War Thunder – Banhammer 31.05.2017

See? There are cheats in War Thunder, but Gaijin openly admits it, and doesn’t have qualms against publishing the names of the offenders, instead of just raw numbers. You fucked up, now pay the price!

From today, 237 additional accounts have been permanently banned for using third-party modifications in violation of the user agreement – use of prohibited modifications. (EULA).

The introduction of the reporting system has again proved key in allowing players to participate in keeping the game clear of players who insist on trying to gain unfair advantage. The modification detection algorithm continues to improve.

Having an account permanently banned will result in a player losing everything in that account – Be warned! Thank you guys for your vigilance. o7
List of banned accounts

wt cheaters may 2017


12 thoughts on “War Thunder – Banhammer 31.05.2017

  1. atikabubu I’ve been playing WT since 2013, for a long time it was known that there were some cheats/hacks/bots yet as far as I remember only last year has gaijin started to ban cheaters, until then there were more bans for players criticizing them in the forum than cheaters, not even repeated trolls and teamkillers were temporarely banned

    you have to aggree that it was “strange” that their first even ban wave only started after the “dust settled” from the screw up on handling Phlydaily’s video, remember that it was written in their first public statement that they were awere of the hack but let it pass due to its use being “rare”
    as seen in Phly’s video the guy used it for hundreads of GF battles, that takes time and I believe gaijin has some kind of program to monitorize stats in the servers that of course would flag such players, having a 4~5/1 k/d ratio is obviously suspecious, even a sealclubber going against “noobs”/new players in reserves RB will die more often

    it’s true gaijin FINALLY started taking action, STILL it is not understandable that they removed teamkilling just so that they wouldn’t be forced to ban trolls, it is a serious issue since even after losing the possibility of teamkill with tank guns (rockets, arty and bombs can still do it) they have other ways to troll you and the reports you submit rarely/never result in anything


    1. Yup, I started playing about 11 months ago, so I didn’t even see that shitstorm live, I think. In hindsight, yes, Gaijoob were a bunch of dicks, but they are improving. Also – Anton is on reddit, unlike Victor or even SerB.


      1. that is because SerB is not allowed to “talk” with the players (biggest troll on earth?), still it really does not matter who is and who’s not on reddit since nothing happens because of it
        gaijin has a section where you can submit datasheets to correct things you notice in the game, you can also submit “bug” reports with the same info, it just so happens that since 2014 some players have been submiting dataaheets, reports and official test data about US shell types and pen values and nothing has been done, if it were a arcade game you can accept a small deviation for balance purposes but when claiming “realism” mistakes like these are not acceptable WHEN they have the data to fix it, instead they added the T34 with incorrect penetration as well
        same for the japanese since they were only given APHE and HE despite having received data from other shells also used, in some cases solving the lack of pen, this because they wanted the japanese GF “flavour” to be the APHE and its post-pen effects
        I really enjoy WT, not exactly for the game as it is but because of the “small glimpses” of what it can become, still I won’t be delusioned because a CEO being active on reddit does not really change reality


    1. so, what use do you have for the names revealed? as far as we know they can be from inactive accounts, or are you hinting someone might track them and hack their pc planting a virus?
      or are you going to search each account individually? for what?

      posting the nicks is not worth anything, you probably won’t remember the nick of the guys you might have submited complaints about, furthermore you never know if they keep changing nicks so that players cannot track them


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