SirFoch no longer a Community Contributor – WG is Against Free Speech

I applaud him for speaking the truth:

Citing SirFoch:

„Video has been taken down, because Wargaming threatened to go thru copyright strikes, even tho I don’t think they have any valid claims, I just cant be bothered. Also rip contributor status, no more OP premiums to try out for me!”

I never expected WG to follow the Gaijin way by fighting and silencing the people that criticise their game. Exactly the communist mentality sane people try to avoid. Free speech? Nice joke.

Also, Circon’s video on the KV-122 was removed. He made a joke about the Highway map. He said a kid draws the map on a napkin, wipes the nose with that napkin and WG picks it up for map design.

My message to WG: Not everyone likes Quickybaby and some of us prefer the down-to-earth attitude of other streamers instead of the illusion you try to create.

I’ve said before that WoT might not be dying anymore, but I was possibly wrong. WG starts digging their own grave with such moves.

Also check out WG’s response on the matter on Reddit:

Hey guys!

I have indeed removed the SirFoch from the community contributor program and also asked him to remove his content about the Chrysler K. from his channel. The reason for this is not the fact that he criticized the tank or the company, but the way he did it. The video was offensive inappropriate and frankly, slanderous. I think anyone who has seen it will agree with me on this. To be clear, we are fine with our contributors criticizing our content in their videos and we don’t plan to “censor” their content in any way. However I think all of us can agree that the CC program is built on mutual trust and respect. The only thing we ask from our contributors is to respect that relationship and the product/team they are working with. I think a video full of insults and offensive remarks against us violates that trust. This doesn’t mean that we are severing all ties with Foch, he is still a part of our community, but for now he won’t be part of the CC program.

As far as Circon is concerned, he is still our contributor and we will continue to work with him. The video I asked him to remove also contained quite personal and offensive content. Circon agreed to removed it after I pointed it out.

I hope that this clarifies things. If you have questions about this please don’t hesitate to do so here. I’ll be out of the office until tomorrow, but I’ll make sure to answer once I am back in the office.

Ph3lan Wargaming EU Community Manager


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        1. I might give War Blunder another try later and this time actually learn how to play it. But yea, i heard that Gaijin can be just as assholes as WG.


          1. Well, they are worse. This time WG is really behaving like asses, but I still remember Gajin threatening a YouTuber of censorship if he didn’t sign a contract that prevent him to make any video on anything else than Gajin content.

            WG is still taking the really wrong way.

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          2. there’s not much to learn in WT when it comes to tanks, if you get used to guess the distance, it’s not like you have to do it since you can press a button and the game tells you the distance but it takes time, then you just aim to 1 of two spots, gunner or one of the ammoracks, well I say there’s not much to learn in tanks but only until you face BIAS
            play RB to not feel as much of a grind in both tanks and aircraft, but aircraft do have a learning curve


    1. You think my .com would allow some associated person to be toxic against them without taking appropriate action??

      Exactly, Foch went way too far with his abuse and toxicity and it was inevitable that WG acted in the way they did…..


  1. Ph3lan, r u watching the same video as us? How is that offensive unless you are easily butthurt…. I mean, there’s no racial jks or any political incorrectness……oh wait! Is WG….I guess they need to make themselves look bad so Gaijin doesn’t look too bad as well. KAPPA

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    1. Do you think any games company would allow such toxic abusive content? Really?

      Nope none of them would allow an associate to produce such toxic, slanderous media and let it stay without taking action!


    2. LOL… So it’s only offensive when you go into the area of races and politics? I’m sure I could say something really racist and still sound less offensive than what he managed to do in that video.

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        1. So how can’t you see that SirFochs video was unnecessarily offensive? Instead of swearing every second word he could explain why he didn’t like and and what changes that should be made in order to make it better. If he did that he’d still be a community contributor today.


          1. Call me a fanboy or whatever, but CC thing doesn’t bother to Foch nor his audience.

            The easiest thing WG can do is not introducing anymore t8 HT prems, with the Patriot/T26E5 and T34/34B already t8 HT prems for the US. Not just Foch, but many others had said it on their Youtube/streams (Jingles mentioned this issue in one of the Mingles with Jingles). Did WG listen to them?


          2. Both parties were wrong. He was wrong to go about it in that way. Look at other reviews (Like Jingles ) who absolutely made a strong case against this freemium tank. His position was clear and well made. Not just the rant of someone that seems top take things way too seriously ( it is a game. talk about first world problems ).

            WG were right, and within their rights , to remove him as a CC. Where they were wrong was threatening to abuse the copyright strike process. Youtube should be against people doing so, but as we all know, social media and sharing platforms care not two craps about the contributors, only the advertisers.


  2. To play the devil’s advocate, I sort of see why WG is upset, as SirFoch’s video was…blunt.

    That said, going through copywrite infringement threats to remove the content? Fuck you WG.

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      1. No no no, they’re allowed to remove his CC status and any perk or boon that entails, but abusing the copywrite infringement claims on Youtube is another matter.

        You are freely allowed to show ingame footage if it’s for the purpose of entertainment.
        During all the time it would take to sort things out, SirFoch would have very limited Youtube uploading options.

        Anyone is fully allowed to create a long winded, vulgar video about how [x] game company is shit.
        To try to abuse a system to censor that is illegal, immoral and unethical.
        Simple as that.


      2. To give you a better idea of what it’s like, let me give you a comparison.

        It’s as if SirFoch went from WG gaming convention to WG gaming convention, talking about his views on WG, and to solve the problem, WG calls SirFoch threatening to call the airport saying that they suspect him of having a bomb, if he doesn’t stop.

