Blitz – Lupus (Valkyria Chronicles)

Another tank from Valkyria Chronicles hit the Blitz premium shop (on which servers specifically is a mystery to me).

Source: WoT Express


17 thoughts on “Blitz – Lupus (Valkyria Chronicles)

        1. all this crying about fantasy tanks when the game already has them…just look at the E50 M, Oni, Oho, Type 4, Type 5, etc as there is a lot of fantasy tanks WG made up.


    1. They already made a tank that more or less would be from that. As this is not the first “odd one out” premium for that game. Luckily that tank never left blitz.


  1. Bahhhh …
    Here in France, Lupus is the name of an auto-immune skin disease … don’t know if this name is a good choice …


    1. Lupus is Latin for wolf – only because in some countries they call the Systemic lupus erythematosus (lt. wolfs blush) short lupus dosn’t make the name bad


  2. Beside the topic of fantasy tanks – retouch will hopefully NEVER make their way to other PC servers than ASIA:

    Those stats are rather mediocre at best. Yes, 400 alpha is nice at tier 7, but the pen and the aimtime are bad. Just think of the IS and then think of enemies tier 8. It might be interesting to see, how the armour works.


  3. And some were wondering why did we have that “extreme” reaction when the Edelscheisse and Brainless were introduced. This is why. Now enjoy your tracked penis, finally I’ve seen something uglier than the WH40K Pyrovore.


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