WoT – Murazor’s wishlist

Source: Rykoszet

1. What I constantly wish for – changes in shell mechanics and their differentiation. No hardcore changes, just increasing their amount and changing their algorithms. I wrote about it once already – shells which you can only buy for real money are a shitty idea in gameplay terms (P2W), economy and historically accuracy. Allowing to buy prem ammo for silver was a good decision by the devs, but they forgot to make necessary changes.

Currently, they’re distorting the game balance because of their unhistorical characteristics. Implementing differences between full-caliber AP shells (blunt nose, pointy nose, tapered), differentiating sub-caliber ammo (APCR vs APDS), lowering alpha damage for sub-caliber premium shells and modifying their ballistics (according to ‘Armor and Gunnery’ the dispersion difference between full-caliber and sub-caliber shells was visible, the latter losing). Their alpha damage also should be lower as full-caliber shells tended to do more damage in general (according to W.G. Grigorian). Hollow charges should instead have a greater chance to set a vehicle on fire because of the characteristics of the molten copper jet.

Let’s take the M4A3 (76) as an example. Aside of smoke shells, it had four types of ammo – standard APCBC, solid shot, HE and APCR. You chose a set of your own shells to cater to your playstyle – APCBC because of the historical 5 inch penetration will cause greater damage than a higher penetrating, heavier solid shot, because it will lack a powerful shockwave and fragmentation. A sub-caliber round will be useful only on short distance because of low accuracy and a great penetration loss over distance. In the case of the M103 the AP shell with the same pen should have a greater alpha than a HEAT round. This will enrich the gameplay and balance the ‘SerB Premium’ ammo.

One more example – the T-34. You can mount a plethora of guns on it, according to historical data, and balance with the current logic. But you could give the F-34 an alpha of around 150-160 because of the powerful shell and with this make it different from the long-barreled 76.2 and the ZiS-4. Slava Makarov already talked about it and I’m waiting.

2. A tech tree not only for guns but also for ammo types (if there’s a need for it) as a soft of last ditch effort. For example the T-54 and the D-10T2S gun in the place of the now-reduntant D-54TS. Instead give the ability to unlock the BP-412D ammo – a 100mm APHE round from the year 1953 with 225mm pen on 100m.

3. Some vehicles like the Panther, Jagdpanzer IV, M46 with the M47 turret lack ammo. According to drawings and taking all sort of data into account, the Panther should have about 160mm effective UFP armor, but it has 145mm. This would positively influence the role of armor in the game and stop the armor value inflation on some tanks.

4. Introducing a not a few vehicles but a whole premium vehicle tree at once.

5. Introducing smoothbore cannons with new ammo – APFSDS. Two vehicles need to be mentioned here – T95 Medium and T-62. This would enrich the gameplay thanks to new mechanics and new vehicles, and would help segregate soviet top tier meds a bit.

6. When introducing new graphics, all the moving parts on tanks should be animated.

7. Diferentiate an ammo rack fire from an ammo rack explosion. Why do tanks have wet ammo racks? This would help the tanks which have something like this installed. A trip to the garage from an ammo explosion is one things, but putting out an ammo rack fire should be a thing.

8. Add sounds to ammo choice (inb4 LOAD AAAAY PEEEEE SEEE AAAR)

9. Tanks with limited MM should have less MM weight so they land in top tiers more often, which would be better than manipulating the penetration values of the KV-5 or IS-6.

EDIT: Apparently all of the above is just something written by the admin of Murazor’s VK page, and Rykoszet just blindly translated it without bothering to dig up the true author.


59 thoughts on “WoT – Murazor’s wishlist

  1. You know its hard to trust him when he says he has all of these great idea when you know the guy is in charge of balance (iirc, maybe I mistook someone else) and is responsible for the recent SHT buffs.

    These ideas are all good and are litteraly what the community has beeb asking for, probably for 3 or 4 years or ever since gold ammo is available for credits.

    What the fuck is he waiting for, then ?
    Waiting for everyone to be tired of the lack of balance and leave ? For a competitor to appear on the market ? Past a certain point it’ll be too late. Gold ammo reworks are more needed that anything else in the game right now. I dont even know why we still havent seen it even proposed for sandbox yet.

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    1. perhaps someone else is holding him by the balls and he can only do whatever said person aproves effectively making him a scapegoat and puppet

      this is WG afterall and someone came upp with gold ammo in the first place

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  2. What I wish for balancing

    Murazor to be fired

    He is the reason why the patriot, liberte, defender and Chrysler exists. Also type 5 and maus


      1. Yea, that’s why you need 1500 (!!!) base XP to Ace that “shit”, right? :D (Didn’t made this up – my personal experience was getting 1st class with 1450 base)
        Patriot at the moment is by far the very best Tier8 prem tank out there. It is much more usable in more situations than Liberte or Defender because of its medium like speed and ROF.


