WG Promises from the (Recent) Past

Have a few pretty recent quotes from the developers of WoT:

“Chinese TDs will be released exclusively for the Chinese server, in other regions THEY WILL NOT COME” © Anton Pankov, 6 March 2017.

“We will not introduce the Waffentrager auf E 100 back again. We are not looking forward to such a goal” © Daniel Parashchyna (Murazor) and Vyacheslav Makarov, communicating with the players in December 2016 at an exhibition in Moscow.

And now, we are seeing them doing the opposite. This shows that WG is not to be fully trusted, since they do not respect the promises made to the players in the past.

What happened to Wargaming, and most importantly, what happened to the respect for the players for which the game is developed? We will never know, but I fear no WG Fests or portal apologies can really solve this problem.

120 thoughts on “WG Promises from the (Recent) Past

  1. Hmmm…
    Enough people whined for not getting the Chinese TDs I guess,from what I heard Pankov said,if it\’s true,that\’s why we will get them.
    Also,the wt will be going only on the Chinese server,and who cares for the Chinese server,except for the Chinese?

  2. M6A2E1: \”This tank will be only available in this pre-order package and it will never ever be sold again\” – WG CEO Viktor

    1. Finally I could get M6A2E1 to accompany my Panzer V/IV.
      Has Panzer V/IV been sold after the pre-package?

        1. the russians could buy it (and M6, A32) since day 1, as there it never was preorder and was only promised to be exclusive on EU/NA 😉

          Altought I think they removed those tanks from the permanent offers in the ru giftshop last year.

      1. Yes, once, for about half a day but they switched the medium and heavy packages around so you had to buy the 100 Euro of gold to get it.

    2. Actually the resell of mutant doesn\’t affect anyone at all, it\’s pretty crap

      1. Unless you originally got one for the uniqueness. It\’s gone now.

        1. LMAO you thought you were buying a tank because \”look at me, be jealous bitches, im rich\’ lol How fucked up are you as a person? Seriously. lol Companies love idiots like you. They cash in on morons like you SO hard. You paid for early access not uniqueness.

      1. It was specifically available to everyone on NA soon afterwards for free for a very easy event–IIRC, just logging in every day.

  3. Seb you take every opportunity to bash WG over anything, comes across as being very petty indeed. No idea what your problem is with them but the quality of the blog is really suffering from your personal vendetta against them. give it a rest and go back to actually posting news.

      1. And I do the same with this blog, but you gotta see this article isn\’t news or even true. The player polls asked for the Chinese TD\’s to be added, The WT E100 is NOT being added to any servers outside China. You can say \’not yet\’.. but you could say that about UFO\’s…despite some of my posts I am genuinely fond of this blog but articles like this are just nonsense… catering to the crayon eating masses who believe everything they see. Articles should be better than just empty clickbait.
        Don\’t mean to sound too harsh but that\’s what I feel.

    1. Oh come on, this is blog and he is doing good job. When u want read some shitty positive content about WG games so u can leave and go to read Official WoT News on their website.

    2. This is how you make money and get famous with WoT. You pander to the entitled cry babies that don\’t understand business. You pander to the \”FUCK WG\” crowd like SirFuck did. You make videos that go, \”FUCKWG FUCK WG FUCK WG\”.

      Yes Seb is a whiny entitled twat. If he just reported the super test/test server changes people would see him in a good light.

  4. Isn\’t it so that the chinese td line and the wt e-100 be introduced only on the asian server?

  5. Wargaming is not bringing the Waffenträger auf E 100 back, that independant shitty Chinese server is.

    1. TDs were only for chinese server too.
      Now look whats coming in OUR 9.20.

      If they did it with the fake TDs, they can do it with the waffle too. All it takes is a bunch of russian pigs who use a bottle of vodka as their brain and are just sober enough to post on a forum.

  6. Well the Chinese TD\’s was made exclusively for the Chinese server indeed. But I suspect they did not make a contract with them saying we could not have it. And if the demand it there. Why not? As the RU vote was not 30 votes like most EU polls get. So they really wanted it.

