STG: Bonus Pictures & Video


16 thoughts on “STG: Bonus Pictures & Video

  1. Why I have over 1k battles with Obj 416 and the womans crew with full 6 perks and 32proc. of 7th perk, it will be nice to play with this STG :)

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  2. First I wasn’t sure but now I’m fairly certain.
    This tank is put together backwards.

    If that replay wasn’t played with increased speed, I would say this one has the combination of mobility, firepower and armor I could actually enjoy…

    What’s the catch?


      1. Can someone check and see how much armor is that EFFECTIVELY at the UFP/LFP?

        To me it looks as it is angled quite a bit.


          1. Its not super flat from a normal height tank its 58sh degrees @ 120mm armor almost the same as the Object 430v2 just a bit worse.

            On top of that it gets heavy levels of alpha DMG amazing turret armor and a upper plate above the nose that covers 60% of the tanks front and is 75-80 degrees and will bounce almost all.

            Make no mistake this is extremely OP compared to normal T8 meds.


            1. first of all the hull front is 100mm and at 58deg that’s only 118mm effective… and the turret is 110mm thick with minimal rounding around the bottom half…

              talk more shit mate, just can’t accept that WG has shown something not completely broken so you need to try to convince yourself it is?


              1. 100mm with the same angle as OBJ 430 are about 166mm effective (with AP shells), but i think that it is even steeper so maybe 150 to 170 effective. We will see!
                The most annoying fact is that the hull goes over the tracks, so the ability to sidescrape is worse than on OBJ 416. You have to angle at about 72 to 68 degrees. So the chance of autobounce on the sides is 50:50.
                The is likely the same as on OBJ 416.
                The DPM is meh, but alpha is very good and gun-handling too for such a gun (will be changed for shure). The most powerful thing will be the 6 DEGREES of GUNDEPRESSION!
                But at least its much taller than OBJ 416.


      2. I was more referring to the turret. I mean, look at it. It’s a damned pan, on top of a really short box. It must be excellent at hull-downing, and even if the armor is 100mm on the hull, with some careful sidescraping it’s still playable.

        I’m not saying I’m happy about that they add yet another russian prem med, but this one is quite unusual with its looks and stats. So I see fantasy in it.

        Still, I bet they will screw it up somehow, like how they did wit the Chrysler K.


        1. based on an article that Yuri Pasholok, one of WGs Historians, posted, it seems that the “STG” was a design for the Obj 430 Variant 2 that we see at tier 9. So like the Obj 416 and 430 V2 you should expect that it will have limited turret traverse.

          That’s most likely going to be what your catch is on the tank


          1. It still fits the playstyle I have thought I would use if I drove this.
            There must be something else to sour the deal.


          2. Which doesnt hamper those tanks at all. What a amazing “Downside”. Its justs WG way of saying they are balanced when in reality you rarely notice it outside 1 in 20 games.


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