WoT Grand Finals Q&A

Thanks to Vlad for translating.

– “Defender” will not be sold again for quite some time;
– An anti-cheat system is being developed which allows for mods to identify themselves, testing should start in autumn;
– No new maps. There are ideas, but the whole team is currently occupied with HD maps;
– There will be a new camouflage system which will be more diverse. We’re currently working on the interface, no deadlines yet;
– The Foch branch will be reworked, it’s bad from tier 8 upwards;
– Amount of arty in battles is lowering;
– No plans at all for T-22 medium;
– Chinese server will receive an exclusive crew “Peking opera”;
– Personal missions will change in accordance with statistics collected after introduction of the new MM;
– There are some problems with Maus and Type 5 Heavy, they’ll be fixed in the next few patches;
– We won’t remove preferential MM from the tanks that have it;
– There will be a possibility to use nicknames of inactive players;
– Malinovka will not be removed;