Remember Dunkirk : Tank Battles


10 thoughts on “Remember Dunkirk : Tank Battles

  1. “Spirited defense of the Allies with tanks such as the Maltida 2”
    Number of Maltida 2s in France: 23

    Yeah…not sure that’s the tank that should be held up as having put up a spiritied defense.
    Even using the S35 is iffy, as there were less than 300 of them.


    1. From what I hear, it barely mentions the French, and doesn’t talk about the Belgians at all?

      So is it a Brit- dick polishing movie, turning the catastrophic turn of events into a brilliant victory?


        1. Obviously this movie will be used as history lessons for the anglo-saxon countres: IE: the UK and the USA.

          More fuel for the “Our two countries are the bestest”


          1. Yeah, fuck commies, fuck resistance movements , fuck any other countries. They should rename the ww2 into British/American-German war.


            1. I just had a conversation with a Brit.
              This just in, Dunkirk was a splendid victory because they could have all died, but didn’t.

              Because when you get your ass handed to you by a mugger and have your teeth bashed in, it’s a great victory because you managed to limp home.

              The ability for Brits and Americans to spin things in their favor is unrivaled.


              1. Dunkirk wasn’t a victory, and as a Brit and a Scot, I hate the obsession with it and that an evacuation is all that’s remembered about the BEF in 1940.
                Its especially grating when my Grandfather was part of the 51st Highland Division that was part of the BEF in 1940, and they were left to die at St Valery after fighting for days with the French to try and hold back the Germans. Luckily my grandfather escaped, others weren’t so lucky, and it just furthers my own hate of this Dunkirk Mentality that seems to drip off everyone else.

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                1. And isn’t that the damn truth.

                  Englishmen left first, they have the nerve to not only call it a victory, but have the indecency of mocking others for having fallen to the Germans.


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