Q&A – 8th May 2017

Thank you Vlad for translating, you are the best.

Answers by Mikhail “Storm” Zhivets:
– Is this game played by anyone else than WG bots at this point? And when will WG themselves play their own product? – Sorry, no idea how to respond in a funny way. And can’t give a serious one, since I don’t do tanks currently;
– Why do you keep track of tanks and WG if word was you are retired? – Tanks are for me like a child – for life. No jokes;
– But the reality is harsh – registered in Oct. 2010, completely stopped in Jan. 2016 and no motivation to continue. – Well, after 6 years anything can get boring;
– Do you not work at WG at all anymore? Or are you on a different project? – Sorry, I cannot tell;
– Did you leave tanks for good? What about SerB, did he leave as well? – Well, anything can happen. But not yet;

Anton “Evilly” Pankov:
– Any new maps in this century? – All forces are working on reworking the current ones;
– Regarding profitability, please take a look. Many acquintances are complaining about worse income on normal tanks. – We’ll look into it;
– Subjectively speaking, random became too fast. – This is a problem, we’re looking into it;

– No balance changes in 9.19;
– We’re monitoring the MM and there will be fixes and tweaks;