WoT 9.20 ST – Russian TDs and IS-7

This post is Work in Progress. New info coming as it… comes 😛

EDIT: Added IS-7 dispersion values

EDIT2: Some edits to ISU-152 stats


  • Real power-to-weight ratio increased from 15.4 hp/t to 19 hp/t
  • HP increased from 2150 to 2400
  • Aim time decreased from 3.1s to 2.9s
  • Turret rotation bloom reduced from 0.077 to 0.058
  • Hull movement bloom reduced from 0.182 to 0.153
  • Hull rotation bloom reduced from 0.182 to 0.153
  • Turret rotation max. bloom reduced from 1.92 to 1.44
  • Hull movement max. bloom reduced from 10.86 to 9.14
  • Hull rotation max. bloom reduced from 5.1 to 4.3


  • HP increased from 1010 to 1100
  • BL-10 replaced with D-4S (pen decreased to 260/292/90, muzzle velocity decreased from 880 m/s to 850 m/s)
  • Two 122mm guns removed to ease the grind (A19 and D-25S)
  • Increased power-to-weight ratio from 14.09 hp/t to 14.23 hp/t

Object 704

  • D-4S gun added

Object 268

  • Shell velocity increased from 760 m/s to 950 m/s
  • Horizontal gun arc changed from 12 deg. to 22 deg.

43 thoughts on “WoT 9.20 ST – Russian TDs and IS-7

  1. IS-7 doesn’t need mobility changes, it needs (vast) improvements to the gun handling and a DPM more on par with the WZ/113.

    1. You just dont get that armor on IS 7 is superior to WZ or 113 ?

      What will have WZ over IS 7 if dpm of IS 7 will be close to him. IS 7 will be very OP. You get more HP, and better mobility, plus aim time buff. It wont make this tank OP, but better.

      1. Better gun handling, OK maybe the aim time is comparable now. Better accuracy, WAAAY better DPM, way better soft stats, better ground resistances, less chance to get set on fire. More ammo. And what’s the point of armor these days when all ur enemies need to do is to press 2 to win

    2. Gunhandling is already quite good, snapshots just work like they do on IS-3.
      You will have WZ for a fast DPM tank (with better gunhandling?).
      No need to be identical to WZ.

    3. You know the new WZ doesnt have near as good of an armor ? IS-7 still has the best turret in game and one of the strongest frontal hull armor. It needs to pay for that with worse dpm, the tank is not a damage dealer, it’s a support tank designed to take shots.

        1. Even as OP as gold is I have yet to see even a JPZE100’s HEAT go through the front of IS-7’s turret. IS-7 is still the only tank in this game that is actualy unkillable when hulldown. No cupola, no weakspot. Type5, Maus and every other tank known for sidescraping still have weakspots. Even KRV has two ears that are a huge weakspot against HE shells because there is 0mm of armor behind them.

          1. Ive had JPZ ap rounds go righy through my IS7’s turret. that tanks armor is GARBAGE. Hell I had a T34 pen my turret with regular ap. I have countless shots of tier 8 and 9 TDS penning my turret while hull down and its upper plate armor is complete trash. Anything thats taller than you or catches you at the slightest angle can pen it.

            1. There are some places where you can pen the turret of is7.. and a jpze100 with heat pens is7 turret.. happened to me several times and i have penned it myself with heat.. no big deal.. plus type5 owns ur hulldown is7 with HE..

          2. Yes but the top plates on is7 become the weak spot when sidescraping if the enemy is using premium rounds, good changes but i would have preferred an accuracy buff.

          3. I’ve played the Jag100 on the test server so take this with a grain of salt but I penned an IS7 3 times by shooting his turret.

  2. Curious about the ISU and 268 changes. ISU keeps the 750 alpha or gets smaller dmg with less pen?

    1. You still get that imba 750 damage at Tier 8 (Borsig has it too but it has trash pen not counting gold ammo whores), and 260 AP pen should still be more than enough.

      1. well, the borsig 150 has useless heat as premium rounds that 1. flys at 516m/s shell velocity… that’s arty level bad 2.gets absorbed constantly cuz no stalin there to help you out, compare to the 1100m/s apcr on the troll cannon.

  3. IS-7 buff on mobility? WHY?

    Finally after years the 268 gets fixed, but TDs in general suck ass after 2014.

  4. I hope the Obj704 still keeps the BL-10, and the new gun is only another gun to ease the grind without having to use the stock (but historical, so it needs to stay) gun now that BL-10 can’t be unlocked from tier 8.

    Changes to this tree seem really good. I might buy back the 704 to finish the 100k xp I missed for the 268.

    1. Did you even read the info? it says the BL10 is being REPLACED with the new gun.

    1. Yes, that retarded weakspot on the top of the turret is pure cancer. And the driver is dead after every frontal hit to the hull.

  5. finally some love for the is7. it´s been horribly underpowered for a while now. especially with the “shoot gold or go home” heavies

  6. Honestly, I have no idea where did you find or hear the word “bloom” but the correct word is Dispersion.

    1. It used to be called bloom in the game files up until ~2 years ago so a lot of devs and players still call it that.

      1. Its funny how newer players don’t understand some of the older jargon used in the game lol.

      2. Perhaps, but it’s still wrong, bloom is when the flower is blooming, even devs are not English so It’s still wrong 🙂

  7. just so you all know, In real life the IS-7 was much more mobile then in-game currently so the buff will make it more historical.

  8. This is more than I expected for the IS7. Was thinking they were just going to give it an aim time buff. But mobility and HP buff is nice also. As for dpm if you can hit the targets after this buff it might not need it. I just hope that it doesn’t get nerfed right after I start to enjoy it. I also hope that it isn’t OP because then I won’t play it period. I loved the E5 then they made it OP as hell and I couldn’t stand playing it.

  9. They removed another iconic gun from the game. Ggwp Wargaming, nice balance!

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