WoWS 0.6.9: New campaign and other changes

In 0.6.9, a new campaign, similar to the Bismarck campaign, will be introduced. Players will have to complete tasks and collect collectibles to get the final award, the legendary captain, Isoroku Yamamoto.

Isoroku Yamamoto has the regular captain skillset, but aside from that, he has two unique passive skills (does not require skill points):
-During battle, earning the “First Blood” achievement will add 1 extra charge for all consumables
-During battle, earning the “Kraken Unleashed” achievement will recover your ship’s HP at 0.4%/s for 120s (i.e. 48% recovered max) and reduces your gun’s reload time by 33% for the remainder of that battle
British BB:
-Nelson became a premium ship; KGV with 356mm moved to tier 7, Monarch now sits at tier 8 on the regular tech tree
-HE splash resistance increased for most British 40mm AA guns and 114mm or above DP guns; 134mm DP guns turrets’ armour increased to 38mm, few CLs also gained from this change
-Monarch received Defensive AA consumable, shares the slot with Catapult Aircraft and gives x5 DPS to short-range AA for 40s
-Lion and Conqueror received Defensive AA consumable, shares the slot with Surveillance Radar and give x10 DPS to short range AA for 40s
-Lion and Conqueror had their single mount 40mm Bofors replaced by 20mm Oerlikons.

25 thoughts on “WoWS 0.6.9: New campaign and other changes

    1. You have to get a First Blood and a Kraken to get either benefit. Only really good *OR* really lucky captains can achieve those.


  1. “-Lion and Conqueror received Defensive AA consumable, shares the slot with Surveillance Radar and give x10 DPS to short range AA for 40s”

    Two really bad things in one sentence, but the worst of it, is radar.


    1. But remember, don’t be salty because it’s still being tested!

      Forget that they said the same thing about the radar literally 1 week ago, and are now adding more shit.

      Fucking WG

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        1. Well, at least the battleships are largely visible and not nimble like the cruisers. TX one has a lower concealment stat still, though?


          1. Providing battleships with an unblockable and unoutskillable mechanic to repel and attack their primary antagonists, is gamebreaking. Radar on cruisers alone is bad enough as is.


  2. Oh boy…..WG went full retard on that one. I really hope it’s complete BS because if any of this is true…well,it’s enough to drive me away from the game for good.

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  3. I still say if the KGV 14″ gun was good enough to put a hole straight through Bismarck in 1941 its good enough in game to fight her and the other high tiers as Bismarck has the thickest armour out of the tier 8 and 9 BBs, give the 15″ as a upgrade like the Fat Fred gets 406 and 420mm. Keep Nelson at tier 7 and make Rodney a premium as she is the more famous ship of the two, being British I am happy too see the RN ships in the game but please WG have a look at historical progression/performance and stop messing about, I mean you gave the British 18″ its historical HE shell with 4000lb of explosive

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    1. Common sense is something WG never had. In the end, they will deliver a completely shitty tree with ships that don’t perform the way they should. Won’t be the first time, or the last.

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    2. tier 5 and 6 BB also have sufficient power to punch through Bismarck, still at that time fight was relatively at close range.

      14inch guns have quite downsides at tier 8 and would heavily rely on boardsides (unless they would give them reliable HE rounds)

      but despite downsides the same it should have stock 14inch and upgradable 15inch

      still you mean HE shell with 4000lbs of explosives or 4000lbs HE shell? (4000lbs = 1814kg)


        1. to be sad that bit impossible to fire as filler 96.25% of total shell mass, walls would be to thin to fire shell.

          even US 16inch HC (high capacity high explosive) have filler as 8.08% of shell mass with is even more than Yamato 18inch HE, its quite hard to even get past 50% mark


      1. Reliable HE rounds? So what are you going to do? Play tier8 BB to spam HE? That’s a big NO NO. Anyway, don’t panic about the 14s. Even Scharnhorst performs well with her “tiny” 11s even against T8 ships, so i think a whole bunch of 14″ guns with good ammo are going to do just fine.


        1. i just mean “no crappy HE”, im also not saying outright that they are bad, but their have downsides like not breaking 25mm threshold (no overmatching tier 6/7 BB or 8+ cruisers)


    3. Actually, they weren’t. When the wreck was surveyed, not a single penetration was found below the waterline, nor a single penetration anywhere through the inner hull.


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