War Thunder – Camo Unlock Tweaks

It seems that Gaijin is looking around all nooks and crannies for anything to change…

We are introducing some major changes in the requirements for unlocking additional camouflages for ground vehicles and aircraft.

These changes are planned for implementation on June the 14th (Wednesday). All those camouflages that have previously been unlocked will of course remain. Any progress towards camouflages that are being unlocked will not change.

  1. The changes in aircraft camos are most noticeable since the requirements havent been revised for years while missions changed and e.g. line bombers have become much more efficeint. There are still 2 weeks to finish unlocking chosen camos with old requirements.
  2. Requirements for 1st camo for tanks have become lower and the progress looks more logical =- 1st camo has smaller requirements while the last has higher
  3. Requirements depend on the vehicle efficeincy – e.g. some vehicles have higher requirements since they are more efficient than others in battle and get more kills/whatever


Changes in the camouflage unlock requirements will be implemented on June the 14th.



One thought on “War Thunder – Camo Unlock Tweaks

  1. costumization is one of the aspects where you can see how greedy gaijin is, up to last year you could unlock the first cammo of your reserve tank (war thunder version of WoT tier 1 Renault FT) after 20 kills, the last cammo would never take over 100 kills (vehicles with less choices had a lower requirement as well), now a winter cammo (usually the 1st or 2nd) requires 50 or 75 kills to unlock, imagine how much it requires for BR 5.0


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