WoT – WT E-100 as Tier VIII Premium?

Source: Rykoszet

The insider of our dear friends at Rykoszet has spilled the beans that the unhistorical monstrosity is now being pre-ST tested as a tier VIII premium, and in the case it proves itself viable, it will then be given to the Supertesters.

SovietTD: The hull resembles the Grille 15 and is likely either a derp gun upgrade for the Grille 15 or a tier 8 premium with a 12,8cm.


47 thoughts on “WoT – WT E-100 as Tier VIII Premium?

      1. Yeah maybe, maybe not. This whole Grille thing kind of based on the Panther Waffenträger ideas. There were several versions of them. Like Skorpion, GW Panther, etc. So it is not so unusual to put the turret from plan B on the hull on plan A for example.
        I think silentstalker made some interesting posts about the Panther Waffenträgers in the past.

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      1. His name ingame is VSuk, he has been banned for cheating in the past after posting a video on the official forum complaining about idiot team-mates.

        Unfortunately the same video showed this retard loaded up with all the cheats you can imagine. Yes, he is that clever..he even posted another vid a few months of him still using cheats.

        Why he is not permabanned I’ve no idea but he is one of the dumbest pieces of shit you ever gonna meet online.


  1. “…being pre-ST tested as a tier VIII premium” ….GTFO if this is the case….

    If WG, Murazor or who the fck ever, is indeed pursueing this release as an tier 8 premium they will have forever lost my last dignity I had for them…and by god my last remaining dignity was already at an all time salty low…


    1. Skorpion G Autoloader? This sounds like a fun tank. Who cares about balancing these days? The MM is very shitty and the game became an arcarde-shoter after all. So, it would fit very well.


      1. Became an “arcade-shoter”?????!?!?!?!?!?!?


        You stupid aliens should really think about going back to your planet.


  2. Yay, more OP premiums. I hope people on the supertest will do everything they can in order to keep it away from the game


    1. But the issue is, @davidblader, that not everyone can be a supertester unlike being a common tester or a sandbox tester and guess who chooses the supertesters. Yes, you’re right, it’s WG. And the feedback they are giving is 90% what WG wants it to be. So don’t have too high expectations or you’ll be disapointed


  3. “either a derp gun upgrade for the Grille 15 or a tier 8 premium with a 12,8cm”

    Or a new tier X reward for personnal missions ; so they can add a completely broken and fake tank without the fear of everyone just buying it or getting it in a week ; and then say forever “we dont have enough data that proves this tank OP, not enough people play it, so we wont rework it”


  4. I think they said he was no longer directly involved with WoT development but for a while they have been going back to the crazy old days that lead to Rubikon, I just can’t stop but think that the OP premiums (especially the defender because the Chrysler K had to rely on gold ammo, just like the regular T32), the completely unhistorical Chinese TDs and now this WT E-100 return have the finger of SerB all over them, or at least he has someone on the dev team “implanting” his ideas into others


    1. As far as the community knows, the chinese TDs aren’t a masterpiece of serb, but of kongzhong (the chinese serb). The replacement of the WT auf E100 by the Grille 15 was 100% a step in the right direction…or was it? Because a non-premium tank may eventually get nerfed, but a premium tank will never be nerfed after the initial release. Let’s talk about a premium WT auf E100. Even if it’s being sold just for 1 hour and never ever ever again, everyone will buy it during that hour, serb will get a pile of money and new tier 8 Waffles will flood the matchmaking.
      By the way, since the release of the Chrysler, I decided to do a little survey: how many premium tanks are there in a battle, with battle tiers 6-8 (as these 3 are the most played tiers) . And the results: I’ve played exactly 2 battles with less than 15 premiums on both teams, conclusion: premiums are more common than regular tanks. That’s why they keep coming into the game, as the power creep is going on and on…


      1. yes, it is true that the chinese TDs came from their chinese partners BUT it was SerB that tried to push their implementation since at least 2014, back then he published a pic of the upcoming chinese top tier TD


  5. why the fck not????????????I just met 1st time Crysler face to face ……I was in not fully upgrated 110……after the ass kicking I got I lost the will to play this game….ill give it a month rest….when I come back and this monstrosity is in game…..ill give it couple of months break……..and if WG keeps on its current course maybe they manage to drive me completely away from the game


  6. I hope they don’t turn this into another money grab.
    I grinded the whole WTE100 line so that I could get the WTE100, then WG said “The tank is not similar to the rest of the TD line”, then I said “Cancel the rest of the line then”, then WG canceled my tank.
    Bottom line is I want it back! Not a premium, but the real thing.


  7. There wont be any premium WT E-100 at tier VIII. this pic is from WoT Blitz, and it was supposed to be a Grille 15, but someone messed up the models, nothing else. G-sus dudes, everybody here is so scared of shit nowadays…


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