Top Grossing Titles in June 2017

SuperData (a company engaged in the monitoring and study of the market of video games) has provided monthly statistics on the most profitable games in June 2017. World of Tanks again, loses 1 place (7 to 8), compared with the previous month. PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds is for the first time ahead of WoT.



14 thoughts on “Top Grossing Titles in June 2017

  1. This article is for whoever tries to take WG’s side and say they need money and that’s why we get pay2win tanks in the game.


  2. only 3 years ago in early 2014 WOT as a title was at no 3 in the top online world PC games,

    the difference in WOT from 3 years ago is ‘player satisfaction & enjoyably play’
    not so much of that nowadays

    and btw,

    late 2014 was when WG started to remove/ delete Maps from the game this 2 or 3 at a time around 8 maps that I used to enjoy were simply ‘deleted’ for WG own reasons?

    from those 8 or more deleted Maps WG ‘most kindly’ gave us first Pilsen then Rubicon Paris
    ~ its hardly surprising WOT is slowly declining ………………..


    1. You would be amazed to see how many play Roblox on Console as it’s free. And spend money on it. It’s not rare to see it on the top 5 earning free 2 play game on the Xbox list either.

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  3. Pretty surprised that Infinite Warfare is on the list, I thought people hated that game (unless it’s on the list because many bought it to get the remastered COD4 :p).


    1. Could we have a list of the top grossing games only for EU and NA? I bet it’s completely different, and even WoT would be higher on the list.

      Asians do nothing all day but play dinosaurs like league of legends or games that we don’t even care playing anymore like the ones mentioned by the rest in here.


  4. They’ve dropted down because they suck listening to actualy old players…..talking about actual enjoyment gameplay……they are listenig only to crybabys….and now this happens……shitass MM with the Great once SuperPercing only enters in tier 9 …..then days it would get tier 9 in like 3-4 battles out of 10……yeah….they’ve removed good maps …..good maps for fast attack……they’ve buffted …unwanted tanks in the team……they’ve put in the game the defender ….crysler….patriot….liberte….scorpion……that have eather unpeneble armour at tier 8 to tier 6……with normal AP……that is logicaly if you want people to shoot with 3000% more credit lose to buy premium tanks……actualy ….if you shoot premium ammo in this things ….you have premium account for nothing……nothing….so i advize you… not give them any single ->$<- till they fix the game……or at least bring it back the way it was before….japanese heavy or any other suckass unpenable tanks on horrible maps….with all the Bots in the World


    1. or as Scorpion who dosen’t need armour because he is the Bush itself…..and till you spot it ….if you get to him alive….you would be with only 10% of your health…..but that dosen’t happen very often…


  5. Considering what you can spend money on in game on some of those titles to progress faster. I can’t say I’m amazed. And WOW just had a major update that did send it up again. Tho GTA V on console made $700 million on Shark-cards alone in 2016. It’s no wonder that trend is good, when free 2 play titles on PC makes less then games you already payed $60 for on console to get by selling crap for real money inside the game to. As half the games on that list does.


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