WoWS Q&A – 31st May 2017 #2

Thanks to Babykim, EU

According to news digest by getfun:


JamesWhite tells us to expect the announcement of:

1. The first premium Russian battleship on 5 June. The name of the ship is a riddle: it consists of two words and should be well-known. The ship existed and is not a paper-project. The appearance of the ship will be modeled as of 1944. You would be able to win the ship in an event as well as purchase her.

2. Ship for free experience, very soon.

3. The Polish tree in June, showcasing tiers 7 to X.

WG started migration of accounts that would allow to freely convert gold for doubloons. However, the release date of this feature is still unclear.

In the recent video of the USS Massachusetts you can spot a model of a tier 8 premium French battleship. The ship has two forward-firing turrets, with four barrels each.


at 7:00


23 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 31st May 2017 #2

  1. That ship you talk mentioning at the end is the jean bart. It would have been one of the best battleships in the world at that time if completely. It would have been as deadly as bismarck and tirpitz combined.


    1. hard to tell:
      guns while good for its caliber had issues like long range performance and quite huge issue in reload cycle:
      “French Battleships: 1922 – 1956” states on page 126 that in July 1940 that “it took fifteen minutes to bring up a charge from the magazines to the guns, so the ship was realistically capable of firing only two initial four-gun salvos before her big guns fell silent.” Some of the problems must have been rectified, as she was able to fire salvos every two minutes during the British attacks on Dakar in September 1940.

      issues with that were fixed post war (reload took around 32s), but that’s is excluded from WW2 comparison so while in term of penetration power it beats Bismarck/Tripiz they can fire more rapidly and guns still fall in penetration when comparing to more monster guns (Iowa, Yamato, Littorio).

      AA/Secondaries its mostly based on Configuration:
      if looking at original one AA is nothing special 152mm DP secondarily had low RoF and tracking capabilities giving them very poor AA performance while rest of the AA is nothing special.
      against surface targets 152mm are pretty good except for low RoF

      in later configuration you have 100mm DP secondaries (not talking about new 1945 100mm guns) with again had only theoretical RPM of 16 rounds, and practical of 10… with is pretty poor, then you have standard Iowa like level of mid range AA.
      100mm DP aren’t best anti surface weapon and you have only 12 of them.

      so in that AA/secondaries department again mediocre in original configuration it have somewhat midcore secondaries and not best French 37mm and then we have poor secondaries and good mid range AA (generally poor long range AA on both)

      Protection is pretty ok with only one exception: turret faces 430mm is pretty okish but nothing special considering that you have only two quad turrets, that while separated in two parts with 45mm plate still can be disabled in single penetration, even North Carolina have 406mm layered with another 64mm plate.

      speed is nothing to sneeze at.

      it completed it wouldn’t be anything special, many fixes improving ship performance happened post war.


  2. The French tier8 is going to be the Jean Bart, a Richelieu class, that way they can keep the Richelieu (namesake ship and class) as a regular tier8.

    The Soviet battleship is probably the Sovetsky Soyuz class.
    It’s the only one I can think of that was not paper, existed in 1944, has a two word name, and is relatively well known.
    The tricky bastards are choosing their words carefully though. They’re saying it’s not paper. True. But not a single ship was ever finished. Hell, the 4 ships that were laid down put together wouldn’t even form half a completed ship.
    Still, eager to see the Soviet take on 16″ guns.

    Pokerface on the Polish ships.
    Just no comments, be they positive or negative.

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    1. it could be the HMS Royal Sovereign the brittish gave to urss in 1944 and renamed Arkhangelsk the original name had a two words name and us well-know (wg did no specify if it was a ruissian two words name ).
      In my opinion Sovetsky Soyuz will be the t9 regular soviet BB.


      1. I agree with this since Murmansk the other lend lease is a premium. I was expecting her to be a premium from the beginning


      2. After the stunt they pulled putting the Soviet navy before the Royal Navy, having the first permanent Soviet BB be a British one would not go down well.
        It can be a possibility, but that’s poking the bull.


        1. Gangut class, Imperatritsa Ekaterina Velikaya class and Imperator nikolai are almost the same ship.
          Nikolai is just an improvement of Ekaterina which is almost identical to gangut .
          I know that wargaming can be lazy and release the same ship several time (kamikaze/R , kidd , black … ) with just a few change (or not) but it would be meaningless to release another nikolai that you can get for free.


      1. Sure, but they’re tier4/5 material
        You’d think WG would want to come out with a pricey and national-pride-ego-boost ship before releasing an 15€ , not ridiculously OP Nikolai.


  3. “WG started migration of accounts that would allow to freely convert gold for doubloons. However, the release date of this feature is still unclear.”

    Lemme guess, RU only.


    1. RU has this already, and it’s RU exclusive. You can transfer min 5k gold if you haven’t played WoT for at least 3 months.


  4. Right. So we get a bunch of useless crap again and still no word about British BBs. Clearly they don’t care about EU or NA anymore. I can’t blame them though, the EU and NA playerbase is shrinking rather fast…


  5. Polish tree ??? Must be some joke.
    There would be eventually some DDs to fill tiers VI (1920s French build “Burza”-Storm, VII “Grom”-Thunder, sister ship to Błyskawica-Lightning and VIII – some Ognievoi-class lease from USSR.


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