WoWS 0.6.9: New campaign and other changes

In 0.6.9, a new campaign, similar to the Bismarck campaign, will be introduced. Players will have to complete tasks and collect collectibles to get the final award, the legendary captain, Isoroku Yamamoto.

Isoroku Yamamoto has the regular captain skillset, but aside from that, he has two unique passive skills (does not require skill points):
-During battle, earning the “First Blood” achievement will add 1 extra charge for all consumables
-During battle, earning the “Kraken Unleashed” achievement will recover your ship’s HP at 0.4%/s for 120s (i.e. 48% recovered max) and reduces your gun’s reload time by 33% for the remainder of that battle
British BB:
-Nelson became a premium ship; KGV with 356mm moved to tier 7, Monarch now sits at tier 8 on the regular tech tree
-HE splash resistance increased for most British 40mm AA guns and 114mm or above DP guns; 134mm DP guns turrets’ armour increased to 38mm, few CLs also gained from this change
-Monarch received Defensive AA consumable, shares the slot with Catapult Aircraft and gives x5 DPS to short-range AA for 40s
-Lion and Conqueror received Defensive AA consumable, shares the slot with Surveillance Radar and give x10 DPS to short range AA for 40s
-Lion and Conqueror had their single mount 40mm Bofors replaced by 20mm Oerlikons.