WG’s Stance on Mountain Goating

Source: this forum thread

MrConway (EU Community Coordinator) recently posted how WG regards „boosting” or using the map’s terrain to your advantage in unexpected ways:

„Let me clarify some things:  As long as you can get to a spot in game using the regular game mechanics, you are not breaking any rules by going there, although it often will not help you win the battle.

Some of the spots are intentionally placed, others are the result of the physics update and the changed tank behaviour. We are aware of the situation and will likely be removing several of the spots that we find problematic. As you know we are currently completely reworking all maps into HD, so you can expect some of the boost spots to disappear with their introduction.”



38 thoughts on “WG’s Stance on Mountain Goating

    1. 00:23
      The reaction when your game is going well and suddenly you get clipped by a batchat from a mountain xD


            1. You mean some tanks can climb better than others? That’s…kind of how it should be. Some tanks are less mobile than others.


  1. I see no problem whit thie. Clmbing its hard to learn and this is why so many statspadder hate it because they need to learn the game mechanics to stop the slide and so on. I know all positions and i can do 90% of them by first try now. Some of them are usefully but most are only just4fun and you will get hitted really fast.

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    1. It has nothing to do with learning new mechanics but I’m afraid you are too thick to understand so not going to waste my precious time to explain the issues with climbing once again.

      And you talk about statpadding when you have 1700 battles in Panzer IV, 500 battles in your O-I and 350 battles in your T3 HMC aka.ex T18?

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      1. Ohhh so bitchy touch a nerve?
        every time I see someone critique badly another person WOT game stats makes me smile and sad at the same time.
        its called elitism ~ or lets take the piss out of them as its so easy too on anonymous forums

        lol ‘your to thick’
        this guy the realisnes is perfect then it seems, and of course never ever stat padded

        chill out and remember where all friends here and WOT is just a cartoon video game, aim your frustration at WG not your fellow players,


        1. ” ‘your to thick’ ”

          Please, if you attempt to quote anybody do it properly. Thanks.

          I don’t care if someone is a statpadder or not but it’s quite hypocritical to talk shit about them if you are one as well.

          And if you don’t see the issues with climbing and you even endorse it you are as bad as WG for not dealing with climbing in time.


      2. Why you so bothered what tank folks play idiot?…..someone not playing the game the way you want, aw fucking boo hoo, go cry in the corner until you realise the world doesn’t revolve around little dumb you.


    2. I don’t care how much time anyone use to exploit game mechanics – if places are meant to be used they will be accessible to more than a few specifik tanks and the maps won’t show the locations as grayed out. As long WG allow those locations the more some players and clans will benefit from unfair advantages

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  2. They should just make it so Churchill series tanks have historical climbing abilities. those spots would be more balanced if a well driven Churchill GC could counter the pesky climbing T67 stetpedders

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  3. If anything, they should make it easier to climb, so it doesn’t require abusing constant turning the tank to gain extra traction needed to make a climb. Just make sure to provide both teams with similarly useful spots on each end.


  4. This is bullshit. If they really wanted to stop this they can do it anytime with a single micropatch. How hard can it be to do few small changes in the maps to prevent this? They can do it during one day.


    1. They could.. could ist the word. But those greedy scumbags have reorganized their Departments, one poor Guy have to do the whole HD-Map-Thing and got no time for fixing design-issues, meanwhile the number of employes in the Premretardium-Tank-Department was increased to over 9000.


    2. @Shelby – Probably because WG is working on HD maps right now. A Q&A earlier pointed out that WG stopped completely on developing new maps for now because they got all their “map guys” (with lack of a better word) on the HD map conversion project. For WG, it doesnt make sense to put work into maps that are going to dissapear soon. All we can really hope for it that these same boosting spots wont be in those maps anymore.


      1. Nothing more than excuses. They just need to make few small changes. It’s work for a single person for few hours.


          1. Are you afraid your stats will nosedive back to shit tier after WG removes climbing and you won’t be able to abuse unintentional game mechanics? Maybe you should start looking for other games before it’s too late.


  5. All players entering black areas should be auto-killed like Frontline shows it can be done for those going into areas that have not be opened yet.

    All legally accessible areas are clearly shown on the map, all areas not intended to be accessed are blacked out. As they game designers did not intend the players to use those areas all access should be treated as an exploit and treated accordingly. WG has clear rules about that.

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