WoT Grand Finals Q&A – Part 2

Thanks to Vlad for translating!

– HD maps will come all at once, we cannot keep 2 renders in the game;
– There are plans to give the French TD’s an autoloader from tier 8 upwards;
– SU-76I will never be sold, not even for 3 hours ๐Ÿ˜‰ It has to be nerfed;
– Wheeled vehicles might appear in the game, we’re digging in the archives;
– There are plans for new fun modes;
– Post-battle player evaluation/rating will come if testing is successful and the players like it;
– Light tanks are not imbalanced. We’re looking at the statistics, they’re performing normally;
– There will be a new season of personal missions, the previous will not disappear;
– We’re not planning to return platoons with tier differences;