        They could have stopped at just removing him from the convention circuit,but they went that extra step which makes them cunts doing illegal shit to threaten and censor people.



    Also seriously, removing video for not being like Quickybaby that tries to avoid his actual own opinion (after watching his streams i can say he very often doesnt agree with videos he made – especially when it comes to premium tanks. IIRC he said some obviously garbage premium like Steyr WT before buffs “is kinda average” while says that defender and patriot are balanced when he actually disagrees) to not get same fate as SirFoch did.

    But fucking hell WG, i hope you actually realize now that these premiums are completely retarded. This among with poor balance decisions and like you already said, now muting videos for not agreeing with them, its like communism all over again…yea they are indeed purposely milking as much as they can while digging slowly but surely their grave at the same time.


    Sorry for rant, this is becoming ridiculous. Just look at VK 168.02 with…750 alpha on tier 8 super-heavy. And 750 alpha is already more or less overkill and too much on poorly armored, casemate TD that sacrifices everything for it, but now imagine super-heavy.

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    1. To say QB avoids own opinion is BS he is able to be critical has he has been throughout his time as arw any other CC they and he just don’t produce toxic abusive content that was rightly struck….

      CC’s, streamers youtubers and associated blogs are all able to criticise so lets not pretend it is about that has phelan said in his post it is clear why the action had to w taken!


  4. I watched the video. Sirfoch used a lot of “f u c k” in it.
    Aside from the “f u c k”s I fully agree with Sirfoch. IT is a premium statpadder (ie.: pay-to-win) tank.
    Why should anyone play a game, where a player who pays more has a bigger chance to win?

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    1. I agree completely. Could have done without so much profanity, but looks to me like what WG is really upset about is Sirfoch’s correct analysis of the pay to stat pad mechanic. There certainly are not any homophobic slurs, and honestly I’ve heard far worse language from other community contributors. Someone at WG, namely the guy who takes a day off in the middle of this shit storm, should certainly be looking for another job.


  5. Many props to Foch for speaking out. Maybe there would be no need for such content if WG Minsk actually LISTENED to the CCs? They should look up to WG Lesta, WoWs is, while being less popular, miles healthier than WoT ever was.
    I’ve given up all hope on WoT after 9.18 fuckups, and I sincerely hope more players will, while braindeads who keep buying totally balanced T8 premiums fund their greed. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went through with the absolutely fucking retarded “Improved equpments” and “Battle orders”.


    1. Oh please, Lesta and WoWS is going down the same shitter.

      Releasing better and better premiums, fucking up balance so the kiddies in battleboats are alive and happy long enough in battle to spend money on overpriced premium ships, fucking the EU server again and again with events because it’s their biggest cash cow…

      If I had any advice to someone thinking about starting playing WoWS, I’d say don’t bother.
      I would sooner tell them to go play a 1992 MS-DOS game about naval combat than I would WoWS.
      WG saw profits go to their head after having seen their competion fuck up royally, and have been going downhill since then.


      1. WoWs isn’t in the same boat – take the Hood, coming out today. One contributor seems to have found it fits him, while e.g. LittleWhiteMouse says it’s a mehboat and that’s typical of the reviewers – it’s not a poor ship, but nowhere above a regular tier VII ; the Duca had to be buffed to get to a competitive state.

        The recent tier viii’s have all been pretty strong but the waffen was pretty poor and eg the panzer iii k is beyond a joke bad. It’d be better to avoid further strong viiis as we’ve had too many but there are opposite clangers too…. we need more consistency such as wows, who seem to be able to make interesting but not broken ships pretty regularly…


        1. Oh no no no, LWM found the Hood meh before all the buffs.
          And that was a common opinion.
          Take on more AA, more maneuverability, AP shells that act like USN 8″and overpens less because of the fuze sensitivity, and what do you have? Yet another brainless tier7 BB with great survivability, great speed that can just point and click and have steady results.
          How is that fine?

          Duca is a strong ship.
          But the worst offenders are still the Belfast, Leningrad, Scharnhorst (still at 55% WR since it was released by the way, the single most performing BB tier by tier), Missouri powercreeping the fuck out of the game, Saipan with the fighter disengaging changes…

          Need I go on?

          Or let’s talk about tier8 class repartition, where of all matches played, 51% were played in BBs. 66% of that using German BBs.

          WG has no idea what they’re doing with the game.
          They keep claiming they know about problems, and every single patch just fucks it up some more.

          “Too many BBs? Let’s buff BBs next patch, buff the Tirpitz and release the Hood! ”
          “Too many DDs on tier10? Let’s release a second line of Russian DDs and give the dedicated gunboat line a heal!”
          “Not enough cruisers in game? Let’s release an Iowa with a radar!”
          “The average player is still a massive turd? Forget about making tutorials, let’s just sell him overperforming premium ships so he doesn’t become discontent!”
          “The French CA line is uninspired garbage that’s only good for long range HE spam, which is dull and just driving the stake into the heart of the game even more? Let’s buff their RoF so people actually think they’re decent and play them!”

          Seriously, the game is heading down the drain.
          Class balance is off, premium balance is off, developpers just use the “we’ll keep an eye on it” excuse and never actually do anything…
          It’s become yet another WG cashgrab.


  6. this is really fucking dodgy i mean how long until they start hitting anything they view as negative? personally i dont like quickybaby much i feel like hes a bit of a robot and he is the kid friendly youtuber. however this game is primarily played by adults i think theyd prefer to see more down to earth real commentarys on things instead of the watered down things other youtubers do.


