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EDIT: Okay, so as you can see, the video was sent to the Gulag, and as requested, here’s some info.

The video was basically a rip-off of the WoWS series with Dasha Perova. They put in a Russian Instabunny, Anastasya Zelenova, to read week old news. And just like with WG videos, Gaijin gave us an emotionless, bland voiceover in English, instead of leaving her voice and adding subtitles. When it was still up, the ratio of likes to dislikes was about 1500:500.


EDIT 2: Here’s a Russian version.

Thunder News выпуск от 03.07.2017Thunder News выпуск от 03.07.2017

10 thoughts on “War Thunder – Thunder News

  1. I was debating whether to remove this post but I’ll keep it to immortalize Gaijin’s fail

  2. Its just the fact that nobody understand the sense. An article about a video what got removed without any detailed information about the video itself. Maybe it would be helpful when you can add some details what the video was about and why it might be removed.

  3. hilarious that they actually removed it lol. don´t russian pretty women speak english? i´m sure they could find at least one haha

  4. Gahahahahahaha Gajin trying to compete with World of Warships videos 😀
    She’s damn hot though O_O

  5. I just saw the video cause of the lady. Russian women are hot! War Thunder? WTF is that?/s

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