War Thunder – 1.69 Dev Server Datamine

Seriously, guys, go buy mike10d reddit gold or something.


8 thoughts on “War Thunder – 1.69 Dev Server Datamine

  1. just my 2 cents, but i cant keep up w the volume of reddit. i monitor 5 sub reddits and its overwhelming, esp the high vol ones.

    if there is anyone at TAP that is worried just linking reddit posts is not a valuable use of TAP, please please please think again.

    TAP filtering out the noise and bringing me sweet gems like this post are a HUGE benefit to me and part of what makes TAP awesome.

    Thank you!

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  2. “new mpas: tunisia? a new one? maybe as an air map?”
    if I’m not mistaken they are probably simply openning another area like they did recently with Sinai, Tunisia has 3 distinct areas but only 1 has been available since it was released, the riverside village further inland and the rocky area that separates it from the original Sinai are the 2 other sections


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