  7. Hi, this is not new, about 6 month ago WG decided to take away CC status on 4 people on the spanish community, 3 WoT PC and 1 WoT Console. mainly the 4 most important CCs in spanish comunity.

    The reason was clear, they started telling in their videos/podcast things that wargaming were doing not so well and errors that the company will have to attend to make the game better.

    But Spanish CM, Delhroh, decided those videos where “toxic” cause the topics where controversial and banned them and take away the videos in colaboration with Youtube.

    WG Community Staff @ Paris is a problem for the development of a true community… its a shame…

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    1. Delhroh, you just don’t learn do you? Maybe he needs another democratic class from Ohsi, Nicofer & pals.


  8. WG doesnt care aslong as they get to make money, thats just how things are. That said i should be looking into getting swedish tanks and vehicles into war thunder, because from what i have heard they actually care about their historians.

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  9. Well, the points he has about the tanks is right, I see it the same way.

    But I also see the point of WG. Sirfoch just rant too much and used a lot of insults. No company must accept that.

    I go agree with WG to ask to remove that video and also exclude him from the CC program.

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  10. Even if SaltyFoch is right he’s still stepping over the line – As a company WG has to think of all the children with rich parents and they care a lot wether someone talks like this.

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  11. TBH, you and Foch are both wrong. Wargaming is simply not holding up with anyone who (ab)uses insults too much and SF just went over a line.

    We had the same happen to a Czech contributor some time ago – he was using too many insults and CC was removed from him. Wargaming as a company needs to watch their image and if they don’t speak up against this being associated with them it affects them negatively.

    And a second thing – I’ve been saying this years ago. This “saltiness” is nothing but a way to hell as a CC, because no matter what you do, over the years you simply step it up and at a certain point it’s not “saltiness” anymore – you are just tired, vulgar person.

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  12. Have not played WoT for a while, enjoying WoWs too much but it looks like it is starting to go the same way.. Shame really as they had a good idea and could have stayed ahead of the crowd with it.
    So long Foch i will miss you. good clear video’s with no bias.


  13. Oh no doubt. I mean, QB subscriber number really shows what people want and don’t want. Clearly many people hate QB when he has like 5k viewers on his stream while most others manage 1k.

    SirFoch’s schtick is what makes him entertaining but he’s letting it go to his head. Doesn’t help that his Twitch chat completely sucks up to him so he’s losing perspective or maybe burning out on the game. Same goes for Circon.

    Constantly berating the game, rarely if ever mentioning its positives gets old and now it appears to start biting them in the ass.

    If I were, now billionaire, WG CEO I’d just unplug the switch and watch it all burn with a ear-to-ear grin because that’s what this (vocal) community deserves.
    The mere fact he hasn’t done so yet leads me to conclude he’s still personally invested in the game which is awesome.

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    1. LOL. That naivety. Maybe there’s a reason why all those Contributors are ranting more and more?? Maybe it’s because WG is slowly destroying a game they love? I really feel the same, it is really becoming more and more hopeless with all those OP retarded premiums implemented, that they will never be able to nerf. We are quietly heading toward a game where: “if you don’t buy one of those, you can’t compete.”

      “Leads me to concludes [the WG CEO] is still personally invested in the game wich is awesome.” Come on, there’s nothing to do with caring about the game.. It’s only a matter about a profitability he can milk from it, and so from us.


      1. WG destroying a game they love? Entitled much? WG doesn’t owe them anything.

        If anything, all the streamers that became successful through WoT owe WG a great debt of gratitude. They don’t have to brown-nose or become yes-men but they should at the very least acknowledge it (even though it’s obvious).

        The only thing WG owes anything to is their own bottom-line. That’s it. (You wanted real talk, there it is)

        I used to watch SirFoch (still do but I much prefer Skill’s attitude toward the game — gets shot in the face, ‘no problem, it is what it is my friends’) because I thought his ranting was a schtick. But either that’s him being real or his schtick has overtook his personality completely.

        Most contributors are whining/ranting/badmouthing a lot lately you say?
        I wouldn’t know, I mostly keep with ‘fair and balanced’ QB. Tank’s OP? He states it’s OP. In a cool, calm and collected way. I can dig that. Then again, I’m not a teen anymore and I can read between the lines if there’s anything to be read.
        If I may be so bold, I believe they do it because they think it’s what their audience wants to hear. It’s no wonder then that QB dwarfs mostly everyone.

        If the guy didn’t care about the game he’d have pulled the plug by now and moved on to bigger and better things.
        I’m sure he can find some viable investments with that cool Billion that’ll make him more billions.


    2. Yes, because viewer count cleraly shows that QB makes better content, thats why justin bieber and stuff like that are the best that music has to offer because their videos are most popular (facepalm)…
      SirFoch contrary to your opinion doesnt have a schtick, at least not in a sense you think. He’s just really really blunt, he wont sugarcoat stuff for the sake of more views or clicks or whatever. Also from your comment (and for that matter alot of people here) I can clearly see that you dont really watch him becuse he has been really positive about latest patch and some changes that WG implemented (same goes for Circon for that matter), to the point where you could clearly see that he’s enjoying playing. Thats especially true for Circon if you would bother to watch some of his latest videos where he’s just having a blast in lower tiers.
      But balancing wise, WOT is really pushing things to the max and that is what Sirfoch and a lot of players cant stand. I mean the spam of borderline OP premiums that they introduced lately is insane, and when you combine that with a fact that they dont adjust older tanks it makes for a poorly balanced game.
      Now i can agree with WG taking away he’s CC status because its weird that he even was one considering he’s approach to the game, but censoring him and threating him to block his youtube channel because of ranting in his videos is a really bad move in my opinion.

