On Strv S1 „Stealth Nerf”

Anton Pankov said:

„Hey, we will check the Strv S1, most likely this is a bug or display bug. In any case, thanks for the signal”.

Therefore, any rumors of a stealth nerf are not true.

8 thoughts on “On Strv S1 „Stealth Nerf”

  1. Check the E-25 as well because the camo seems much worse than it was 2 years ago.

    1. That’s because maps are much less TD-friendly now than they were 2 years ago.

      1. No even at range I’m getting spotted way earlier than 2 years ago (I rarely played the E-25 in the gap) so I got quite a nice comparison as I didn’t get gradually used to the camo changes over the 2 years.

        1. Did they perhaps remove camo after shooting? As they did with all regular TD’s back in ’14?

  2. From a tech support ticket…

    “Thank you for contacting Customer Support Department for Wargaming.net.

    As you know, in update 9.17 we introduced a new mechanic for some of the Swedish line tanks, which is the Siege Mode.
    For these tanks we have created an additional (secondary) file in order to adjust the Siege Mode’s settings.

    The game client uses a number of settings from that file, which are only connected with the Siege Mode. The client uses all other settings only from the main file.

    With the Strv S1, we have put a number of parameters into the secondary file, bearing arbitrary values from the main one, and because these parameters do not influence anything when in the file, we weren’t able to quickly remove them from it.
    These are the parameters we are talking about:
    • Ground Resistance
    • Braking Power
    • Hull Rotation Speed

    In this way, third-party services displayed incorrect parameters of the Strv S1 starting with the release of the vehicle in update 9.17.1, which was caused by the aforementioned arbitrary values in the secondary file. That said, the game client was nevertheless displaying the correct characteristics.

    In update 9.19, we have finally removed the troublesome parameters from the secondary file. As a result, third-party applications started correctly displaying the real values.

    To conclude, the above parameters of the Strv S1 haven’t changed since the release of the vehicle.

    Regarding the time of switch from Travel to Siege Mode:
    From the release of the vehicle in update 9.17.1, the time of switch from Travel to Siege Mode was displayed as 1.25 in the Garage, while you could see a more precise time of 1.3 in battle.

    In update 9.19, we decided to fix this discrepancy, but did not inform you about the fix, unfortunately

    If you should have more questions me and my team remain at your disposal.”

  3. Not “apparent” is, that the S1 is moving slower in the game… I don’t care about third party display bugs or some secondary files – the TD has crippled mobility in the game recently. I don’t know why, but I know it has!

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