WoT – New Matchmaker FAQ

Sauce: Rykoszet

1. Battles in a 3-5-7 format – why are they the best solution?

Because this type of battle is the most honest for all of its participants, regardless of their position on the list. Everyone can find their place and have influence on the outcome of the battle. Even in a battle where you’re the weakest vehicle there’s still a lot of occasions to destroy or damage someone. We will talk about this format in the future.

2. Right. But why are the new format battles so scarce, as opposed to the influx of one-tier battles?

But of course not! Our statistics show that over 65% of all battles take place in the 3-5-7 format, 25% of those are two-tier battles, and 10% of them are one-tier battles.

The negative impression might be cause by the fact that some of the players land on the bottom of the list a few times in a row. Now we have a mechanism which tries to prevent such situations. Nevertheless, if you’re queueing time is too long, you’ll land in a battle in which the tier of your tank will be irrelevant.

3. Arty and light tanks – they’re literally everywhere. Why are there so many of them?

Let’s be honest – after releasing 9.18 there were a lot of arty and LT changes. But this happened only a few days after releasing the patch, because everyone was interested in the changes in the game balance regarding both of those classes. Currently the situation looks the same as before releasing 9.18.

Percentage of SPG:

Right after 9.18 Currently in 9.19
3 SPG 19,11% 13,07%
2 SPG 28,56% 26,57%
1 SPG 34,99% 38,27%
NO SPG 17,34% 22,09%

Number of LT per battle:

Right after 9.18 Currently in 9.19
Tier VIII  LT 2,44 2,13
Tier IX LT 3,38 2,85
Tier Х LT 2,58 2,16

4. Three SPG per battle – is this normal?

The percentage of those type of battles is about 13%. We guarantee that there not a lot of battle with three arties.

5. Okay, how is is that one team has LT and SPG and the other doesn’t?

Before patch 9.18 we shared a series of materials in which we explained that. If the matchmaking has such a possibility, it makes teams comprised of the same classes, and if not, it allow to pick one of two vehicles from another class.

6. One-tier platoons will remain forever.

We are adamant about this. Platoons will remain with a one-tier. There are many reasons why it has to be so, but the two most important one are the usual Maus plus MS-1 platoons, and different tier platoons which made holding the 3-5-7 format difficult.

7. Arties in platoons, what the hell?

We admit that we committed a mistake here. Arty will return to platoons, but only one per squad, as per the players wishes.

8. Personal missions – when will the tasks will be updated?

Implementing new versions of tasks was announced for patch 9.19.1.

9. What next?

We will listen to your opinions. In patch 9.19.1 the matchmaker will already be changed. We want to make random battles as pleasant as possible. And besides that – new HD models, sound changes, and we’ll finish recording the female crew voices.