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  14. If he just made the same video whike controling his Tourette’s syndrom WG would let it be.

    He and Circon have been criticizing WG really hard since the advent calendar, the E-25 sale day made them lose their shit, yet they were not banned from CC then. Why ? Because they didnt spend their video being as toxic as a tomato who gets hit by arty in the middle of campinovka.

    It is important to not be as ass-licking as QB when it comes to reviewing WoT ; you must be objective and point out mistakes WG makes. But they need to know the limit between criticizing and throwing shit at them for the sake of doing it because it’s WG, and complaining about WG is as much of a buzz-fuel in the WoT community as youtube-rant videos are for the youtube community : they have a valid base but people abuse them to gain more attention.

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    1. And I know it will sound a bit hypocritical from me since a good amount of my comments is litteraly me shitting on WG ; but as some people stated above : these streamers got to a point where there is near no positive aspect in WoT to their eyes. I at least still enjoy the game and even when there is stuff I despise (9.18 ahem) I still don’t deny that there are good things coming too and at least WG is trying. If they hate the game so much they cannot make a single video without saying “WG you’re a bunch of retards” they might aswell quit and find a new game.

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      1. They’re stuck with WoT for now because whenever they stream some other game their viewership goes down so, a great part of their success is directly connected to WG.

        I’ve been taught not to bite the hand that feeds me and while I appreciate there’s different ways to go about it, this is what’s worked for me thus far.

        QB called the Defender OP and left it at that. People do whatever they gonna do so, if you want to buy an OP tank, go at it.

        ‘Toxic’ streamers said the Defender is an ‘unbalanced POS, WG’s clearly the effing devil. They’re evil and they want your money and you’re stupid if you give it to them because WG is literally HITLER’
        Ok, so I made up the one about Hitler but everything else pretty much stands.


          1. People don’t know what flanking is… They want to play Whack-a-Mole where they can pen even super heavies frontally… With that said I have to admit that some maps are not allowing flanking, but that’s a problem with maps and not with tanks :)


        1. And why do you even compare a T9 MT with a T8 HT ?
          “And btw, I eat defenders for breakfast with my full HE O-HO hohohoho so it’s whatever.” <== FIXED


  15. In one way I think Foch is clearly giving a middle finger to WG with that video, and WG’s reaction is what any company going to do to their own “community contributor”. I won’t pick side with any of them for that aspect alone

    That said though, I also understand that as a player Foch is right. WG has been improving a lot in some parts last year, but their balancing department has became really dangerous. An overpowered new line would be bad, but it’s okay as WG should be able to nerf them after some time. Premium tanks, however, will stuck till the very end, and you will not be able to do anything about it. This armor and penetration inflation will surely bite them hard in the long run, and it would be VERY BAD for their business.

    So yeah, I think the rest of community should also stand up and try to communicate with WG on this matter. If they want to stay as a relevant game company for years to come, ruining WoT with short sighted profit would be something that be a bad thing bath for the players and developers.

    Such a shame, since before Defender fiasco and TX light shenanigans I could see that they are actually moving in a good direction.

    P.S Chrysler K will not become OP by his frontal armor. The problem is that it also packs excellent mobility, great gun handling, decent DPM and GG gold ammo penetration in one pack. This thing is even better than Defender.

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  16. If WG wants to drop him from CC, I can understand that. Requesting the video to be taken down “or else” on the other hand, is a dick move.

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  17. This is outrageous, I’m 100% behind SirFoch, and out of Wot. Was on the fence about playing or taking a break… Each time I took a break I came back thanks to SirFoch and Circon ‘s videos. Now both of them are censored and wargaming goes full gajin, f**king terrible.


  18. “I never expected WG to follow the Gaijin way by fighting and silencing the people that criticise their game.”
    That’s just another thing.
    The first thing they did same as Gaijin is “listen to the players”. That’s how Gaijin managed to fuck up the game because guess what? “the players” don’t take responsibility for what happens after you make the changes some of them asked for.


  19. I just watched the video and I must say I agree 100%.
    it’s just another move in the long series of making the game more and more pay to win


  20. for this is wg making such a retarded pressure on this guy????!!!! wtf is wrong with your communist retarded brains? he can tank whatever he wants …. freedom of speech…….if you want to windrow the cc partner just do it …….but you can’t threaten the guy like that …..soviet union is buried you fkin communists


  21. Well no one will ever read this with it being 12 pages down in comments but here goes.

    There are plenty of complaint videos out there that get their point across without insults or swearing. Its frankly not hard to do, you just show the tank and stats and some clips. But, people love bashing WG. I dont fully know why, but it is just a hobby of some to ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK, like the game is real life and they just got kicked in the balls.

    This may be an american thing, but there was an old TV show called Siskel and Ebert. two guys reviewed movies, and often *strongly* disagreed with each other. Did they ever insult each other or use profanity? no. did they ever insult or trash the studios or stars? no. They just said it was a terrible movie with bad directing and bad acting.

    Every person on earth is against free speech except maybe 1970s early new york city punk rock, if you define free speech as being an abusive jerkoff.

    expression of opinions -> free speech
    expression of opinions with profanity and insults -> being a cunty fucklord

    WG is against cunty fucklords, like all decent human beings, not free speech.

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    1. Art may be characterized in terms of mimesis (its representation of reality), expression, COMMUNICATION OF EMOTION, or other qualities.
      he can use profanity for this, and I must say I can identify better with his opinion because he did it this way.
      I am fed up too with what WG is doing lately hit after hit after hit


    2. They didn;t insult or use profanity because it was an US TV show where they actually can’t do it if they want to air it. Not because they don’t want to.