    Yes they said the WT-auf E100 was never coming back… But I suspect they refereed to it as a tier X. As we all knew they would play with the idea of having it as a tier 8 premium, that the Chinese server already grabbed. But that is IF they can balance it for tier 8. And that size 2 tiers lower and with a borsig gun.. or what ever they put on it… it\’s not easy either way. So it\’s not a sure thing yet. It\’s not like it\’s 100% sure we get it just because Blitz and China gets it. I mean we don\’t have half the premiums they have. And the IS-6 has a 220 pen gun there.

    1. Also the have obj 777, obj 257, all the clan wars reward tanks for sale. Vk 100 with the old 490alpha gun and finally,

      The chieftan Mk 6

  7. \”Tier 10 meds/TDs will never come\”

    \”Tier 10 arty will never come\”

    \”Tier 10 LTs will never come\”

    \”We will never introduce tanks from 60s\” (Leo 1 was IIRC considered too modern at some point!)

    \”Okay, we did introduce 60s tanks, but we put timeline there and will never introduce tanks from 70s\” (hightier Swedish TDs, Type 64…)

    \”We will never introduce wheeled vehicles\” (even those are considered now)

    \”E25 will never be sold again\”

    \”M6 mutant will never be sold again\”

    \”Chinese TDs will never be introduced on other servers\”


    Next promise is being…

    \”WT E100 will never return\”

    Just wait for it.

      1. wish i could edit geez. mean\’t \”through time opinions can change and most changes im glad they did decide to change, it\’s not that wierd.

        1. These aren\’t opinions. They are statements, if they say they will \’NEVER\’ or \’NOT\’ do something, why in fucks name do they just go back on their word. Never means never, it does not mean later, or even a 100 years later, it means never. And the sad thing is, pretty much all of their broken promises are as a result of them wanting to make a quick buck at the expense of their loyal player base. This is what used to set Wagaming apart from most companies (:cough: activision) but it seems money has corrupted them, just as much as every other company has been. And indeed this should have been expected.

          1. Even statements can change (and most statements that they changed was honestly just good, except the tier III and e-25)… and it\’s kinda funny how you say \”money corrupts them\” dude it\’s a free to play company. what do you expect their plan to be? Every Free to play game have multiple way to get money and need to do this too stay afloat. You think money just appear out of thin air?
            sure it\’s not always pleasant and yes they spit out a bit too many premiums for my taste.
            But it\’s understandable why this practise is inplace.

            \”loyal player base\”

            What\’s the problem here, really? nothing. they kept their promise with the chinese TD and WT-E-100. WG Asia is pretty much their own company. they don\’t follow the same rules as the rest of WG does.

              1. They are pretty much running their own race, compared to ru/na/eu.

                1. ….considering one of main Administrator is Aussie (Tanitha) and good chunk of their players are Aussie and Kiwis, your statement comes off as ignorant.

  8. Well the Waffle E100 is only on the chinese server and is owned by another company, so they are still keeping that promise, for now.

    1. I shall moment 9.20 comes out… Course I maybe just be clubbing seals in my AP HEAT lefh

  9. And have we not yet figured out that WG will do anything for an extra shot of cash?

  10. Seb, please take into consideration that the playerbase asked for the Chinese TDs on EU/RU/US and they are not introducing WTE100 at tier X but a shitty pale copy of it at tier 8.

  11. Funny how some people keep mistaking WG Asia with Khongzong in comment above.
    Especially when we (ASIA server) generally get the short sticks among other Servers.

    Back to your statement, Seb. While promises ideally are to be kept, if there are some circumstances where keeping the promise will do more harm than break it, then break it.

    ….which 9 out of 10 is not applies to WG statements, sadly.

    But for these two example, I\’ll cut some slack. Apparently RU players really want those Chinese TD, and for now E-100 allegedly will confined on KhongZong Server, so its too premature to say the promise broken.