    1. I don’t consider the Patriot as OP. Sure, it is strong, but with 240 alpha you don’t do shit. Besides, the turret has weakspots (above mantlet + cupola). And the strongest part of the frontal armor is just as strong as the LFP of the Defender… Same goes for the Liberté, it only has a strong turretfront and UFP. Sidescraping is impossible because of the shoulders and weak sidearmor. It has a huge cupola and the tank is sloooooow.

      The only retarded prems ar the Defender and the Chrysler K, which don’t have weakspots. Also the Defender has higher alpha than the IS3 and didn’t got restricted in DPM, which is retarded. These tanks are idiotproof, the Patriot and Liberté are not.

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      1. What I like about the patriot is that it is one of the best, if not the best all rounders at tier 8. It doesn’t really suck at anything. Its strong at most aspects. The defender is only strong in cities but then again with corridor maps and armor that bounces more jpz e100 HEAT shells than a Maus side scraping, it is the reason why it is more OP than the Pre Nerf wte auf e100 and e25 combined


  3. do i hear ”balancing of premium rounds”???? heck yeah!!!! finaly!

    i dont have anything against the extra penetration of a premium round, after all you have to have something to be competative against higher tiers, my problem is that people can load their entire tank full with it and it has no drawbacks whatsoever exept the extra cost.

    finaly the balance will return

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    1. i got a little bit exited here. i forgot it was murazorso these changes wont hit any of the servers. it will probably be just “ideas” to keep us thinking all is not lost…


      1. Well, according to the text Slava Makarov was talking about this as well. I have a lot more trust in him than just Murazor.


    1. At least half of the posts are WoWs ; if you want nothing but boats you can go check worldofwarships.eu ; you’ll be served.


  4. I like the suggestions about ammo, but I dislike the ones about premium tanks. Although I think he forgot one important thing about the ammo: all shells should cost about the same. Sure, there can be some small differences in the cost, but not like one shell being 2-3 times more expensive.


  5. I like the KV-5 and IS-6 suggestion but unless they get into top tier 3-5-7 every single game they still need a pen buff because they struggle to pen many SAME TIER tanks even with gold ammo. Not onto same levels as other tier 8s ofc but 167 / 219 or 175 / 217 pen is just poor, when you have tanks that can resist the gold ammo on their “weakspots”.

    Other than that, looks quite interesting and the fact he actually thinks that premium ammo and entire ammo concept needs to be reworked is something.

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  6. This guy is killing the game.
    I think the game is already closed for new players for a lot of reasons, now this guy wants to make it even harder for them.
    Having gotten rid of the beginners, now he wants to kill the casuals as well. How can you do that? Easy! Create a mechanic for each tank! This way only the hardcore players stay in. Why the fuck not?
    I wonder how he plans to get rid of the rest


    1. It’s obvious that they don’t really care about having new players. New players don’t really increase income for the company. It’s usually the veterans who spend the most.

      Casuals are in the middle ground. They want them in order to have a working MM system and popularity, but they don’t really give a shit about them either because, although they spend money, they tend to spend much less than the “hardcore” veterans.


  7. “the Panther should have about 160mm effective UFP armor, but it has 145mm. This would positively influence the role of armor in the game and stop the armor value inflation on some tanks.”
    Put more armor on tanks so that they stop the armor inflation? Really? Are his parents brother and sister?


    1. I agree,someone will disagree that the panther is quite a sluggish,and it is pretty fat,so,it needs armor to balance it.But,it has quite a bit of it,and it is slopped,although not excellent it can bounce.But,where did he find the 145mm of UFP?I am looking at the model and it says 125,and if you angle it barely goes to 130.Not even the panther m10 has 145mm,it barely goes up to 140mm thanks to that spaced armor.

      The panther already has pretty much tier 7 heavy tank armor.T29 has about 140mm,IS has about 120mm and it is filled with weakspots,KV3 has 130,tiger P has 110-120 on its weakspots and the AMX M4 45 has 130-140 and the Black prince has 152,but that is flat so it is pretty bad.The panther has pretty good armor for a tier 7 medium tank,let alone its HP pool,1300 hitpoints are even better than the T29 and the IS,and close to the AMX M4 45.

      Giving the panther 160mm of UFP,would mean that is better armored than any tier 7 heavy tank except from the O-NI(surprise,surprise),and with its speed,it would be pretty troll.I am bouncing enough tier 6s and 7s with my panther m10 that has about 140mm UFP,let alone a panther with 160mm UFP(closer to 170mm is angled)would be unfair to the other tier 7 mediums,unless they made it EVEN slower,which would not be good cause the panther is quite sluggish as it is.


      1. I think he meant effective armor before taking normalization into account, which imo is the correct metric. There’s different values for AP, APCR and HEAT/HE for normalization, after all.


  8. “9. Tanks with limited MM should have less MM weight so they land in top tiers more often, which would be better than manipulating the penetration values of the KV-5 or IS-6.”

    Why do tanks have MM weight to begin with, every tank should be treated equal. These hidden MM weight, just like War Thunders retarded “Battlerating” system need to go.


