WoT – STG “Guard”

Yes, dear readers – another “patriotic” tank is going to drain our wallets!

Developed as a J.V. Stalin Academy of the WPRA Mechanization and Motorization Program project. According to numerous sources it started in 1949. The vehicle had a forward placed engine bay, and the fighting compartment in the back, something unseen in a soviet tank. The tank was canceled during the project phase.

Tier: MT-8, USRR, premium
Health: 1 350
Engine power: 400 HP
Weight: 28 t
Max. weight: 30 t
Power-to-weight: 14,29 HP/t
Max. speed forward/backwards: 50/-20 km/h
Traverse speed: 46,94 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 36,5 °/s
Terrain resistance: 0,671 / 0,767 / 1,534
View range: 370 m
Signal range: 730 m

Hull armor: 100 / 45 / 45
Turret armor: 210 / 180 / 45

Gun: 122 mm D-25TS

Damage: 390 / 390 / 530
Penetration: 212 / 248 / 61
Fire rate: 4,47
DPM: 1 743
Reload speed: 13,42 s
Accuracy: 0,316
Aim time: 2,21 s
Gun depression/elevation: -6 / +17


65 thoughts on “WoT – STG “Guard”

  1. Hahaha pathetic really, so many tier 8 premiums and yet another Soviet addition. This premium spam is just getting out of hand. How many tier 8 prems (in total) will there be in 2 years time? I have bought enough (obsolete) premiums and not planning on getting any more, no matter how good they are.

    WG could have made many regular (mini) branches but yet choose to drain their game and our wallets. Money hungry.

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    1. A tier 8 MT with a 122mm gun that has better pen than any other tier 8 soviet MT, with less than 0.32 accuracy and 2.2s aimtime…

      DPM might not be the best but here you got yourself an Object 416 turned into a deadly sniper. And Obj416 is already an amazing tank at its tier. This tank is going to be teally strong ; the accuracy allows it to snipe and the huge alpha allows it to peek-a-boom / assassinate tanks in CQC. It wont survive in 1v1 but if it has other tanks to cover it, this thing can do work. And keep in mind that it will never meet more than 3 tier Xs at once, and this gun is more than capable of dealing with everything it meets except for tier X superheavies, which its not supposed to fight.


  2. Well, this 212mm of pen make many other tier 8 MTs really jealous, I guess. On the other hand the DPM is just plain bad and the aimtime as well as the acc sound like bad gun handling. That values for ground resistance, though …

    Anyway, no tank for me, especially as long as tier 8 is just fill up material for tier 9 and tier 10 all day long.


  3. Sometimes it’s as if there are two competing teams in the balancing/tank departement. One group tries to appease the player-base and do something good for the game, the other tries to milk as much money as possible with ridiculous vehicles.

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  4. ya well the game is dying wg knows that so there trying to milk as many as they can, i for one no longer give then my money since they resold the mutant


  5. It has mediocre bad dpm, but…who cares it’s a wet dream from any tier 8 MT to have: damage: 390, pen: 212, acc: 0,316, aim time: 2,21 s.
    Oh wait!…this is gonna be payed content and… such stats are in the power creeping arena against those same standard tier 8 mediums.

    But probably it will also have SerB style gun dispersion stats to go with it…cause a Ruski tank ain’t a good Ruski tank without 0.10 dispersion on turret traverse da! /sarcasm ;)


    1. .21 moving/tank traverse, .12 turret rotation

      not that good, in fact IS-3 has better soft stats. And better DPM. And better pen. And better shell velocity. It also has more armor, good platform (frontally mounted turret), gun will handle similarly.

      IS-3 only really loses out on VR (370m on STG is still nothing special so the difference isn’t even relevant tbh) and mobility. Oh and 1 degree of depression, which doesn’t matter because STG has turret in the back which is more pain to use so in reality it’ll feel like IS-3 has better depression.

      With these stats, I’d take Ravioli over the STG probably.


      1. Hell looking at the model, it can’t even sidescrape because it has kinda a pike nose going on at the front.

        This thing can’t do anything really. It can’t brawl, it can’t really play like a medium and it’s a shitty sniper – STRV S1 is much better when you want a premium that is good at sniping.

        I don’t see a point of this thing, it’s not completely trash because you still have that alpha but it doesn’t shine in any category and it’s not universal either.

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      2. > .21 moving/tank traverse, .12 turret rotation

        Oh, well than that is a good offset for such a powerful gun on tier 8.
        I always was (and still am) of the opinion that the IS-3’s soft stats are bordering on being too powerful on tier 8…but well then came all the new premiums we have now :P

        I still haven’t seen the armor profile (was it leaked?), if it is average (416 like) than I guess it will be a more balanced tier 8 premium than the ones we had over the past 6 months.


        1. It’s in the game files of current game version (9.19.1) so you can check it on tanks.gg or through tank inspector


          Basically, hull is a bit stronger than 416 but still at a point where it will bounce pretty much only T6 meds, turret is fairly strong but large parts can be penned by T8 prem ammo or T8 heavies, and has a pretty big cupola, bigger than 140.