    1. >Funny how some people keep mistaking WG Asia with Khongzong in comment above.
      Because Asian people all look the same to Whites. That was never something new. jk.

  12. I don\’t understand why people ahte these chinese TDs… World of Tanks is not a simulator, any new tanks are good tanks for gods sake… stop whining and just play the game, as it is a GAME.

    All these people need to stop fantasising about driving a tank in WWII and realise how horrific it was… I don\’t know why you would ever want to go through that, so why do you want the game to have real tanks, or be more realistic, if the reality is truly horrific

    1. I don\’t really have problem with them, but never means never. If they will consider to put them in the game, they shouldn\’t make that promise in the first place.

      Or maybe never mean something else in Russian. I don\’t know TBH.

  13. WG promised nothing. People for WG promised something… a big difference.

  14. I can\’t help but laugh at anyone who still goes to WoT for the historical aspect of it. Isn\’t it time they renamed this game \’Stalinium\’?

  15. I think you have to see this in perspective and not with blinkers on!
    WG first declared that those Chinese TD\’s were only and exclusively for the Chinese servers, but have you read the forums? A lot of people found this a very good idea (for fake tank reasons) but a whole lot more people did wanted those TD\’s on the RU, EU and NA servers. And that\’s what WG listened too! They did listen too the players. Only not to all of them.
    Personally I really don\’t care if these vehicles come our way or not. At least I have a new goal in the game … grinding some Chinese TD\’s. 😛
    Then I see comments about the historical accuracy of this game. Dudes, this game is not and never was a historical accurate simulator. Get that idea out of your heads because in the future you will have thoughts like that more often. 😉 😛

  16. WG also took out some premium tanks with limited MM and told us they won\’t be sold anymore. But every now and them they can be found in special sales.
    WT auf E100 will come as premium tank, for sure, so they can make more money by selling it.

    Chinese TDs not only come because of begging for it, new tank lines mean, player effort more time in game (good for the playercounts) and buy premium time to grind those lines.

    So if some of the developers say, they have no plans for something, doesn\’t mean the other departments don\’t have plans too.

  17. I really hate WG for doing this.

    When I play games like this, having a certain atmosphere within the game is VERY important to me.

    I used to look forward to getting and trying out legendary tanks such as the Sherman, T-34, Ferdinand and so on… And then WG went FULL retard mode and started including all kind of \”paper tanks\” (i.e. stuff that was never actually built, usually for a good reason), and now with this FULL fantasy mode SHIT.

    I thought this day will never come, but I think I will start playing WT ground forces (even though I like WoT gameplay a lot better).

  18. WG needs to can it\’s entire upper level game development, so biased and not trustworthy, corrupt.

    Murazor needs to go before anyone else. I\’m sure hes the type of guy that would hire his idiot friend who can\’t tie his shoes and pay him 200 k a year over someone more qualified.

  19. \”WT auf E-100 will not come back\”
    then it comes back on Chinese server.

    wait, did they said \”T-50-2 will not return?\”

    i think we can expect the day it returns :p

  20. Seb, u really r a stupid fucking clueless moron. U should stick with reporting the news and sticking ur comments UP YOUR ASS where they belong. WG is brinnging Chinese TDs to all servers becaus players want them. Why the fuck would that create an issue, u stupid fucking moron. I have no prob to a nerfed waffle at tier 8, but i want the aweful panther brought back. I have not spent money on this game in 2 yrs, but id buy the aweful panther.

    1. Calling other people moron while unable to formulate a proper sentence, the irony.

  21. The most intelligent people are the one who can change their minds.

    1. Well let\’s hope they change their mind again and cancel most of the 9.20 changes ; otherwise there is not much hope to have left for WG.

  22. You forgot one thing TAP, they promised that they will release the non-ARP Takao first before releasing the ARP Takao.

    Pretty sure some things from WoWs as well

  23. Opposition!As a Chinese player, KZW and WG\’s shoddy clone clones made me angry.
    In fact, China\’s unique entity, TD can make a line..

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