World of Warplanes 2.0 Sneak Peek

Rumors say that it will come this month.


9 thoughts on “World of Warplanes 2.0 Sneak Peek

  1. I will give it a try,
    but considering WGs extremely expensive price politics & ridiculously high time investment requirements (to fully enjoy), I just can not sustain to support 3 of these online games.
    I had to reduce WoT already and focus mainly on WoWs which gives me more joy for my money & valuable time …


  2. What a waste of manpower and resources. They could be making something else. Lets just be honest here, whatever they make…it won’t be good enough to be even compared on the same level to War Thunder. I hate WT Ground Forces, but the air combat action there is simply superb.


  3. But, WOWP is a good source of free XP (can be used in WoT) with their Anniversary aircraft program.

    Plus, right now, if you shoot down 10 planes, you get a day of premium.

    I like WOWP when I want to jump in a game, shoot something easily, and watch it explode! :)

    Have played WT Ground Forces, like “Tanks on ICE” — Air combat is miles above?


    1. That’s probably because you played ground forces arcade with a low skill crew. If you want to play tank arcade style just stick with WOT. If you want to play tanks with out target markers and health bars play realistic battles on ground forces. Also there are airplanes in ground forces just need to earn the points to be able to fly it in battle


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