  22. I watched the video and halfway i was like “he’s right!”. Then he started talking about how bad the gun is and i was like “what the fuck are you complaining about then?”

    Honestly, i don’t watch any of those idiots and i don’t know if he has mad any good points about WGs being greedy, but on this video….i don’t fuckin see his point. The tank has no weakspots, but has a garbage gun as well, so……? What’s the point of this rant?


    1. Another angle that i never get:
      – if a CC writes a good review, they get trashed for being too easy on WG and taking bribes or secret payments or what have you.
      – if a CC writes a bad review, no one notices.
      – if a CC makes a scathing review and jumps on the WG sycks badwagon and swears and insults and makes all kinds of claims, no one ever has the conspiracy theor from #1 that they are doing it for views, likes, and effectively FAME AND MONEY.

      Making a pro WG video to scam viewers is no better or worse than making an over-the-top anti-WG video to get page views and fame and money.

      Why no conspiracy theory that Foch used his Chrystler access to make a video just to troll and bait and inflate his viewership at WGs expense? I know for damn sure if it had been pro-WG he would have been accused of shady stuff.

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    2. He say the gun is bad because the standard pen is bad, which force to load prem shells. If you have followed Foch for a while, you know he dislikes tanks that heavily relies on prem ammo to perform well. (You can check his channel, he rarely plays T-54)


  23. FOCH is a little FUCKING baby. He has NO talent in the game or in the entertainment industry. He appeals to a small crowd by constantly bashing WG. Good riddance to the skinny fucking brat.

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        1. I agree with what drstrangepork23 said aswell… No wonder WG puts out so many premiums if they have to pay all of us that thinks that you can put throught a point without using “fuck” in every second word…


            1. @fiyan: You see, no wonder you don’t understand what SirFoch did wrong, you’re not much better yourself.


  24. So where are the proofs of WG threatening Foch with the DMCA? I could make up something like this as well if I had issues with WG for example just so I could have the last laugh.


    1. well i wouldnt be surprised if they did have DCMA complaints. he was not a regular joe user – he was a CC. Promising not to do bad stuff with your CC account then doing exactly those bad things, in order to make troll videos to boost your viewership is dcma.

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      1. I don’t know what papers they have to sign and what do they face when they break the rules if they become CCs but I would approach this DMCA thingy with a pinch of salt. What if Foch just made this up to present WG in a bad light and make himself more pitiful? Of course this is just a wild theory but in the end who knows what’s the truth without proofs.


      1. He was more than a regular player and streamer though, more like an employee. He was a person whom WG used to reach and communicate with the players.

        Where is the proof of the DMCA threat?


        1. I still don’t seem him as an employee. afaik they don’t get paid at all except testing out the occasional ridiculous prems and some perks here and there.

          The DMCA can be easily disproven by WG themselves.


          1. He isn’t. If anything he should be paying royalties to WG given he’s making a living through other people’s hard work for the grand cost of absolutely 0.

            So he could dial down the criticism a notch.

            He’s been ranting all this time about OP premiums but he still wrecks the battlefield without using gold (that’s right, he doesn’t use gold bullets). So what’s all his whining about?


            1. That’s a different issue that has nothing to do with what we’re talking about. They can do it for all I care if WG is feeling suicidal.

              Criticism is not a tool to maliciously attack someone. Believe it or not, criticism is to help improve one’s self.

              One can effectively take on an OP prem, but this is a game where you have to work with 14 other people who will definitely not be the same skill level as you. So adding more imbalance via OP prems to an already imbalanced set of players is asking for criticism.


  25. QB is a faggot. i hate him. hes a fucking puppet. i was watching foch videos but didnt follow. now i am following him.


  26. As a french youtuber who is seen as hitler by some of the staff of wargaming (even if the french staff is very good for censuring every shit beacause its not a happy lie), I can only support SirFoch in his battle for the freedom of speech


  27. Fucking pieces of shit….

    I swear to god, I will never ever give any more money to WG, Gaijin, or ANY of those fuckers.

    Unfortunately, there will always be idiot whales that will just swallow whatever these PoS P2W assholes shove down their throat.


  28. So the point of THIS video is that WG is forcing people to spend money on premium vehicles AND buy premium ammo?

    Well, again….i don’t see the point of this. If you don’t like doing this, don’t do it, they’re not forcing anybody to do anything.

    Apple manufactures and assembles your iPhone in China for almost FREE, and sells it for 600 euros or something. Is that greed? Damn right it is, but nobody forces you to buy it.

    Sure, if you don’t buy it, you won’t have a fancy iPhone, but if it’s against your principles or simply out of your budget, don’t buy it…. shut the fuck up and…deal with it. Or, shut the fuck up and buy it. It’s that simple.


    1. So, basically, you are saying that every sane person should quit this game (as it makes absolutely no sense to allow WG to milk us, just as it doesn`t make any sense to pay 600$ for a stupid phone (mine would have cost like 10$ tops when I got it, but I got it for free :)).

      You are right, we should all quit, but then again, we liked this game as it was, and there is not much else out there to play, so it is perfectly understandable that people really dislike what WG is doing here.


      1. How the fuck did you even come up with that conclusion? Of course that’s not what i’m saying.

        What i’m saying is that if you can’t or don’t want to buy it,for any reason, simply don’t do it. If you want it though…buy it. It’s that simple.

        It doesn’t make any sense to complain about something that you can actually have if you want to. And if you can’t, then game doesn’t end there.

