WoT Console – The Huntsman


9 thoughts on “WoT Console – The Huntsman

  1. Let me guess.
    It is literally just a Centurion 1.
    That is made premium.

    At this point I would be more surprised if it wasn’t the thing I’m guessing.
    Hm, I don’t know which one is worse. PC version not fixing shit but introducing new, unique premium tanks (such as that 105mm AMX TD that has been leaked the other day), or console version reintroducing regular tech tree tanks as ‘premiums’, with as much changed as a new skin added.



            1. Instead of a reskinned medium as a premium, resources should have been spent on finding a tier 8 heavy premium for Britain just like the other nations. The tier 7 heavy premium is a bit turdish.


              1. Well yes, I agree with you. However, how is this in any connection wth the original comment I made and you reacted to?


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