WoWS: Staff Q&A #4

Note: it’s from the official portal so expect answers to be more boring than usual.

Question Answer

Why is there no ribbon for non-damaging module penetrations?

That’s just one kind of non-damaging penetration, in addition to hitting a part of the ship with zero HP, for instance. They happen so often that a ribbon every time would crowd the interface.

However, we get that these penetrations can frustrate players. We’ll do our best to solve this problem.


Will the matchmaking system ever take skill level into account, on top of ship class and tier?

We’ll probably try this for Clan vs. Clan battles. It’s not a good idea for the Random matchmaker, since it would result in everyone’s win-rate evening out to around 50%.

If you want a more skill-based matchup, keep an eye out for the next season of Ranked Battles.


Could you please make matchmaking ±1 tier? It’s very painful to pit Independence against Tirpitz, or Ognevoi against Khabarovsk.

We aren’t planning on it. We get that it’s hard to play against a ship of higher tier of the same class but, between classes, the difference is much softer. Destroyers are still dangerous for any battleship, cruisers dangerous for any destroyer, battleships for any cruiser, etc.

Why is there a new Premium carrier vessel coming (Kaga) when carrier gameplay is still being fixed?

We did some carrier improvements and fixed some annoying problems. Meanwhile, the community has long requested a Japanese carrier. There’s nothing in the current gameplay environment prevent effective play with Kaga. She’ll also be fine with any future changes.

Can you get rid of the Epicenter and “Tears of the Desert” map mode combo?

We’ll look more closely at Epicenter on this map. Thanks for your feedback.

The consumable for spotting aircraft seems kinda unbalanced in terms of flight time and cooldown. Why does it have such a short flight time in relation to catapult fighters, and why such a long reload?

The flight time of a catapult fighter is 90 seconds for battleships and 360 for carriers. Spotting aircraft have 100 seconds on all ships except Perth.

Spotters are good for finishing off enemies just out of normal range, or getting enemies behind islands, or spotting torpedoes, or more precise shooting at ships hiding in smoke. The current flight time is more than enough for these tasks and we don’t want the game to revolve around this consumable with long-range shooting.


Are there any plans to add trainable crew to a ship, such as a Chief Engineer or Tactical Officer?

Not right now. A one-unit crew (the Commander) is easy to manage. Plus, Commander Skills represent the abilities of the entire crew on top of the Commander’s individual abilities.

What’s the status of Clan play in the game?

In active development! We’ve got some interesting stuff coming later this year.

Would you consider holding a map design contest for players?

We already had a contest and liked it! There were lots of great entries. We might do it again in the future.

What is taking so long to design/engineer endgame content?

Developing such content takes time. We introduced Campaigns a while back, and we’re bringing in Collections with Update 0.6.5. Plus, we’ve got a surprise or two coming up…

Can we please have those Iowa/Montana/Missouri citadel corrections that were promised for 0.6.3?

This correction requires more than one or two updates. It requires lots of testing because changing the ship layout is different than changing a couple of stats like concealment or rate-of-fire. At this point, that correction is ready for release in 0.6.6.

Any chance of getting a slight improvement to Gneisenau‘s main gun dispersion? With only 6 guns, it gets very annoying when a single turret shoots its shells at opposite ends of a broadside target.

Gneisenau has great AA, good secondaries, torpedoes and a well-protected citadel. With such set of merits, having less-than-ideal guns is justified. Gneisenau is well-balanced compared to Nagato and Colorado, which have powerful main guns.

Why can carriers only fly four signal flags when every other class can fly eight?

The main reasons were problems with signal placement on some carriers and some balance concerns. We’re thinking about changing this, but have no specific plans yet.

Why does the matchmaker emphasize battles with the maximum tier spread?

The matchmaker’s main goal is to produce good matches as fast as possible. The number of players within different tiers is determined by when they click the “Battle!” button.

Will giving unique consumables to new ship lines be an ongoing trend?

Not necessarily. Consumables are only one of the possible options we can use to give a new line a unique feel.