WoWS Q&A – 31st May 2017 #2

Thanks to Babykim, EU

According to news digest by getfun:


JamesWhite tells us to expect the announcement of:

1. The first premium Russian battleship on 5 June. The name of the ship is a riddle: it consists of two words and should be well-known. The ship existed and is not a paper-project. The appearance of the ship will be modeled as of 1944. You would be able to win the ship in an event as well as purchase her.

2. Ship for free experience, very soon.

3. The Polish tree in June, showcasing tiers 7 to X.

WG started migration of accounts that would allow to freely convert gold for doubloons. However, the release date of this feature is still unclear.

In the recent video of the USS Massachusetts you can spot a model of a tier 8 premium French battleship. The ship has two forward-firing turrets, with four barrels each.


at 7:00