Marathon: T-34-85M (EU)

Source: EU Portal

A new, challenging marathon is here! From 7 July at 07:00 until 25 July at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2), we will be running a special mission marathon!

The Grand Prize: The T-34-85M, a Soviet Tier VI medium tank, with a garage slot. After the most recent improvements, it is now more than able to keep up with the other T-34-85 versions, and offers a slightly different gameplay. While the speed is a bit lower, the armour was reinforced, making it more likely to bounce enemy shells. The cherry on top is the extremely fast reload time, with which you can shred other vehicles to pieces if they don’t pay attention.

In order to complete the marathon and win the prize, you will have to earn 13 tokens. There will be one mission available per day, which means that you will have to complete them on 13 different days. Don’t worry, though – the marathon will run for 18 days, so you can miss 5 days and still win! As usual, there will also be a fail-safe option available in the Premium Shop, in case you miss more than 5 missions or can’t participate at all.

Premium Shop Offers

Available on 7 July

  • 5 Token Package
  •  5 Tokens for the T-34-85M marathon


  • T-34-85M


FAQ: T-34-85M and Tokens

Is there any difference between achieving the token in-game by playing and just buying the token from the Premium Shop?

Yes, there is: finishing the mission in-game will also get you extra rewards.

What happens if I buy tokens but at the end of the event I don’t have enough tokens to finish the whole marathon?

All unused tokens that have been purchased in the Premium Shop will be compensated with 290 each between 25 July at 07:00 and 25 September at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

If I buy a token, will I still be able to play the currently active Daily Mission?

Yes, you will be able to play and complete the mission.

If I buy all 13 tokens and receive the tank, will I still be able to play the Missions and get the rewards?

Yes, you can play all the missions and you will also get a reward for each that you finish, except the tokens.

What happens if I buy 5 tokens in the Premium Shop but never finish any daily missions?

Each of the 5 tokens will be compensated with 290 each, so you would receive 1450 in total. The compensation will be distributed between 25 July at 07:00 and 25 September at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

Will there be any way to check the number of tokens I have gathered?

The tokens sold in the Premium Shop cannot be tracked in the user interface (UI). However, the free tokens (tokens earned by completing the missions) can be tracked in the Missions window, together with the completed missions.

Do Premium tanks count towards the mission progress?

Yes, you can use Premium tanks and they will contribute to the mission’s progress, provided that they are at least Tier IV.

I couldn’t earn enough tokens through the daily missions, how can I get the missing ones?

If you didn’t earn enough tokens, the only way to get the main prize is by purchasing a token package.

What happens if I buy tokens but have more than 13 after the purchase?

All excess, leftover or unused tokens purchased in the Premium Shop will be compensated with 290 each between 25 July at 07:00 and 25 September at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

For example, you received 6 tokens by completing daily missions, and purchased 10 tokens in the Premium Shop. As you now have 16 tokens, but only require 13, three of your purchased tokens will be converted to 290 each.

Can I buy all 13 tokens and then get the gold back by completing daily missions after?

That is not possible. As you bought the 13 tokens and as a result completed the marathon, you won’t get any more tokens through daily missions.

I have the T-34-85M already, what do I get instead?

If you finish the marathon but already have the T-34-85M standing in your garage, you will be compensated with 1,500,000 and a garage slot.

7 thoughts on “Marathon: T-34-85M (EU)

  1. Before knowing the missions in details it sound very doable and quite an OK compensation for the ones that already own one.

    1. I hpe it will be easier than T25 Pilot 1 Marathon. There were quite annoying missions back then.

  2. I hope the missions will be chosen more wisely and won’t fuck up the randoms and make them more cancer than usual like T25 marathon did.

  3. Same feelings here. But I bet we will get “kill x tanks…” again, let the kill stealing begin! And the hell with the team.

  4. I for one am shocked they are announcing the marathon and the summer sale 3 days or so in advance.

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