Chrysler GF : Ready for anything


9 thoughts on “Chrysler GF : Ready for anything

  1. Meanwhile Foch and Circon got the community contributor status taken away for criticise this tank and not praising enough to WG like QB.


    1. QB critizes too, he mentioned that the Chrysler tends to use more premium which nullifies part of the appeal why you buy a premium in the first place. At the time he also made a video about the 9.18 “micro” patch, where he called out WG’s reasons to change the LT’s to be complete nonsense. He also questioned WG decision to allow rank battles equipment in the random gamemodes.

      What I like in a youtube reviewer is someone who can present the up- and downsides in an objective manner, but can do so in a non-offensive way without throwing a hissy fit. Circon said something about Viktor K’s son, and Foch completely shited all over WG. While these guys did made a good point in their videos, what they said was completely out of line. I can get that they are passionate about the game, but that does not excuse anything. We’re not talking about little kids here who need to have this explained to them.

      So yea, not suprised WG revoked their community contributer status. I wonder how Foch even got there in the first place. All he does is being salty. At the best we can hope that these events send a message to WG that the community is not okay with upcoming premiums like the VK168.

      On the other hand,
      I do think WG went too far threatening Foch’s youtube channel. We all know how that will turn out, Gajinn tried to do something similair before. It was all just bad rep for their company.


      1. The difference is the way QB critises their updates.
        He manages to be nice and still kiss their ass while pointing out their mistakes.


  2. No more BS op premium !! i once encountered this tank while playing my o-i and even heat can’t do much about it i then use HE 15 Dmg per shot like WHAT THE HELL !!!


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