in the back

      and no.

      no t8 or t9 “true” HT (read: not 50 100) other than caern/conq has a lower plate that can be penned by a tier 5, not even the Tiger 2

      That being said, the true dealbreaker for the caernarvon is not the lower plate, but the terrible alpha/dpm combo with nothing else to boot for

      The conqueror, on the other hand, is indeed a great tank, because despite having the same hull and anemic powertrain, it has amazing gun and turret


      1. Well the Caern has better dpm than the Centurion 1, and it is pretty mobile. I grinded that line when the Conq had the worst turretarmor and wasn’t nearly as mobile as the 50 129, both having 100mm at it’s thickest point, so that would mean everything would make new ventilation holes in your turret.

        The Conquerors gun though sure as hell made up for alot of the flaws, being really accurate, having great dpm, good pen and low turretdispersion it made for a fun grind once you got it. The fact that it still to this day has better dpm than the Centurion 7/1, is quite odd.


  4. I like both.

    foch is the inly autoloader td and fvb is although special.

    maybe not that powerfull than other but I wouldnt like to lose my fvb.
    hopefully they do it like foch 155 now. but I rember for 2 or 3 years with the mt wg said: players neber get the other tanks free again. like they did it before with is 4, t34…


  5. Well they change their mind each week with that line. So who knows. That it might get the same treatment as the 155 might be a possibility. Last they said they were looking to split the HT line at tier 8 or where ever it was. Vs just at tier X like console did. But no word since, and that was what? A year ago?


  6. Wut in the world is that sharp line from the gunner’s periscope? The flat it’s on is roof, not part of the armor profile…


  7. Well I mean just earlier you said that “further tier X swappings will be done like the Foch 155’s, and the old tier X will be kept by the players who already own it”.

    Just because you cant buy it again doesnt mean they’ll let it be SD forever. If they took the time to turn some rare tanks into HD why not this one. That’s just logical.

    All tanks that will stay in the game are gonna be in HD even if they cannot be obtainef anymore. And frol their last video, WG said if a tier X tank was to be changed for another, players would still keep the original if they own it. So FV215B will stay in the game, even if not researchable anymore.


  8. It’s like Marathon 2.0: Tier X edition with the current swapping and replacing of certain tier 10s. Only difference is that you’ll need to grind through tier 2-10 and have the tier 10 in your garage.

    I haven’t even touched on the British HT line, so I guess now’s a good time to do so.


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