War Thunder – Katyusha event

The datamine was legit, and as speculated by many, the BM-13N will be an event-earnable vehicle. And of course we kinda got Gaijined…

 From May 6th 11:00 GMT to May 10th 11:00 GMT  

 From 6th of May use the promo code KATYUSHA and activate it on the website

When you enter the game you will receive Katyusha’s fellow warrior – the BM-8-24 rocket tank for an hour
and a special title “Incinerator

During this time destroy 5 enemies in one battle whilst driving BM-8-24.
You already own the BM-8-24? Then you have an unlimited number of  attempts

 Receive your Katyusha for completing the task!

  • You may activate the code once every 24 hours (between 11:00 GMT and 11:00 GMT on the following day). You will be able to activate the code a total of 4 times.
  • The BM-8-24 as well as other vehicles from the Allies will be available at a 30% discount during the whole event!
  • Attention! Only players, who have reached rank 3 in any nation may participate
  • Special conditions may be changed!

A terrifying howl, the smoke trails of dozens of rockets and an ocean of fire in which enemy troops and fortifications drown. This became one of the most vivid symbols of WW2. German troops nicknamed the BM-13 rocket launcher “Stalin’s organ”, while the Red Army affectionately named it Katyusha. In honour of the 72nd anniversary of victory in the WW2, we are proud to present the legendary Katyusha in War Thunder!

In our game, the BM-13N Katyusha is a collectible vehicle at rank II in the Soviet ground vehicle tech tree. Because it was possible to hit targets at distances of several hundred meters even with a fully lowered frame with launchers for 16 rockets, the player must fight at very long ranges. In addition, the vehicle has its specifics – only two crew members fit into the Studebaker cabin. So the correct tactic whilst driving a Katyusha is to engage the enemy from a long range using cover – the powerful rockets will do the rest. All the remaining rocket loading is done from outside the vehicle. In short, playing on the Katyusha in War Thunder battles isn’t easy, but this wonderful machine will be a true jewel in the hangar of any collector!

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11 thoughts on “War Thunder – Katyusha event

  1. I installed WT way back years ago, couldnt ever get into the control system, but want to give it another try

    1) it says i must be rank 3 in at least one nation. I assume this is diff than my “character”, who is level 7. how do i see what ranks i am in various nations.


      1. well i have 6 rank 1 soviet and the bar went blue, then 6 rank 6 and the bar went blue. i am researching a rank 3 soviet so i hope that counts. I dont know if i can finish 6 rank 3 before the event. ty again for the reply, i am finding WT people to be pretty helpful in chat too which is nice


  2. also the only way i can find to see tech tree was to buy a T-26 then click on its research. is there a way to see tech trees without already owning a vehicle of that nation picked blindly?


        1. that aren’t mostly WoT players, its often are older WT players with have enough BS that often WT is creating:
          i personally made bug-report about missing spall shield on T29 with supposed to be 25.4mm thick, ok they added one but after that there were a lot of complains that players cannot penetrate T29 mantlet so i checked that: that new spall shield wasn’t 25.4mm it was 203mm thick they copy pasted values from main mantlet…, imminently PM the mod about that and they changed it to 20mm (removing single number) instead of 25.4mm, then during testing it was show that spall shield wasn’t even rotating with the turret “facepalm”…

          and there is much more of that…


        2. I started playing last night and binged from about 7pm – 4am. It has a huge list of cool things and a huge list of awful things, like most games. I wont list off the bad things bc no one cares – either they play WT and already know or they wont play WT no matter what i say so its a waste to list.

          So Ill focus on TAP – this is another reason i support TAP. Its mostly wot and wows, my core games. but when something special happens in WT, i find out about it here (never would have known), and it inspires me to give WT another chance and a LOT has improved. I may get sick of it if i play more today, not sure. But im very glad to have finally figured out how some stuff works in WT, to have ranked up to 3 in tanks, played some planes that wasnt a disaster, and got the stupid historical campaigns i bought in nov 2013 to finally work haha.

          So its a win for me even if i never play WT again. Thanks to Seb and Atikabubu for the info on this special event but not flooding us with WT, perfect balance.


  3. My problems were the graphics issues they kind of fixed and the fact that most of the tech trees were heres the same plane or tank for the next five researchable lines good luck sucking …it was like Gran Turismo… Do you need 20 miatas or 5 m4 Sherman’s..
    Do you still have to research a repair kit…?


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