New WoT Mod – Arty Splash

Thanks to Plazmakeks for sending this to me.


This will paint a sphere where your arty will splash and stun enemy tanks, very useful for arty players.

Let’s hope WG does something about this.


Most of you do not regard this as a cheat (I do), but I have to say that estimating the splash radius yourself is not easy. Therefore, it’s a mod that is a bit too useful.


79 thoughts on “New WoT Mod – Arty Splash

    1. yeah this knowledge should exist in game, this is not in any way cheat, otherwise the ability to see if your shot can pen or not would be gamebreaking hack…


    1. It is a cheat because not everybody can see where exactly their shell will splash if it hits the center. Other people have to predict it and imagine what the splash radius would look like with the gun they are using while you can just install this mod and completely rely on it’s calculations that are always 100% correct

      It’s not as game breaking as aimbots and tundra but it’s still a cheat and will remain a cheat untill WG implements a splash circle into the game.

      Same goes for the hitbox skins, it’s just a visual help but it’s still a huge help and it takes away the importance of remembering hundreds of weak spots, crew placemtens and modules and for that it takes time to remember.

      The problem is that you can install this type of mods and be a complete noob with 1000 games and you don’t have to remember a single weak spot or gun splash radius and you don’t have to predict shit because all you need is a mod and your eyes.

      Whole point is that it’s giving an unfair advantage to those who are using this mode because you can see exactly how big your splash will be and can shoot near the hard cover with confidence, knowing you will splash the enemy tanks almost definitely

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      1. most custom crosshairs already have a circle that shows splash radius and has for a long time, just doesnt show a dome but would show a circle


  1. It’s not a cheat, as others have stated it’s just a visual representation of the blast area. I hope it makes it into game and stays there.

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      1. This does NOTHING to change where arty hits, how hard it hits, etc.
        The MM bug makes you top tier every battle…
        How the hell are they even remotely similar?

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  2. Actualy I hope that not only they wont ban it but also they will add it to the game.

    I’m tired of getting stunned by my own arties. It was easy for them to avoid damaging allies when their splash was like 5m on average. Now with 10m splash, the minimum stun duration feature, and the increased splash damage, they spend more time hitting allies than ennemies.

    Maybe a mod like that will make them not take risky shots because they’ll be able to clearly see if an allied tank is in splash range. Otherwise WG needs to disable friendly fire for arty.

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    1. Yeah like that will actually stop people from being retarded and not playing only for their own gain. Wake up man. Now that arty doesn’t one shot you, the trolling and purposeful team damage has become sort of a thing with arty players. If you’re in a LT and you are actually doing your job and spotting, retard arty players will shoot you for “just sitting there and doing nothing” if they can’t shoot the enemy. They actually expect you ti find stationary shots for them because of their incapacity to hit moving targets. I’ve seen this happen on so many ocasions. Like for example a 56-16 was bush-spotting on Fiery Salient on the one perfect bush on the TD-Kemp side of the map. We were getting excellent damage, he was getting assists and it was all going well, we were 5 tanks ahead in the first
      2 mins. And our GW Tiger P decided that he was not doing enough because he was only spotting moving targets, and since that perticular arty player was probably an authist he decided to TK our 59-16 because “he wasn’t spotting anything to shoot” i.e. their TD’s or arty who were in that side of the map. So don’t you go tell me that arty players take risky shots. They just take shots for their own gain not caring one bit if they TK you in the process or not.

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  3. New mod for arty automatically equals cheat mod? kek…

    It’s simply taking data from the game field and visualizing it for player use and awareness… Actually very useful and WG needs to implement it so people can stop stunning their allies…

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  4. Well this mod is at least 1-2 years old just saying :P
    And it helps when you are not used to the splash of a new arty for example if you know it not much use for it
    Helps it so much that you can call it a cheat?
    meh don´t really know
    That means waiting for WG to tell me … for the next year xP

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  5. Honestly, I don’t think this mod gives a bigger edge than the old Battle Assistant. That one truly made a difference, but wasn’t considered as cheat.

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  6. Can you change headline to “TAP cant read!”please?

    from fair play policy

    1. Mods that don’t provide a gameplay advantage, merely information customization for the viewer. They are “pure” mods, and we like them.

    2. Mods that provide a gameplay advantage in what we believe to be a positive way. These will be considered “good” for the time being, and may even inspire official game features.

    your shells splash radius is a known number of meters, not secret info.

    another shitbag article written by a kid

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  7. and you also seem to not realize, Plazmakeks is the GUY WHO RUNS THE SITE THAT HOSTS THAT MOD. you just got played like a violine, thanks for giving cheat sites more pageviews!

    “Seb and TAP encourage cheating!”


