Tiger 217 Camo Schemes Pictures

The tank will go on sale after Gamescom 2017.



17 thoughts on “Tiger 217 Camo Schemes Pictures

  1. So what exactly is the point of this tank? this will mean there will be 3 tier 6 tiger premiums that are pretty much identical, and the tech tree tiger means there will be 4 tigers in the game isnt that a little excessive especialy considering the tier 6 premium tigers are realy crap.

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      1. The tier 6 Tigers are monsters when toptier, but yeah, do you remember being top tier in anything else then a tier 10 tank?

        No armor to tank with (except the turret, it can bounce up to tier 160mm pen shells) and no mobility to flank. Not enough pen to engage tough tanks frontally, so yeah…

        However, I do enjoy playing the 131 and HT no. VI :-)


    1. “WG is still too greedy to allow players to get a famous tank ….”

      This is a bad time for this repetitive speech. They are giving a T-34-85M right now, not famous, ok, but it is a solid T6.

      “(…) this is the 3rd fking premium tiger”

      I already have 2 and I will buy the 3rd fking premium tiger. Send more, plz. :)


        1. “And better than Tiger aswell”

          I can not argue against that. Jap Tiger is one of my oldest premiums and sometimes I really hate it :)


  2. I don’t get it. I was expecting this tank to be part of something special, a particular game-mode or it would come with a special crew (not talking BIA ehre, but a historical crew or something like that), so what exactly is the appeal? The Tiger J and 131 at least are differentiated in which nation they serve as a premium for, but this one? What’s the point, really? I could see it as an alternative camo for the 131, but a completely distinct tank? Why? What for?

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