WoT Grand Finals Q&A – Part 3

Again, major thanks to Vladimir for taking the time to translate.

– We’re looking at the Type 59 statistics, we might buff it a little bit;
– No plans for daily login bonus, but there will be similar events;
– In 9.19, there will be a small fix for server problems;
– Tanks with one-tier MM will not be changed, neither will be their MM;
– No plans for alternative weapons on premiums;
– No plans for Italians this year;
– AMX 13 57 GF will not be sold, same for the Black Bulldog;
– PzKpfw IV hydrostat. will be sold;
– MTLS was not properly adjusted for 2 weapons, it will not appear;
– We’re more likely to allow 1 arty per platoon than to return public chat;