War Thunder – Regia Aeronautica

*breathe in*



In the nearest major update we plan to separate Italian aircraft into a stand-alone research tree. Meet the new War Thunder nation – Italy!

In War Thunder Update “1.69 ”Regia Aeronautica”, besides new ground vehicles and aircraft for existing nations we plan to separate Italian aircraft from the German tree into a stand-alone nation. Besides updating models of the existing Italian vehicles we are pleased to introduce absolutely new combat aircraft of Italy.

The combat aviation of Italy has a rich and interesting history. By the beginning of WW2, Italy had one of the largest air forces in the world, only bettered by the Soviets. Italian aircraft fought in Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean and on the Eastern front.  The gifted Italian engineers designed beautiful aircraft and many of them were a challenging match for their opponents.

We are happy to introduce the full-scale research tree of the Italian air force  “Regia Aeronautica” – biplanes, fast light fighters, attackers, famous three-engine bombers and even jet fighters!

Italian aircraft will become available in the closed beta test after the release of War Thunder update 1.69 Regia Aeronautica”. The first players who will be able to test Italian aviation will be the ones who complete special marathon tasks or purchase early access packs in our online store.

Fiat CR.32 bis Starter Pack

Fiat G.55S Advanced Pack





This pack includes:

  • Fiat CR.32 bis aircraft (Rank 1 Italy) – will become available after 1.69 update;
  • Pre-order bonus: “Sagittario” decal, 1st Stormo CT;
  • Pre-order bonus: “Legionnaire” in-game title;
  • Premium account for 7 days;
  • 500 Golden Eagles.
This pack includes:

  • Fiat G.55S aircraft (Rank 4 Italy) – will become available after 1.69 update;
  • Pre-order bonus: “Scarecrow” decal, 22nd Gruppo Autonomo CT;
  • Pre-order bonus: “Centurion” in-game title;
  • Premium account for 15 days;
  • 1000 Golden Eagles.

13 thoughts on “War Thunder – Regia Aeronautica

      1. exactly, Italy for summer France for Christmas, 1.69 probably 3rd/4th week of May with CBT until 3rd week of June, France for the end of the year
        I just don’t know if they will keep tradition or add the french first as ground forces
        the other possibility is Naval Forces at the end of the year and that would push the french tech tree for March 2018?


  1. Intriguing, the Italians did have some pretty good planes here and there.

    I can guess what they’ll have at low BR, I can venture a guess at high BR, but what the hell do the Italians bring to the table in the middle/middle high?
    That’s a genuine question, what in the Italian roster can compete with superprops?


    1. The five-series fighters were pretty amazing aircraft, albeit really expensive and never truly used to their full potential (Re.2005, Mc.205 and G.55). The P.108 looks like it could work for Tier 4 maybe (those wing turrets look amazing), there’s probably a couple other prototypes that could work at Tier 4 I don’t know of. For Tier 5 I have no clue.


      1. It’s just as I thought, plenty of great stuff low and middle tier (though the series 5 and pushing to middle high), but then there’s an odd gap between that and jets.

        A problem to be shared with France (in even larger proportions for obvious date of armistice reasons), and in a way shared with Japan, who’s only spared thanks to massive overtiering of the planes to pad out the branch.

        With a bit of luck, Gaijin doesn’t loathe Italy and France enough to do that !

        Still, on a side note, apart from the exception that proves the rule (*cough*G.50), Italian planes are absolutely gorgeous.


    1. might not be possible, Naval Forces and the french tech tree are a higher priority than italian ground forces, they did have a video that said 2 new nations would be added in 2017 but NF might push the french tech tree and Italian ground forces until 2018


      1. Boats is a joke right now so hopefully that don’t come soon at all, I am still hoping for French tanks and Italians


        1. not enough time, consider that Italian aviation will come in June and the next 2 updates (August and October?) will be for bug and balance fixing + a few vehicles for every nation, then it leaves the last update of the year for French tech tree
          they can either add the traditional aviation or inovate and present the slightly more interesting French Ground Forces, this means the first 2 updates of 2018 will be for bug/balance fixing + bonus vehicles (yep, because right now it is almost half premiums+half regular)
          with boats most likely for 2018, which in turn might slow down the “completion” of these tech trees


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