Mobile WG Login App Now Available

„Wargaming Auth is an extra layer of security for your ID. Designed to better protect your account from theft or hacking, it generates temporary codes used during the two-step verification process. This way, hackers have no chance at illegally accessing your hard-earned tanks, warships, and warplanes, even if they know your password.

Free, Simple and Convenient

Wargaming Auth adds a layer of security to your account at no additional cost. It doesn’t require the use of additional security keys or smartcards, which can be lost. Instead, all you have to do is install an app on your smartphone and link it to your gaming account.

Multi-Layered, Reliable Defense

Passwords on their own aren’t as infallible as we need them to be. With Wargaming Auth, the second security factor, a 6-digit timed code is generated on a personal device and changes every 30 seconds, which drastically reduces a hacker’s chance at illegally accessing your account.

How it Works:

• Step 1: On the Account Management page, enable the two-factor authentication method.
• Step 2: Install Wargaming Auth, activate it by scanning the barcode, and finish the operation by entering the confirmation code.
• Step 3: When you want to log in to your account, type the password and confirm your identity by entering the current 6-digit security code displayed on the Wargaming Auth screen.”

Google Play link

iTunes Link


9 thoughts on “Mobile WG Login App Now Available

  1. Judging by how much work it is already to get your account back if your phone is stolen, this will be a whole new world of pain added on top of that….

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    1. Going by how it was with the Bnet authenticator when I bought a new phone, and wanted it removed from the old phone. And when one of my old phones got water damaged and I wanted to cancel it… I’m gonna take my chances not using this. As that took days to get sorted so I could play. Now tho Bnet is not that bad… as you can even have it on your PC via the windows store etc.


  2. Is this app broken for anyone else? I tried to authenicate my accout yesterday and when I scanned QR code, I got one weird java execption thrown and app just restarted itself


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