SirFoch no longer a Community Contributor – WG is Against Free Speech

I applaud him for speaking the truth:

Citing SirFoch:

„Video has been taken down, because Wargaming threatened to go thru copyright strikes, even tho I don’t think they have any valid claims, I just cant be bothered. Also rip contributor status, no more OP premiums to try out for me!”

I never expected WG to follow the Gaijin way by fighting and silencing the people that criticise their game. Exactly the communist mentality sane people try to avoid. Free speech? Nice joke.

Also, Circon’s video on the KV-122 was removed. He made a joke about the Highway map. He said a kid draws the map on a napkin, wipes the nose with that napkin and WG picks it up for map design.

My message to WG: Not everyone likes Quickybaby and some of us prefer the down-to-earth attitude of other streamers instead of the illusion you try to create.

I’ve said before that WoT might not be dying anymore, but I was possibly wrong. WG starts digging their own grave with such moves.

Also check out WG’s response on the matter on Reddit:

Hey guys!

I have indeed removed the SirFoch from the community contributor program and also asked him to remove his content about the Chrysler K. from his channel. The reason for this is not the fact that he criticized the tank or the company, but the way he did it. The video was offensive inappropriate and frankly, slanderous. I think anyone who has seen it will agree with me on this. To be clear, we are fine with our contributors criticizing our content in their videos and we don’t plan to “censor” their content in any way. However I think all of us can agree that the CC program is built on mutual trust and respect. The only thing we ask from our contributors is to respect that relationship and the product/team they are working with. I think a video full of insults and offensive remarks against us violates that trust. This doesn’t mean that we are severing all ties with Foch, he is still a part of our community, but for now he won’t be part of the CC program.

As far as Circon is concerned, he is still our contributor and we will continue to work with him. The video I asked him to remove also contained quite personal and offensive content. Circon agreed to removed it after I pointed it out.

I hope that this clarifies things. If you have questions about this please don’t hesitate to do so here. I’ll be out of the office until tomorrow, but I’ll make sure to answer once I am back in the office.

Ph3lan Wargaming EU Community Manager