WG To Adress P2W Issues

We are waiting for their Q&A.


30 thoughts on “WG To Adress P2W Issues

  1. Lmao, expect lots of their secret stats being quoted and nothing else.

    have a tl;dr if you miss the live Q&A:”Everything is fine goys”


    1. Even if they provide soft stats in game, just for, say, a sake of presenting them in full and showing how “not so OP” they are, we at least gain the full tech view available in garage.

      So that’s still something.


  2. They’ll give an excuse (valid or not) why they are doing this P2W premium bullshit but they’re not going to change it though.

    Wargaming is Wargaming and they will always do the most incorrect thing at the most incorrect time.


        1. Limited mm premiums were screwed when they introduced the +/-2 mm. You expect to play always on top with them, or what? Stupid moron.


  3. At least they now notice their mistakes and are making efforts to correct them.

    This whole OP premium all started when WG completely needed the so to the ground way back in I think 8.7. They then promised never to Nerf a premium tank again


    1. The ‘no nerf to premiums’ policy is actually wise on their part. Premium tanks are bought via real cash, so buying something only to have it nerfed at some point would attract lots of rage and refund demands (and rightly so). One could say they DO nerf premiums though, but said nerfs are INDIRECT (for example, introducing stronger premiums or regular tanks that make one or more premiums obsolete).


      1. *nerfed. Stupid autocorrect. Anyway, yeah. WG is nerfing the premiums through more and more power creep . And that is NOT a good thing. Like what Foch said, tanks with no frontal weak spots at all is just retarded. Your ONLY option is 1. Fire premium. 2. Accept your fate and die. This is a really STUPID move to just introduce wave after wave of premiums that ruin the game and MM. Just look at the defender compared to the is-6 and is-3a. The defender poweecreeps both tanks to hell. Compare the patriot and Chrysler to the t34. Both tanks just leave the t34 in the dust.


  4. I think that LordMatrix_ deserves praise for bringing key issues to WG without resorting to the usual swearing, name-calling and whatever that plagues the forums. Also, I’m interested in this upcoming Q&A – the P2W model has been kind of a reality way before Foch’s cabaret became the weekend’s sensation (one could argue it was already there from the moment prem ammo and prem consumables became a part of the game).


  5. The problem will never be fixed anyway. They chose to ruin the game when they decided that premiums will not be nerfed anymore. This was the worst mistake they ever did.

    Right now in order to have a balanced game we would need a global rebalance that also includes premiums. If they change any tank or class but let the premium be as they were before they will always break the game. I think premium LTs are a good exemple, LeFH18B2 as well.

    They need to start reworking all premium tanks. Even if it means refunding everyone and starting over again. It’s either they lose a bit of money on short term but they make everyone happy and more willing to spend ; either they refuse to touch prems and the OP premium problem will never ever be fixed because nobody will buy newer balanced prems when they can get a Patriot or Defender every 3 months.


    1. Well said.

      Would really like to know what is currently keeping them from changing premiums. Can’t be EU legislation anymore, as that was changed last year.

      I can no longer find any info on EU consumer rights regarding on changes made to digital product, that might point to why WG is refusing balancing premiums. No where does it specify that a company is not allowed to change a paid digital product/content, or that it needs to offer refunds.


      1. If you do not see the logic behind this, you are a dumb idiot. Just like 80% of the ppl who commenting on this blog.


  6. To be fair here type 5 is still shit in armor it was shit when they introduced the type as it say it with me… CANT SIDE SCRAPE :) 210 is shit armor as its flat on lol they buffed it and people are bitching cause you have to use a brain to kill it now lol hug its sides it cant retaliate without support its screwed completely.. And there’s a weak point on it that makes it far far far weaker then an is7… I won’t say the weak point as it will render the type 5 absolute


    1. Jesus man…. you lack logic here… Shit in armor? against what? FV 215B 183? E4, E3? do you realize that most tier 9 tanks have about 230mm of pen (average)? do you realize that for exemple a type 4 fights with my wz 111 (250 pen with gold) and shits on me 10 out of 10 times? don`t you f***ing speak about side scrape because it can do it very well. FV 215B, VK Pz IV, conqueror, m103, those are heavys that can`t side scrape.


      1. Lol I have a wz111 I shit on type 4s and I Dont even need to load the gold in the first place.. Because I know where to shoot a type 4 at the front not once a type 4 has won against me.