          I think this works really well as premium. Not the weakest tank in its tier but far from OP and kinda unique gameplay wise (sure there is 416 but that lacks the alpha and a bit of armor).


      1. Are those buffs still going through? Did not see anything about British meds on the test server notes. Saw all of three other super test server notes carry over, but nothing about that. Fingers crossed, the action x could use some love.


  6. Yay, another russian tank that will power creep everything !!. Cause lol 0.31 accuracy on a soviet Russian 122mm. About as accurate as a grille 15.


    1. As if you could declare a tank good or bad solely by its gun. If that was the case Church GC would be one of the best vehicles in the game.


  7. Honestly this is a more logical progression than the Object 416 from the A44. High alpha and now a really strong turret and good mobility, similiar playstle to A44 and Object 430 II.

    This should honestly be the next progression in the tree and the object 416 should be the premium. But that wouldn’t make WG as much money, da?

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  8. Is it only me thinks WG is following AW? It`s just look like a skin for Obj.416. Of course WG added some buff, but still I don`t seem this is good. Especially comparing the old days with Lowe and such, with their own distinctive characteristics. It seems to me that WG lost their own philosophy about the game to money.


  9. Fucking ridicilous shit this is, propaganda poster slapped on OP tank. 0,316 accuracy and 390 Alfa damage on a 8 tier medium? This is just too fuckin much, how stupid can they be releasing this kind of shit?


    1. So? It’s a third line support tank, just like Object 416, but worse because of bad rate of fire and worse gold pen. The 210mm covers very thin part of the turret, not to mention the big cupola that everything can shoot at. When this tank is spotted it will be destroyed quicker than t44 100 after buff. And you probably can buy the standard version without the lul paint as well. Or just don’t care if you dont buy it.


    2. Maybe you should educate yourself before spouting off, there’s a few d25 guns on mediums already, free and payed. And the most important accuracy stat isn’t even on the table yet. But wait ! There’s more, it’s either got AP and has meh she’ll velocity, making it hard to use at range, or it has the APCR, and is bad at range. Really you should be hoping for the AP because if that 248 pen number is HEAT, don’t bother with it.
      So basically regardless of how accurate the gun is when movement dispersion are known, the gun isn’t going to be good at long range, it isn’t going to be good against a lot of armor, and when it’s not top tier, it’s basically cooked.

      This along side a poor armor profile, poor DPM , rear mounted turret , and non pref MM. The tank is not going to be good…


  10. New premium will not drain your wallet if you have no wallet in first place. :)

    In all seriousness, look sexy but meh, not gonna buys it anyway. I better buy some model kits if this cost me around USD 50.


  11. Like with all op premiums tanks (patriot, defender, liberte, Skorpion G, Chrysler, STG, …) I reskin them in Pink so they look stupid. Also this makes me shoot them priory.


  12. Isn’t the Patriotic Premium HTs enough already? I guess it’s time to move on to make Patriotic Premium MTs and LTs too…


  13. ‘another “patriotic” tank is going to drain our wallets’

    Not sure what this QQ is all about. Don’t like it, don’t wanna pay money for it, then don’t buy it. It’s pretty simple really…

    WoT is still for the most part F2P, you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to.

    It also doesn’t really look as strong as most people make it to be. How many times have you been in a game and went: OMG, this Ojb 416 is so OP, it’s breaking the game completely. There’s also a good chance this tank won’t be able to traverse the turret fully and that’s really uncomfortable.


  14. Wargaming just make two versions of the T-64, one at tier X with the 125mm and one at tier VIII with 115mm autoloading gun allready and sell them for a 100/80 euros respectively and then stop making those fantasy/prototype tanks.. It is not like those tanks would be OP or anything given the current high tier enviroment…


  15. I stopped paying for premium account a good few months back after I had a tier VIII battle that had 27 premium tanks in it,
    I remember a time when tier VIII was a great place to play, fun well balanced tanks and few tier X tanks in with you mostly tier VIII only and a few tier IX now and again.
    now it is full of gold spamming premium tanks that nearly all meds cant damage with out knowing weak spots or spamming gold in return. Personally I would rather lose a game than have to spam gold to win,
    But the paying customers are happy in their OP tanks , and a happy paying customer is better for WG than a happy player base that isn’t throwing money at them for every new OP P2W tank.
    Any way WG wont be having any more money from me and I know of others too that are just walking away, good job WG.


  16. Yes, another Russian tank. Yes, it is not a bad premium, but I don’t think it’s overpowered either. Yes, we would rather see some new premiums for the British tech tree or other nations…

    But hey, Russia is WG’s biggest market and those RU players love this shit. WG would be stupid if they don’t shit out Russian premiums like there is no tomorrow. And if they are smart, they will also offer a non-clownvariant for the more serious players.

    I don’t mind if they bring out shitloads of premiums (even reskins of Tigers, Panthers, T-34’s or Shermans), as long as there will be no more Defenders or Chryslers.


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