WoT – 113 BO Price

113 bo

Nuf said.



14 thoughts on “WoT – 113 BO Price

  1. Hah, that’s even worse than that new Tiger 217….
    At least we on EU/NA aren’t doing the worst out of everyone.
    What’s next? T-34 #6743 ”Back in black”.
    Holy shit, Wargaming.

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    1. Its not Wargaming who is doing that. Its Kongzhong and it makes even WG look lame when it comes to…money things like this.


    1. oh really? Are you sure you wanna pass the offer of a 112 for 4.56 euro? How about a type 59 for 10.18 euro? Lorrain/ strv s1 or defender for 20.10? skorpion for 12.47? Patriot for 7.38? Don’t make the judgement too soon man. It is actually the single most budget friendly server if you spend wisely.

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    1. Not true. On the chinese server they removed the 113 entirely and gave everybody a wz5a. 113 is no longer a grindable tank. And the 113 BO will have insane profitability and exp bonus (where you can do noticeably worse than a guy in dmg or spotting etc. and get much higher base exp on the post battle scoreboard) just like the gold 59 and wz111 tiger.


  2. Why would you pay 630€ for a single tank? thats totally insane. i wonder who is that braindead retard that is responsible for pricing


    1. it is a good price to buy a very rare tank in game. Never judge the people who are rich than u, and ur salary could be their pocket money


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