  9. Oh…unlocking new ammo types, different dispersion values for different ammos, different damage depending on round type, sounds based on ammo choice etc…all present in AW.

    What a shame that game has pretty much lost the fight.


    1. AW is dead right now. Ever since their original Devs gave up and left, it has been on a downward spiral. Now less than 500 people log in per month


  10. Bullshit changes. Why even mess with ammo types, just make all tanks have AP and then return all weakspots as in the old days. And then tweak stats and soft stats. All this messing around with mechanics is buillshit. Game is worse now than before in terms of armor/penetration because now you will have to use gold to pen the same tanks you could a few years back. How the fuck is that good for game balance prick murazor and slava fackarov?

    In the end all changes will just result in “use gold or fuck yourself” because that is the only reason gold ammo exist in the game. If armor and penetration was well balanced therte would be no need for gold ammo. back in the days there was a good balance between penetration and armor, but now it isnt, to the point where a tier 10 HT cant pen another tier 10 HT frontaly with AP, same goes for lower tiers.

    New MM is also a fail because it puts tier 8 towards tier 10 in 80% of the times, and you may end up with majority of tanks you can’t pen frontaly. Game balance has only gone down the last years. And now messing with shell mechanics that will increase armor thickness is also BS because that will only make people spam even more gold.


  11. The issue is that the community wants one thing and serb wants exactly the opposite. Therefore the two concepts will never meet and we’ll never be satisfied. So the players should start asking for a bit less. In response serb may change his mind about the power creep that is going on or even possibly about the premium ammo. Because after the mm changes these 2 and the lack of new maps
    are the only major problems going on currently


  12. He makes it unnecessarily complicated. Just decrease the damage of HEAT and APCR and the game is fixed. 50% more penetration? 50% less damage!

    Oh wait. Artillery still has the stun effect, is ridiculously accurate and has splashradius that is way to big. It could have one of those characteristics, not all of them.


  13. “2. A tech tree not only for guns but also for ammo types (if there’s a need for it) as a soft of last ditch effort. For example the T-54 and the D-10T2S gun in the place of the now-reduntant D-54TS. Instead give the ability to unlock the BP-412D ammo – a 100mm APHE round from the year 1953 with 225mm pen on 100m.”

    So the Russian meds will get an indirect buff this way. The meta is focussed on engagements within 100 meters in the current maps we have, so the T54 would end up having a HE round that has more pen than it’s current AP round.


    1. Yeah, they should put out more grindable content. And with grindable content I mean lines that are completely playable and not like the British heavies for instance. That line only gets playable when you reach tier 9. Same goes for the Czech meds.

      At least, that’s holding me from grinding a whole lot of lines.


        1. Maybe I’m whining too much in case of the Czechs then. However, to grind out a complete tier 8 which isn’t even half decent is very painful and to expensive for free xp… :-|


          1. The T-34-100 is bad. The TVP VTU is likely the worst tier 8 in the game. The Czech grind was the hardest I’ve done, though ultimately worth it due to the greatness of the T50. The TVP T 50/51 is also good, though somewhat redundant.


  14. What an idiot.

    The T95s smooth-bore gun only has 1 round for it. Not 2 3 or 4. Plus the pen is not any better then the 105mm L7 with APDS at range. (2000 yards) (5 inches with the 105mm and 6 inches with the 120mm both at 60 degrees)

    HEAT rounds in Wartime Germany or US use Steel, Aluminum and Zinc for their cones. Not copper… since that was needed elsewhere. In anycase unless the jet hits something it wont do much of anything to the tank. AP is more prone to fire then HE due to the flash point of the AP rounds powder in the case.

    The 76mm M1A1 has both HEAT rounds and APDS for the gun.


  15. This is a post by Станислав Беленький, he is the admin of Murazor’s vk group. Murazor’s name is Даниил Вольфович.


  16. I know, I know, let’s change the penetration mechanics and damage (again) cos that will really fix the issue with World of Tanks. Fixing the corridor maps is too hard.


  17. He talked about balance. But still some of his suggestions would ruin more then it would fix.. regardless of how historical it is. I mean a 160 alpha gun on the T-34? That’s like giving the T28 F30 a 70 km/h top speed at tier 4. It’s not ideal, even if the pen was crap. Ammo idea is neat. But let’s be honest, it will only confuse more then it will fix for most. As most run HE because “damage” on their tier 8 premiums as is. No need to add 5-6 ammo types for a tank. And to animate all moving parts? Most potato PC’s this game runs on will barely be able to run the new HD maps. So adding more moving parts to drain power they don’t have to animate all that… I suspect it’s not gonna help. Cool as it might be. Console has it. But there everyone runs the game on the same system. So everyone can have it. Ammo rack fire is a thing. As when the tank burns for to long… It will take the ammo rack 9 out 10 times. And tier 8 limited MM tanks are top tier more often now… Sadly it’s pure tier 8 games. And they really don’t help. But the IS-6 and KV-5 is getting buffed soon. Lets see what they do to em first before we over fix it. If they both get 200+ pen, having that won’t help.


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