War Thunder – Chinese Server

Since it’s a slow day, I decided to unearth something people may know about for a long time, but some may be a bit oblivious to – the Chinese server.

EDIT: Look into the comments for some more info, our readers don’t fail ;)


Tencent Games

Aircraft (notice the P-51K)

Ground forces

Type 65 AA

Type 63

Type 59 (literally a T-54 obr. 1951)

Type 58

And of course fictional country flags


They even have their own trailer


11 thoughts on “War Thunder – Chinese Server

  1. As the friend of Chinese server historian who work for repairing the Chinese tree which was messed up by gaijin , I can tell you this tech tree is far from reliable and it is full of cloning vehicles by lazy gaijin.It will be repair by a large number of unique vehicles.The speed of repairing depends on the specific data collection progress and the speed of the gaijin modeling.

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  2. In a word, please pay attention to the future news. The restored technology tree and the presentation of the vehicle will soon enter the English language interface


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