        In the same sense, the world doesn’t end if you can’t buy a stupid overpriced smartphone or something. Buy something that makes sense to you and works just as well, and stop complaining, let the other fools the other crap.


  29. I just watched the video.

    God, I love that guy. I really, really love that he says the TRUTH.
    And I agree with him 100%. Wargaming has always been greedy, but this is becoming too much lately.

    I would REALLY wish that there was another online game of the similar genre which is actually fun (so no Warthunder) and has perspective (no AW).

    I would be out of this shit in a heartbeat. Hell, I might quit anyways. Playing solitaire feels more fun and a better way to pass time lately.


  30. Its kind of the two people’s fault here. WG should have just removed him from CC insteadof asking him to take down the video. However, after watching that video. I kind of agree that foch did go a little bit too far. His videos are not just his regular rants anymore, its more of becoming one entire video dedicated to just mocking WG


    1. WG had to do what they did remove him from CC, explain why they removed him to both himself and the wider community and lastly get him to voluntarily take down the offending media whilst reminding him what could happen if he didn’t remove it or made anything else like that.

      WG were proportionate in their response. They could have striken all his content if they wished they didn’t but they could have done so.


  31. This has nothing to do with censorship or any other type of BS that you want to pretend. WG allows plenty of huge Russian YouTubers & Streamers. EU has had QB critical of stuff in recent years as are blogs and other content creator’s.

    This isn’t about criticism like some want to pretend it is because Sir Foch abused WG was toxic against them and went too far as he has done on many occasions.

    He was a CC which is an entitled position which he gained privileges, but which also there are rules to adhere to such as toxic content. You can be critical of the game, part of the game, the direction as so many other CC’s have done but you can’t put out pure toxic abusive media and have it remain or you remain as a CC.

    No other AAA games company would allow such toxic media from someone associated with them you telling me Rockstar, EA Sports or any other would stand for it? WG are in a different league Foch went way and beyond what was acceptable and it was inevitable that WG would take action.

    This should be a staek lesson for others that they have a duty to not produce such toxic material if they want to remain associated.

    But please quit with the nonsense about censorship. And yes this is coming from someone who hasn’t played wot since the last patch as I too am unhappy with the direction that WG have gone in……


  32. Core of his message is something I can agree with (stupid armor balanced by sub-par gun is not a good balancing), but it wouldn’t be Foch if he didn’t pack the message into insults and stupid remarks (statpadders will buy this tank – suuure, because premium tanks that have higher expected values in most cases compared to normal counterparts are so good for statpadding……).

    He should’ve never even gotten the CC position, no wonders WG decided to take action, it’s what every sane company would do. That being said, unless they have some kind of a deal with lot of fine print, his video should not be taken down by WG.


  33. Ph3lan: GTFO you fucking muppet. I am stopping all of my very often buys in warmilking shop since this fucking Stalin step aka “blablabla talking fucking shit about Foch and Circon”. Only fucking plebs can like Quickcumbaby aka WG best an cheapest hooker. FU Ph3lan. And have fucking retard day moron.


    1. Such well balanced none toxic post, I see we have an admirer of Foch’s work…… I’m certain WG won’t miss the few pence you spend….!


    2. i see you are a super hardcore fan of sirfoch. But dont you think that foch was also at fault here. Yes we should have freedom of speech, but dont you think Foch took it a bit too far. Like he is a CC and yet he is making such remarks at WG. You think other big companies like Activision, rock star Etc would want such a person on their company ? No. The moment I watched the video, I knew WG was inevitably going to remove Foch from CC position


  34. I’m sorry but I need to speak my mind here, why are some people actually complaining about Foch? Because he didn’t point out the faults with the tank in a kid friendly way like most other youtubers are? If he did what would be the point in watching his video’s over anyone else’s, yes he may have gone too far in places but hell that’s not actually the main issue here. Besides someone needs to come out strongly and let WG know that this is not ok.

    He is right in everything he said, most of the recent premiums released are just broken and a cash cow, pay WG to own them and stomp people, or pay WG for premium account time and other premiums to pay for the premium ammo needed every game to kill these new premium heavies.

    There have been 4 premium heavy tanks released recently, Liberte, Patriot, Defender and this thing, with only 1 true frontal weak point between the 4 of them, the french heavy’s cupola. Defender’s lower plate? Forget it unless you’re a t8 firing gold, Patriot upper/lower plate? Forget it unless you’re a t8 with decent gold pen, this Chrysler things MG ports? Nah f**k you, not modeled. Most tier 8’s will struggle to pen it with gold if it’s being played by someone with more than 3 brain cells who is able to angle even slightly.

    As for people who will just say well learn to flank, the issue here is that you can play these tanks like a total mong and get away with it if you have any allies nearby. And try flanking a Defender or Patriot in any other same tier heavy and see how it goes, you’ll load the gold and aim for weak points and maybe pen, and they’ll load gold and lol pen you anywhere.

    Of course they’re not unkillable but there’s a reason why these tanks started being used in CW and SH immediately. A t32 will still have advantages over a patriot (it’s turret) and the is3 over the defender (RoF) But I would take the massively better gun handling of the patriot, and both tanks better mobility and frontal armour over their counterparts any day. I still have no idea why they gave the Defender t9 Russian HT alpha also.

    Do people really think WG cares that he said f**k or bugger a few times in his video? It’s that he used those words in a video highlighting a practice that will and already is ruining a game that he, I and we all love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d like to state for the record regarding the above post, I have no issue with WG taking Foch’s CC status away, they are well within their rights to do that after what he said and how he made his point. But threatening the video with copyright strikes and threatening to demonitise his video’s is flat out wrong and where I take serious issue, he is talking about a genuine problem with WG’s mentality towards this game and they’ve made it look like they’re trying to shut him up whether that is the case or not.


