WoT – 9.19.1 HD armor values #1

Source: WoT Express


12 thoughts on “WoT – 9.19.1 HD armor values #1

      1. which I find funny because they have been throwing “historical accuracy” for armor down the toilet recently with changes to historical armor for tanks like the Maus and french tank destroyers


    1. Because….uhm…their reasoning….uhm…is…uhm…because they MUST give it a historical nerf! Historical is good for game da!


  1. Another reason on my ‘why not to come back list’ :( Easy8, I had fond memories of ya, derping around in pre-9.16 Strongholds!

    Only those Melancholic memories of this game would lure me to the brink of reinstalling. So glad The Armored Patrol exists, to yank me back to reality!


      1. News flash, nobody gives a shit about historical accuracy, they give a shit about gameplay.

        What tanks are real? 50% of those in this game? Congrats?


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