Supertest: Strv 81


34 thoughts on “Supertest: Strv 81

      1. No need to explain yourself, we all have had this sort of ‘want it, need it’ thing before.

        *thinks about 59-Patton*

        Yes, quite.

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  1. Unless is classify as HT, it will be a bad trainer for Ikea HT staffs.

    Meanwhile 4202 is still crying with 0.5 less RoF


    1. It’s still the same 226 penetration, but because it’s APCR so it will be less effective than 226 AP of Cen 1’s gun. But it has very good turret armor ( 252 at the turret cheek, 126mm front side armor )


  2. I certainly hope this would spell a buff for the non-premium centurion turrets. Armor looks properly good on this one.


    1. I don’t think that’s the case. I’m willing top bet that the 177 and 254mm sections you see are at the turret ring bar under the gun, not the sides around the mantlet, thats likely still 152mm.


      1. But you were wrong, it has very good turret armor ( 252mm at the turret cheek, 126mm front side armor ), I watched them from a video of a Russian supertester 🙂


      2. The frontal armor is listed as 254 here, while on the standard centurions, it’s listed as 152. While what you said could be the case, I’d at least hope they’d give the vehicle usable armor again.


        1. I know, I just watched teh demos, they clearly show that the turret cheeks on the Strv 81 are 254mm thick and the sides of the ftront are like 100+mm thick, too. This is just how it is on the supertest atm

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      1. I know. And that’s why I probably will ignore this tank. The Cen 1 is capable and fine, but I find it incredible boring to play.


    1. This entirely negates the point of the Centurion, which is better mobility than the Caernarvon.
      To me Caern is better in every way except for mobility.


        1. Mk2 – new turret with a 17pdr.
          Mk3 – new turret with the 20pdr.
          Mk5 – new turret with the 20pdr, 120mm UFP.
          Mk5/1 – new turret with 20pdr, 120mm UFP.
          Mk5/2 – new turret with L7-105mm, 120mm UFP.


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