      1. When you treat people like animals eventually they’ll bite.
        Nobody’s stopping Foch from creating his own perfect WoT. I’ll be waiting.

        ‘Because fuck WG’! There’s people behind the company. Someday they’ll say, because fuck you SirFoch (oh, that’s what they’ve done – now SirFoch knows how it feels to be told to fuck off).


    2. No other major Games company or company of any kind for that matter would allow an associate who has signed terms to be a CC abuse them and there employee’s and they wouldn’t allow that media to remain in their content.

      It is ridiculous to say he had valid points so that makes it acceptable for him to put them across the way he did.

      Just becuase your point is valid doesn’t give you a free pass to be abusive and deliberately toxic to a company and its employees, particularly a company which you have signed an agreement with.

      WG don’t care about CC’s being critical it happens all the time Christ Jingles promotes rival games which openly want to clone WOT and remains a CC. He’s even had WoT videos running whilst he’s talked about and promoted my .com AW and WG didn’t care or remove him as CC or strike his content.

      He over stepped the mark which he openly admitted to doing in his follow up video so don’t try play down that fact and reason why he is no longer a CC.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. 1. Liberte’s weakspot requires you to aim, which means he gets to shoot first, which is not a good deal in my experience
      2. ” I still have no idea why they gave the Defender t9 Russian HT alpha also.” they gave it the IS-7’s frontal armor too, you can watch it in, same angles yields the same armor thickness. Now they claim the IS-7 needs a buff? I wonder what are they smoking?

      Liked by 1 person

    4. 1. Liberte’s weakspot requires you to aim, which means he gets to shoot first, which is not a good deal in my experience
      2. ” I still have no idea why they gave the Defender t9 Russian HT alpha also.” they gave it the IS-7’s frontal armor too, you can watch it in, same angles yields the same armor thickness. Now they claim the IS-7 needs a buff? I wonder what are they smoking?


      1. Exactly my point, no same tier non premium heavy really stands a chance against any of the new 4 premium heavies. They all have outstanding frontal armour with no true weak points, above average mobility for heavies and good guns.

        Try fighting them in a Tiger II, T32 or Caernarvon, it’s a joke. The only heavy that even remotely stands a chance is an is3 and that is arguably the best t8 non premium true heavy in the game

        Liked by 1 person

  35. All I can say is go watch the original video

    Every single swear is backed by rational explanation to justify it’s presence.
    The only way WG can object to this criticism is if they reject the reasoning, someone at WG must be a right bitchy princess.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In the first sentence ‘because fuck wargaming’. I know it’s his schtick but that’s just pitiful (I can see how it can be appealing to a certain demographic tough).

      Do SirFoch a favor and edit out this video from your comment.


  36. Well to be fair he kind of asked for it by releasing a video like that. I’m in no way saying that he shouldn’t point out bad things, but using “fucking” in every second word and calling them idiots might not be the right approach… As for his point about weakspots, I have no idea what he’s complaining about…. A super heavy with frontal weakspots… Yeah very usefull super heavy that everyone will be able to pen frontally.


    1. People complain again and again armor is useless. WG releases tank with armor. Community ‘contributers’: fuck WG.
      Yeah, that really contributes to their credibility.


      1. Tank with armour doesn’t mean tank with no frontal weakspot or only gold can solve the problem….If WG can make more t8 heavy prems balanced like 112 or WZ-111, then CCs shouldn’t complain about it.


        1. I don’t get this… Why do you want weakspots on the part of the tank that you’re supposed to show to the enemy? What’s the point of having armor if it becomes completely useless as soon as you encounter someone that knows where to shoot you? The whole wiggeling thing is BS, it only works against n00bs. Take the E5 for example, it’s a hulldown tank, it’s supposed to show only its turret, but when doing so, it also exposes its weakspot and gets penned all the time. If we need to avoid getting hit in our heavies, why not just play Leopard 1 instead?


          1. This will be a complicated talk if we want to discuss the details. But the reason for reasonable weakspots is all because of World of Corridors. You can’t flank nor run fast enough in your inferior tanks(too many, I won’t name them all), and your prem ammo can’t hurt the enemy.

            Heavies with Too stronk frontal armour will kill this game if is all about be top tier and stomp lower tiers.

            AW has this issue, look where the game has become.


            1. I completely agree with you about corridor maps, but that is a map problem and not a tank problem, so the solution is making better maps, not putting weakspots everywhere on heavies :)


              1. I think WG is taking inspiration from LOL where there’s always corridors….

                And I would say from t5 to t10 there’s quite a lot of tanks that need some buff/rebalance….

                Liked by 1 person

  37. I’ve spent a lot of money on WoT over the years. I’ve thought about quitting because I didn’t like the way it was going due to relatively minor details. If WG want to generate more revenue that’s one thing. If they’re going to behave like a totalitarian superpower and try to bully individuals like this – using DCMA and fucking with their YouTube channels – I have no problem never playing and spending again purely out of principle.


    1. Stronk bait tactic, wp Foch/WG :p

      Well, even the other blog mentioned him kind of helps Foch in terms of promoting.

      I guess is win-win after all? WG get rid off the CC that’s being offensive, Foch gain more subs that shares similar views. KAPPA


  38. You know, there’s criticism, and then there’s dropping the f-bomb a whole bunch of times. WG shouldn’t have threatened the copyright strikes, but being taken from community contributor status is a valid move. How would you react if a contributor to this blog just started pissing all over it?


