WoT – 9.19 female crew voices

For all nations.


36 thoughts on “WoT – 9.19 female crew voices

  1. I just listen the first 15 secs and turned it off. Feels like im in a anime movie. Real chinese womans don’t need to sound like a fukn 11 year old girl. My godness.


    1. TBH they probably take what they can. And to us most Chinese/Japanese girls will sound younger anyway – to compare, Czech voice sounds like an office lady to me, not a tanker.


        1. Isn’t she the one who did voice acting for czech version of Maiev Shadowsong in The Frozen Throne?

          Because hearing this voice i suddenly got flashbacks to Warcraft 3’s notoriously (and hilariously) bad czech voice acting :D


  2. Maybe it’s just me but I know for sure that I won’t be able to take these crew voices serius… Imagine playing a battle and constantly hearing these girls with their bright voices “piip piiip pip piiii” :D Unless WG allows us to choose gender of personal missions crews my girls will simply have to spend their career in the barracks :/


      1. I don’t want to play with mods… I used them before, and got tired of how I had to re-fix everything each update :/


  3. Sadly, my only females are in my Bishop.. And there is no worthy line where I could move them. (I already have a crom B crew).

    I wish WG gave us the possibility to change their nationality for gold


  4. I don’t like the french voices. Example: that “on les a eu!” sounds like she reads a book she don’t give a fck about while the message is supposed to confirm a successful kill.


  5. Sorry to say, they’re all bad but China is simply the worst. Couldn’t WG visit several RL women tankers to do the voices instead of these childish bunch? I bet the people who did these recordings don’t even know what tanks are, so dull and standard -_-


  6. The female crew voice for China is somewhat like Taiwanese Mandarin…..I can smell the lack of PC :p

    Japanese one is just like a young adult trying her best to speak like a 50yrs military personnel. aka 中二病

    British one is cheesy as the other two.

    American one reminds me AW…..

    I rather go for the GuP voice pack.

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  7. The german female voice has a either a dialect and she tries to suppress it or she isn’t from Germany. The way how she pronounces r, s, st and ck-sounds is strange. In particular, suspicious is that she speaks ig-sound as ‘ik’ and not as ‘ich’. But mostly the latter one is the correct form.


    1. Well, the -ig sound is how they pronounce it in Southern Germany. Learnt German down there and I still have that quirk…


  8. These voices are recorded from bad voice acting.. Sounds like schoolgirls reading from a paper without knowing what the words mean.Also would love to reset girls or buying more. Even at hefty prices…


  9. Hope there will be some sort of drag queen check box in the settings that will let us keep the male voices.

    And as a native german speaker, the female voices of the german crew are especially cringeworthy.

    Have to say it’s funny though, it seems like everybody that speaks the respective language says its horrible, while those who don’t speak it often like it or are at least okay with it.

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    1. Even though I don’t speak or able to understand German, French, Czech and Swedish…they don’t sounds like real tankers to me…..


  10. Hmm, “real tankers” doesn’t click with me, so i don’t really know what you mean ;b

    The thing i notice with the german girl voices: It sounds like they printed a paper with the sentences on it, and forced a female which couldn’t be less interested in the matter to read it with “pressure speak”.

    The male voices on the other hand, regardless of nation, always bring some sort of enthusiasm* into the things they speak, i guess that is what you mean, right?

    * With the british it’s a little bit too much for me, i can’t stand stand it when i bounce of the ass of an 5hp tank who’s going to kill me with the next shot and the fucking idiot in the turret goes happily “We dinged ’em!” ;)

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  11. Lets hope Dasha is for the russian one, would make me regret the descicion to move my female crew to vk4502b ;D


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