Complete Pudel HD Renders


25 thoughts on “Complete Pudel HD Renders

    1. How many more cars we are supposed to steal from germans to get back same value of stolen priceless art stolen during WWII?
      They stole about 516 000 items worth total of 11 bilion(!) dollars. So stop this shit propaganda and low lvl of trolling.

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    1. On there is 1. August date. This is Warsaw Uprising anniversary. And Pudel was captured in this uprising.


  1. This is tier 6, right?

    It`s ridiculous that they put in an iconic German tank, then call it a “Polish” tank, and THEN put it at a tier where it can actually function somewhat similar as it did in history, unlike, you know, the real thing…

    Pls WG fucks, move the REAL Panther to tier 6, give him his historical gun, and then buff the said gun with the stats it deserve (+pen, +damage per shot).

    Then we can talk. Until then, FUCK OFF.


    1. What about Tiger? It should also be on tier 6, same as Tiger II on 7.

      And Panther isn’t called Polish, but belongs to Polish nation as a captured tank. Same as many French tanks in German tech tree or for example Tiger in Japanese (it isn’t captured but never arrived to Japan).

      I don’t know what do you mean by “fuck off” but I’m sure that WG doesn’t force you to play WOT so…

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    1. On tier VI there is already Fury and Thunderbolt plus E8, Jumbo and Firefly in the tree. Cromwell also has a tree version and a copycat premium version that would be identical to Polish Cromwells. Crusader is a low tier.

      In addition, there is not a single Polish Sherman or Cromwell nearly as recognizable as Pudel, except maybe Maczek’s Hela but Hela was a command tank without the main gun.


  2. They may eventually. This is a premium to raise interest in the upcoming Polish line. If they are planning to release it in the August 1st time frame as MaxVarEmreis speculates it makes sense because of it’s historic significance.

    I’ve never understood why the Poles are disliked by so many Europeans. While they don’t have a perfect history a lot more nations have been harmed by Russsia, France, and Germany.


  3. Trolling is a nice thing, I like it a lot. Insulting and hating is shit. Let’s just troll without any hate pls.

    Przepraszam, but I prefer that pig impaled and roasted :) :) :)


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