      2. Then your not killing a type 5 right.. Here ill give you a hint… Go for the eyes…you want need prem ammo you scrub


  7. WG does need to solve “POWER-CREEPING”, it is still far from P2W since EVERYONE has access to premium ammo and consumables, for me the biggest problem is the large number of high alpha damage that keep being introduced without increasing the HP pool
    I’m really sorry for any new player who reaches tier 3 and is one-shoted without having the chance to fight back (O-I, Hetzer, KV-1S, etc…), if a tier 3 had enough health to survive 1,5~1,75 shots from a tier 5 medium caliber derp (105mm) it would be much more valuable to the game

    in high tiers it is even worse since it isn’t just DERPs who have high alpha dmg, that led them to make some unhistorical armour buffs, lets face it, if a MAUS could take 2,5 to 3 shots from a decent roll of a high alpha gun it would ONLY need armour GOOD ENOUGH to block 3~4 shots in every 5 from said guns, this means it would also take longer for a high-pen, avg alpha and decent DPM gun to kill a MAUS, this gives the chance/time for the high-pen tank to take it down WITHOUT premium ammo and for the MAUS to fight-back without it needing extra armour or nerf the oposition penetration

    I think they should do like AW did (/tried to) and link dmg to caliber and type of shell, unreasonable weak spots (couppula) should also receive a reduced dmg modifier, specially in cases where behind them there’s nothing
    T110E5 for example, if it goes through it does not enter the tank and might exit from the other side, with high enough pen, same applies to ATs and KV-4 but it should still kill the commander (or at least take 60~75% of his HP)

    I think that if they balance dmg and increase HP pool it can only help the game, if alpha dmg is reduced the economy can stay as it is (you could potentialy do nore dmg than before but it would take more shots), if only the HP is changed (and high alpha guns reduced/balanced 1000dmg»»»650dmg, etc…) then would obviously reduce the reward, but hopefully only a bit making the game more profitable and comfortable to grind overall, specially with premium accounts and tanks

    btw the Chrysler K, T32 and M6A1E2 guns can be balanced/buffed by giving it the pen of a different shell, I suppose they used the APCBC as base and then balanced it BUT those guns fired other round with higher pen like the solid shot, or instead the APCR could become standard and give HEAT as premium (developed for the T54/E1/E2, the gun is still the same)


      1. that only changed recently, I have no doubt some new players gave up on WoT because of those one-shot kills, still even a tier 4 can be “one-shoted” by some tier 5 derps, I used tier 3 as an example because until recently it was much more certain they would die in 1-shot, the tier 4s have a little more armour and HP and can sometimes survive
        a tier 5 O-I Exp. has 440 avg dmg on the 120mm DERP and 60mm pen
        a tier 4 DW2 has 50mm of armour at the most and 440HP
        what do you think will happen?
        sure tier 3 cannot face it anymore, but can still face the Hetzer, but the power-creep problem is still there


  8. I am glad Sir Foch got this all addressed. I am more on the side of him and PHJedi and the issues. I write this a gist and not overly detailed, there is room for mistake, philosophy and generalization.

    I dismissed the whole power creep when the 26e5 cam out as it wasn’t that over powered compared to the T-32. Then the Liberte came and stat wise scratched my head as an ok, hmm, it has weakness i can exploit.
    Then the Defender came out and was like really Murazor. IS-6 and IS-3a are now 2nd best in regards. Then the changes to all heavies and was like ok, wtf, someone isn’t really playing the game and making Heavies way to hard for -2 level lower tanks to effectively pen from the front. might as well relegate all tier 10 to just all tier 10 matches at that point. still, back to point when the Chrysler came out it seemed indicative a bunch of separate issues all making a big one.

    – Accuracy at range vs accuracy brawling is losing skill based by players. bad-shit players deserve to lose for not educating themselves to be better.
    – Gold rounds. For over 2 years the suggestions have been make gold rounds Pen more than standard but deal 10-15% less damage than normal rounds. it should be a choice via players skill, not a choice of pay to dps.
    – Game balances.paper-rock-scissor-spock is losing its focus in game. Heavies are being both paper and rock leaving mediums and TD’s (lights have their own issues) holding scissors mostly.

    But all this brings up how bad ‘overall’ balance has become with Premium tanks and in regard to normal tier equals. where does all this leave the OG Premiums?
    – Lowe
    – T-34
    – KV-5
    – IS-6
    – T-59
    – T-34-3
    – T26e4 Super P(eice of shit)
    These tanks are now out of date compared to the new batch of premiums that can do the roles of these older premiums better. Yet these were paid for tanks that are neglected and while the normal tanks of old have been updated, somewhat, to a competitive state, these ‘classics’ haven’t.

    I guess the point i am making is more like points but WG needs to do way, way better in keeping original Premiums competitive while not making them and newer tanks OP in doing so. Phuck WG needing to make money from sales of tanks and rounds. They will make those sales is the tanks are balanced right, thus making them fun to play; Gold rounds being adjusted will still make sales and if the need extra sales then they can make other skins and camo you can buy ffs!!


  9. The way they say it seems they already made up their minds about actions to be taken.
    Considering their latest actions, I think it will be a sucky idea… again!


  10. Not to mention how the 112 can’t really fight it’s way out of a paper bag. Though it’s hard to hurt from the front.


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