WoT – New Matchmaker FAQ

Sauce: Rykoszet

1. Battles in a 3-5-7 format – why are they the best solution?

Because this type of battle is the most honest for all of its participants, regardless of their position on the list. Everyone can find their place and have influence on the outcome of the battle. Even in a battle where you’re the weakest vehicle there’s still a lot of occasions to destroy or damage someone. We will talk about this format in the future.

2. Right. But why are the new format battles so scarce, as opposed to the influx of one-tier battles?

But of course not! Our statistics show that over 65% of all battles take place in the 3-5-7 format, 25% of those are two-tier battles, and 10% of them are one-tier battles.

The negative impression might be cause by the fact that some of the players land on the bottom of the list a few times in a row. Now we have a mechanism which tries to prevent such situations. Nevertheless, if you’re queueing time is too long, you’ll land in a battle in which the tier of your tank will be irrelevant.

3. Arty and light tanks – they’re literally everywhere. Why are there so many of them?

Let’s be honest – after releasing 9.18 there were a lot of arty and LT changes. But this happened only a few days after releasing the patch, because everyone was interested in the changes in the game balance regarding both of those classes. Currently the situation looks the same as before releasing 9.18.

Percentage of SPG:

Right after 9.18 Currently in 9.19
3 SPG 19,11% 13,07%
2 SPG 28,56% 26,57%
1 SPG 34,99% 38,27%
NO SPG 17,34% 22,09%

Number of LT per battle:

Right after 9.18 Currently in 9.19
Tier VIII  LT 2,44 2,13
Tier IX LT 3,38 2,85
Tier Х LT 2,58 2,16

4. Three SPG per battle – is this normal?

The percentage of those type of battles is about 13%. We guarantee that there not a lot of battle with three arties.

5. Okay, how is is that one team has LT and SPG and the other doesn’t?

Before patch 9.18 we shared a series of materials in which we explained that. If the matchmaking has such a possibility, it makes teams comprised of the same classes, and if not, it allow to pick one of two vehicles from another class.

6. One-tier platoons will remain forever.

We are adamant about this. Platoons will remain with a one-tier. There are many reasons why it has to be so, but the two most important one are the usual Maus plus MS-1 platoons, and different tier platoons which made holding the 3-5-7 format difficult.

7. Arties in platoons, what the hell?

We admit that we committed a mistake here. Arty will return to platoons, but only one per squad, as per the players wishes.

8. Personal missions – when will the tasks will be updated?

Implementing new versions of tasks was announced for patch 9.19.1.

9. What next?

We will listen to your opinions. In patch 9.19.1 the matchmaker will already be changed. We want to make random battles as pleasant as possible. And besides that – new HD models, sound changes, and we’ll finish recording the female crew voices.


26 thoughts on “WoT – New Matchmaker FAQ

    1. I’m glad you don’t get a chance to ruin the game. I bet game will survive longer with arty than without…


    2. No, if they want the game to survive they’ll make the RNG not so bi-polar. There are far too many games where one team has great RNG and the other team has terrible RNG (leading to 15:5 results) and far too many runs of amazing RNG where you can’t miss our bounce any of your shots and extremely long stretches of games where RNG doesn’t allow you to pen anything and all your shells fly to the outside of the circle. Very few games are with a “balanced RNG” where only a few noticeably good/bad RNG rolls are perceived.

      Wake up everyone. MM was okay for a long time, arty ins’t as bad as everyone says (when not being focused by XVM sniping), but the RNG algorithm has been the bane of many players’ existence for 3+ years.


      1. Except RNG has very little to do with landslide lossed/victories. They are down to positioning and decision making, usually depending on what the most important tanks (top tier and class that fits the map most) do.


        1. Actually it has a majority to do with landslide victories. Immediately after the newest iteration of RNG accuracy (60/40 accuracy) there were many posts to WG about the 15:5 results to which they commented “it isn’t happening too much” which means “it’s happening exactly how much we expect it to.”


  1. Actually, I noticed that more and more bottom tiers in 3-5-7 commit sudoku. What is even the point? Is facing three +2 tanks worse than eight, ten or fourteen?

