WoT: Micropatch coming next week

Evily stated recently that a micropatch will arrive next week, hoping to hotfix some bugs with the auto-aim and with the inability to resize chat windows. Other small fixes will be made too.


11 thoughts on “WoT: Micropatch coming next week

  1. 9.18 and 9.17 have been the buggiest patches for me. i’ve never encountered so many issues… broken friends list, unable to private message anyone, unable to platoon, unable to receive any kind of invite to anything, unable to blacklist people, cant see tanks a person has when viewing their profile, sometimes ui turns off in garage after random battle… pretty much all of 9.17 i wasnt able to message or platoon with anyone…

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    1. The answer I got from on my ticket about the turret lock:
      Changed the operation logic of the button that locks turret rotation: the Auto-Aim button is now used for locking the turret. Previously, the default button for locking the turret rotation was RMB.

      The changes are irreversible and it was our developers decision (based on tests and suggestions of our players)

      “The changes are irreversible”.. yeah right.


      1. Who was that retarded to ask the unification of both features into one?

        It’s so fucking annoying when I want to lock my gun in position on an enemy to check my back if I’m getting flanked and the autoaim turns on moving my gun away.


    1. Let all the other mass-supertest server go first. :)

      My experience with ASIA server on all the patches are good. They aren’t buggy as EU NA players said.


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