War Thunder – T-55A

Guess what? >200k more RP to the T-62A, that’s what!

Our players already had the chance to familiarise themselves with the T-54 tanks since the early days of War Thunder’s Ground Forces. In Update 1.69, we are eager to present you the much anticipated further development of the T-54, the T-55!

The T-55 medium tank entered service with the Soviet Union at the start of the Cold War as a replacement for the more and more under-equipped T-54. The new tank’s specifications and design was mostly derived from the T-54, having only minor visual differences. The vehicle used the same T-54 chassis, with changes to the armor layout as a result of the additional weight from the new equipment. Since the tank was designed to operate in conditions where weapons of mass destruction could have been used, it had armour with a radiation liner – this also had added armour functionality, where it decreased the chance of internal modules being hit with the spalling effect and reduced the cone of the explosive jet of HEAT rounds. The gun was also modernized – the vehicle had a D-10T2S stabilized cannon. As time went by, older T-54 tanks were subsequently modernized to the T-55 model, leading to the later fusion of the two models under one designation – T-54/55. Over 12000 T-55s were produced, spanning across multiple variants, in the Soviet Union alone from 1958 – 1969.

In War Thunder, the T-55 will continue down the path set by the T-54. Players will now have the chance to further exploit the chassis’s great mobility by utilising the new gun stabilizer and a boosted engine to perform fast flanking attacks, not stopping until the enemy is turned into a burning wreck.

Also, new ammunition will be available for this vehicle – BOPS 3B25 and KS ZBK-17 ammo, the first one is the APDS-FS, and the second one is an HEAT-FS round that has reduced ricochet chance.