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    1. With the way the game is balanced? Yes. Now more than ever, if your three sole top tier tanks are driven by idiots, you have lost and in many cases can not do anything about it anymore. Have fun fighting VK100s and 252s in your Cromwell…


  2. Whatever now or later WG does with the ‘new template MM’
    you can be sure they will continually tweak and fix it to bring it back to the shit MM it was before
    after it first arrived the MM was pretty good I didn’t see that many turbo slaughter 1 sided battles
    ~ that was back then

    ~ now later on today with 2 mini-patch ‘fixes’ the 1 sided turbo slaughter battles are back, same as before
    WG it seems needs wants and must have unequal MM where 1 team is far better than the other to guarantee quick turbo battles

    would even go as far to say ‘players enjoyment’ is secondary or worse an afterthought to WG financial strategy

    A big modern company like WG with hundreds if not thousands of clever game dev’s they know exactly what there doing, and all the time.


    1. I agree the MM right after the patch was excellent – and mostly because of many 2-tier battles… Then they fixed it and it’s gone to shit. With the 3-5-7 system the teams are uberly dependant on those 3 players. Difference between tiers are a huge factor.


  3. “4. Three SPG per battle – is this normal?

    The percentage of those type of battles is about 13%. We guarantee that there not a lot of battle with three arties.”

    Then why is it that in their reworked personnal missions in 9.19.1 ; the two missions that were changed because near impossible (MT-7 and LT-7) still havent lost the one condition that made them impossible (requires 3 arties in one battle)…

    They openly admit that the requirements for this mission are only available in 1battle out of 10. Knowing that arties have such low health ; getting to spot/hit/kill all of them is ridiculously hard. This is what people were complaining about. And their change didnt help (it made LT-7 harder actualy…).

    Fucking retards…


  4. the biggest problem is that it makes zero difference if i have to fight VK 10001P, Mauschen or Maus when i’m the in shitty UP tier 8… i will bounce them anyway and they will fuck me up no matter what.

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  5. Thing about same tier platoons – I’d wish they made it possible for premiums with preferential MM to enter platoons with 1 tier lower vehicles.


  6. 13% of games are with 3 SPGs …
    Hope that they will change the LT-7 (T-55A) Mission where you have to Spot AND dmg three artys in one game or i will sit on this mission for another year…


  7. Also “Our statistics show that over 65% of all battles take place in the 3-5-7 format, 25% of those are two-tier battles, and 10% of them are one-tier battles.”.

    Once again : useless numbers that can be adapted to their wish simply by not telling how they got them.

    Go get the stats tier by tier. You will see single-tier battles are way above 60 % at tier X. If I wanted this sort of MM I’d go play Clan Wars or even Ranked Battles now, way more rewarding and more skilled players there. Single tier MM should be removed, period. It is boring, it is all about camping and having the right Heavy Tanks in your team. No fun at all.


  8. They have broken MM for Ravioli.
    You almost never get top tier or 1 tier battles, as opposed to when you switch to other tanks, when you get them right away.

    Also another question for the devs:
    The Ravioli has worse mobility, worse armor, about same view range, same top penetration as the WZ-111. Why doesn’t the Ravioli have pref MM? Anyway that thing needs a mobility buff bad! And I don’t mean like the FV4202 where it needs half round to reach top speed, the Ravioli need acceleration as well, since this thing has no armor at all


    1. I agree.What the heck?I played with my buddies and we got ONCE top tier in tier 8 tanks in like 15 battles.It was always like this: Tier 10,10,10,10,9,10,10,10,10,8,9,10,10,10,10,9,10

      I also played tier 5,it went like this 7,6,5,7,7,6,7,5,6,6,7

      And at tier 6,alone this time: 7,6,7,8,8,8,7,6,8,7,8,8

      Also,what is wrong with the MM is general?After 9.19.02 the game suddenly became World Of Heavy tanks.Orzanel pointed this out ass well,why are there so many heavy tanks?One team has 7 heavies,other has 2 and 5 mediums….

      Is there something wrong?Remember the bug where you where always top tier if you platooned with yourself?Yeah,I feel cheated now,I cannot play platoons,it gets tedious after a while,I cannot always fight tier 10’s for gods sake.

      I said this elsewhere,ravioli needs a buff,it is the slowest tier 8 medium,it has paper-thin armor,its penetration is bad when you are fighting heavies,and when the patriot has 230 pen,omg it is so unfair.And lets not talk about how the ravioli is the King of low rolls,370,360,350 always,and then boom,420.What?Why?I have lost matches because of this.

      Oh and yeah,acceleration,the Chrysler K has 20 power/weight ratio.One word,powercreep!


  9. Seriously… You will never EVER EVER see the top of the list unless you’re fucking stock or you’re playing tier 10….This MM is fucking retarded and broken. I won’t play tanks unless WG finds a way to fix this. I can’t even be top tier even in my Sentinel or my M4 49.


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