  39. Well although i do not like how WG deal with SirFoch who is a very frank and straight to the point person i have to say the example he gave is not a point and those who spoke frankly tend to have a tendency to speak words of personal harassment which might not be important in one culture but a big one in another. Also, what i see is that in general , many lack respects for the devs who put time n effort to make game for them to play. It is not about being wrong and right or the game’s issues here , i find we lack the respects they deserved for making them game past now and future.Do not bring up jokes that indirect or direct attack a person, point out the problem and how you feel , not how you hate someone for the decision.
    Best regards


  40. Fuck you and Fuck You personally Seb. Who do you think you are posting useless content about some silly computer game. Asking for adblock to remove, asking for money on patreon, paypal. You are soooo Fucked! You want attention? Then FUCK YOU!


    1. Fuck me! I don’t even have a Patreon link anymore on TAP! I don’t want attention, I just want to provide news to the people that play this „silly” game! The best news, without betraying my audience. And I felt this was important enough to share.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. well then fuck you Seb for not wanting enough attention and for not asking for our money and a huge fuck you for working so hard to provide us with free insider news about this shitty game.

        For that i have to say a huge Fuck You and keep up the great work ! ;)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. bbmoose is almost right. Not actual trolling, more testing and teasing you if you would delete this post and thus proving WG to be right.
        You didn’t delete this post, though, but replied to it in a constructive way.
        I love your blog and read it every day. Keep on doing so!
        Peace out

        Liked by 1 person

  41. LIFE is a pay-2-win game and you are bashing a WG business for being “greedy” lol
    People with money get better healthcare, football clubs with money get more Champins League wins, States with money win wars and dominate others. Why not give a WoT player a OP tank for money ?

    And this is all written in WoT gameplay that anyone with brain sholuld notice upon tier V at latest. If you can’t live with that just don’t play it. Or do a free-to-play tier I-II. It can be also fun.

    And SirFoch – he can’t build a sentence without using F-word. That’s sad.


  42. Its not the first time that SirFoch stands out being toxic.
    I stopped following him on a regular base some time ago already because of his ill manners and vulgar language.
    His video has nothing to do anymore with constructive criticism and I welcome WGs decision to remove him as a CC.


  43. Old Chinese proverb:
    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    You can criticize WG. You can disagree with the creation of Premium tanks that either need gold spam to kill or gold spam to kill other tanks. (although this has been their way for a long time. IS6/KV5/112/T-34-3 anyone?

    On a more serious note.
    Assume you are living in the real world. Freelancing and blogging about a certain product. And you say FUCK YOU!!!!! to the owners of said product. Can you be shocked that owners of said product respond with a NAH MAN!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and cut off your access to insider information?

    Imagine going in to work, and telling your boss to go fuck himself in front of all others. What would be the result of that?

    WG are absolutely correct in their response. Criticism is absolutely in order, but there is a way to do it, and Foch’s way was wrong. And it cost him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IS-6, KV-5 and the rest have shit penetration to compensate, you really don’t see the problems?
      Also, WG is not the boss of SirFoch. It’s kind of a partnership. Imagine that the woman starts at 1 point to feed the rats in the house, spit in the food and throw away the laundry. Should the man shut up about it? Or do what Sir Foch did?


          1. I recall the voices of doom when AW came out.
            Who is dying?

            WG is trying to make money. Nothing more, nothing less.
            Once they moved away from the model of pref MM premiums that are worse then tech tree tanks, and went to a model of regular MM premium tanks, then they HAD to create competitive or better premium tanks, otherwise no one would buy them.

            WG has decided that they want to cater to those players that make this game profitable. And to those that use the FTP model, they say enjoy, play for free as much as you want, once in a while u will get a premium day on a w/e mission, and that’s about it.
            What is wrong with that?
            Are they supposed to develop this game out of their own pocket? Or should they try to make a profit, while re-investing some of the money into product?


            1. You can make balances premiums, but destroying your own game by making OP prems that can’t be balanced once released is extremely short sighted.

              WG should focus on the long profit, the short term , polls doom and gloom for a game.

              It stifles player population growth…


              1. When WoT was released 6-7 years ago, the shelf life of games like it was around 2 years.
                The death nails were brought out several times.
                The great arty nerf, the WTE100 pre nerf, HESH, The pre nerf OI. The Skorpion, The Patriot, The Liberte, the offering of the Mutant.

                I have no problem with any of it.
                This last patch in my opinion has been the best since I started playing in 0.8.7.
                The MM is superb.
                The new light tanks are excellent.
                The only thing that needs adjustment in my opinion right now is the stun or rather re-stunning of tanks. Maybe a return of pre buff armor on MAUS.

                I read that in 9.19 female crews can be spread around and sisterhood of steel will work with BIA. AMAZING!!!!!

                So they are pushing out some OP premium tanks to make a few shekels. Big deal.


                1. WoT was the only game of its type. There was no alternative for many years except for WT, but that is like comparing CoD to BF.

                  The population of SEA and NA is stagnating. It’s not growing. People are starting to leave. I think this has quite a bit to do with it.

                  Liked by 1 person

  44. I actually got to see the 1st video before being taken down. It was full of cursing and bad language and I can understand why WG would have an issue with that.

    The 2nd video is much more PG13 and safe for minors while still being critical about WG and their latest premium.


  45. WG are retards!! How about that you stupid fucks!!! Why can’t he say what we all feel! WG don’t give a shit about the game or us they are just counting the money day after day. One word of warning though WG there will be one day when you will have crushed your own game by these pathetic actions so again I sa SAY FUCK YOU WG!!!


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