Edelweiss & Nameless Controversy

Emailed to us by Shinda.

„People who have purchased these tanks on the Asia server to be crew trainers for Japanese tanks are now seeking to get a refund…

It’s been discovered for the first time that you’re unable to use your own crew in these tanks as they are locked to the special VC crew that they come with. Nowhere has it ever been mentioned that your can’t use your own crew.

And this can be classed as misleading or deceptive conduct which states:
“It is illegal for a business to engage in conduct that misleads or deceives or is likely to mislead or deceive consumers or other businesses. This law applies even if you did not intend to mislead or deceive anyone or no one has suffered any loss or damage as a result of your conduct.”

These tanks cannot be used as crew trainers and those that have purchased them should be given a refund.”

Some claim that right now it’s just a bug that’s being worked on but there’s been no confirmation on this by any WG representative.


28 thoughts on “Edelweiss & Nameless Controversy

  1. A ‘bug’, right, sure, and they are working on it. You mean they are quickly trying to write new code, since this isn’t a bug but a feature?
    Regardless, this is just your usual WG behaviour, I expected no less.


  2. It’s posted in the description in the store. No doubt they added it after they started to get complaints but I’d bet many of the complainers bought it after they posted the fact that the crew was non-transferable.

    While I don’t mind the sale of these tanks but I think it’s good the crew is non-transferable because:

    1 It allows the tank to have custom voices for the actual VC fans
    2 It will reduce the numbers that are purchased and therefore in battles which should make the anti
    anime people happy ( It won’t of course. Their whole purpose is to complain perpetually)

    Either way I had no intention of buying them even if offered on NA or EU

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    1. Lesta is able to tie custom voices to specific commanders rather than to ships (Steven Seagal, the ARP and upcoming HSF characters), why would it be so hard for Minsk to do the same with crew members that are VC characters?


  3. In wows the anime ship have their own crew, and this is way I don’t play them even though I didn’t buy them, but got them for free from mission.


    1. That’s how it worked for the ARP ships, but the HSF ships coming probably at the start of next month are going to be the opposite. Sold as regular premiums and the anime character commanders will work as standard Japanese or German commanders and the ships will work as standard Japanese and German premiums (can use HSF or regular commanders) so they’ll be entirely workable as crew trainers.


  4. “Nowhere has it ever been mentioned that your can’t use your own crew.”

    I love how you are all pissed about the crew thing and yet. Nowhere have I seen them say that you Could use other crews. Not once have I heard it anywhere. Such hypocrites.


    1. They’re being sold as Japanese premiums so it was natural to think they could use any Japanese crew rather than just the anime characters.


  5. People assumed it because they were attached to a nation (Japan) instead of being a special case like they are in Blitz.


  6. UPDATE- Apparently, WG Asia is providing refunds to people who purchased the tanks prior to the posting about the crews being tied to the tanks starting Monday.


    1. There was no small print, twit. WG didn’t add the warning about them not being crew trainers until after the tanks had already been sold. Small print isn’t legally valid if it’s added after the fact.


  7. Bravo, WG! No sarcasm here. Anything to reduce the amount of cancer is more than welcomed. Better yet, they should give them the AC1’s hull machine gun to make them even more kawaii.


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