  8. I don’t see how this is cheating… As some persons said, it’s just a known number made visual (you can actually see the splash radius of the shell when you buy them in the garage)


  9. Tbh, most need it. As most arty stun more friendlies then enemy tanks anyway trying to “help”. And it’s something that has been asked by most due to it on both the NA and EU forum for WG to implement due to all the “friendly” stun. I would not say this is a cheat, but a useful tool that should have been in there in the first place IMO. Not a dome like that. But at least some marker above a friendly that he will be stunned at least.


  10. This is no cheat it just tells the artillery player to splash and aim at the side of a tank rather then by memory in the garage what his splash is… Rita this is again not a cheat… It gives no advantages just tells players how to play the new arty better.

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  11. This is no cheat it just tells the artillery player to splash and aim at the side of a tank rather then by memory in the garage what his splash is… this is again not a cheat… It gives no advantages just tells players how to play the new arty better.

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  12. I would not think that a cheat, and rng do move that sphere enough to make it a indicator, not a absolute hitpoint.


  13. Damaging tanks behind cover, while shooting from the other side of the map already sounds like cheating to me. This contributes to that, so get rid of it ASAP.

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    1. LOL, to me that is kinda the definition of cheating. Shoot from own base and damage or incapacitate enemies behind cover. THAT is a cheat, not this visualization of AoE of this cheat.


  14. As said, this feature is already built-in to the client. Press ‘T’ and it shows you the splash radius. This really can’t be interpreted as a cheat. It doesn’t give any unfair advantage.


  15. “T” just marks an area where you are going to shot so you allies know where you aim, but its not to show you any splash radius. Maybe you should start understand the game functions and not talk about things you really don’t understand.


  16. This article isn’t good. All in all it wasnt researched well, otherwise we wouldnt have such lurid headline, not talk about a cheat and not ask WG to fix this soon.

    I’m disappointed this time.


  17. Does it enlarge the splash radius? No.
    Does in increase splash damage? No.

    Stop calling everything a “cheat”.Kids do this. Are you a kid?


  18. You do know Plasmakeks is one of the developers of illegal mods in WoT, right? So you just advertised for one of the cheatsdeveloper in WoT who earns his money with destroying this game. Last Werk you wanted everyone to use the bug, now this. I am with you from the start, advertised you everywhere, even send you some Infos etc. But atm you ruin your blog for me….


    1. I’m a developer now ?!?
      Thanks, but NO.
      I just find the stuff that is available to anyone who can use basic search and collect it in one single place.

      For the 10000th time:

      Most of this stuff has been around for years and NOTHING was done about it. So the fair play BS by WG is just a empty PR stunt.

      Here is the 1 million $ question:

      Do you know how many WarPack users got banned so far ?

      ONE KARL !!!


      1. Whatever Trevor…
        You have/had an site with the illegal mods and sure as hell earned money with it. You are one of the bad guys buddy. So I find it confusing when Seb now advertised for you and your illegal mods which nearly ruined the game. Not because they help, but because they made most players angry and everyone insulted everyone as a cheater.


  19. Seriously Seb, your one man crusade critising everything WoT related is getting really old now, you just getting like SS did towards the end of his blog. Might keep yer fanboys onboard but rest of us are getting rally sick of it, it’s juvenile at best and just retarded at worst.


  20. Fake news – Best news… But seriously put down the pitchforks and give the kid a chance to think about it and change the title.


  21. Cheat?? Really? in that case most of the crosshairs that have splash radius built-in are cheats too?! With the pathetic damage the arty do now, every help should be welcome and WG should add this circle into their built-in crosshairs.


  22. I have contacted the support and they told me that this is fine. What now?

    I would not give much on the answer from support, since they don’t even get most of the things the right way nor understand the details. Thats the reason why people get lots of different answers.


      1. The support told me that this is not a cheat, since it renders the burst-radius (what is known for each type of ammo) on the map. Nothing illegal. So they can’t ban what they not consider as a cheat. And thats what they told me in the support ticket. Have a nice day.


        1. Ok, showing burst-radious might not be cheat, but the mod does more the WG said, it’s showing you angle of shell, this exact feature of mod is not allowed.


  23. In my opinion,I agree with you sebastianul,cause it’s not in the vanilla game,so it is not available to everyone,plus,it gives an advantage to a player using it in comparison to a player not using the mod.So,maybe a cheat is not the correct way to say it,more like an ease of life mod(help in one way or another the player to get a better game experience/make it more enjoyable,rather than assuming the splash radius he can check it out with the mod).But,its definitely a mod that gives you an advantage,hence,a “cheat”.

    And yeah,it would be cool to add it into the game,but not like a mod,that is just unfair to players not wanting mods into the game.

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  24. This article is like the “fake news” articles of bad “journalists”. I’ve noticed a growing number of click-bait and “sensational”-ish titles on TAP lately. The quality of the articles has gone down since last year when I started visiting this blog. It’s sad :(


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