WoT Frontline Mode Q&A

Found by Vlad on the Sandbox forum.

Kirill, Game Designer answers these questions.

Q. will there will be an arty command or an air bombers command just like stronghold? as a perk for the general player.
1. As I wrote before, we are thinking in this direction, but it’s too early to talk about some concrete decisions.

Q. the bug report from the lower part of settings button in game does not link to anywhere to report a bug is it turned off or is it bugged?
2. There are some technical issues with bug reports on Sandbox servers, but we try to solve this problem. Also, we react to a direct report on the forum!

Q. since we don’t have this now, can tier 10 tanks bring a level 1 tank in platoon? cant test it without having it ingame right now.
3. No, it will be strongly restricted, only semi level platoons!

Q. will there will be more spawn points in the same flank after death? some spawn points spawn in open in front of firing line of the other team for the loader or low armor tanks. They cannot live long, basically they die at spawn time.
4. Yes! Spawn mechanic is completely new for us, and right now we try to adjust it as much comfortable for players as possible.

Q. will we have the red zone for attackers to move up as cap points get captured ? some tanks from a flank that is not taken come from the backside and shoot in open zones but we cannot cross to them because they are in the red zone.
5. This is one of the problems which we should solve, and we will!

Q. are we going to test out more maps? and is this map going to be remastered? There are points in the map that the player can use to get up a hill from one side but no others. this is my opinion but I think it should have more than 1 way up that hill specially when they are going up that hill from another sector that we have no control of.
6. Yes, we are going to develop new maps for this mode, and this mode right now is in a balanced state. Sandbox has helped us really good with this part of the work.

Q. I know this was addressed in another question, but are we going to queue this in a frontline special queue or are we going to be added into the random queue that we just turn on off with a checkbox? and if it is not so, can we have tier restrictions just like the Stronghold mode in order to to have more people of lower tier be able to play frontline? not everyone will have more than 3 tier X tanks that can be switched around while in battle.

7. We thinking about that problem, but I can’t say something right now.

Q. after death when out of reinforcements and waiting for them to replenished, can we have the option to go in and customize the tank that we need to go out with; meanwhile that 1 minute wait is short enough to change ammo type loadout and so on.

8. This is a really good idea!

Q. are we going to have more repair points when we get to the final defence points? its seem all repairs can be done by attackers but not defenders.
1. Maybe we will try it.

Q. will there be a way to control how many people will move between west center and east?
2. I think yes in the next iteration!

Q. if the last question has a No answer, will there will be a way to take back points that are already taken? that way one side will not be left unchecked.
3. I’m not sure that this functionality will be suitable for this type of gameplay!

Q. since the battlefield is bigger now are the lights going to have an advantage in view range? or improve in concealment? in order for lights to do better in those kind of battles mobility or concealment need to be improved. Else a mid cannot outdo a light and no point in using lights in these kind of battles.
4. All vehicle characteristics will be the same as in random battles.

1. Report system is disabled on purpose or is it a bug? In every battle there are at least 5-6 afk bots, so it would be nice to get rid of them…
1. There are few issues which were connected with technical problems, but we work directly with each report!

2. About pillboxes, you know, that they can be easily destroyed by premium ammo spam from sides or by arty firing APs?
2. This is a bug

3. The role of scouts is minor, because of area restriction. They can’t hunt arties, if they are hidden in a no go area. Scouts should be able to enter the next area. Example: my team is attacking capture point A, area with cap point D is red a.k.a. no go. All arties defending A are hidden in D, so scouts should be able to go in D and hunt them down (if those scouts can avoid enemy tanks ofc).
3. We will fix this problem in the future

Q: what are you going to do with team killers in sandbox? I just had a game where ateammate killed 5 and dealed 11k damage to allies. Not acceptable!
1. We are banning them, and deny the opportunity for participate in next sandbox tests.

Q: how often you accept new players to sandbox?
2. Every day

Q: When the time comes for financial balancing, are you going to make the gamemode profitable or more like random battles on live at the moment (where you can lose credits even on a win at tier 10)?
A: We are thinking about different variants right now.

Q: Why doesn’t it count when you do damage to the objectives? Just did around 5400 hp damage on 2 objectives on a B-C and I didn’t receive any credits or damage from that. Why is that?
A: I’m sorry this is a bug.

Q: Great job so far. Do you think about putting more vehicles into the battle? Maybe 40vs40?
A: Thank you! Yes, we already try even 50 vs 50, but that was too much, so many targets, and step by step we came to the current realization.

Q: How will the upcoming Artillery changes affect this mode? I am finding that the current Obj 261 with AP is extremely effective in this mode, something that will be impossible shortly on the live server. When will the upcoming artillery changes be added to this mode?
A: There are some technical issues which didn’t allow us to integrate new artillery and LT in this iteration, but this functionality will be tested ASAP.

Q: One thing that should be changed is the air strike. The time to leave is little when you are playing with a slow tank.
A: Yes, I agree, the current realization is not the best option!

Q: Are the new graphics where WG is working on for the maps in Random battles also coming to Frontline? That would be awesome!
A: We are going to use the same technology for random battles and frontline!

Q: Is there a possibility to add more war related stuff (blazing cannons, war vehicles, etc.) so we have more the feeling that we are actually in the war zone of D-Day (Epic Normandy)?
A: We think about that, some staff like that could improve the player’s feeling of epicness

Q: When the game mode gets implemented will we also have all Tier X tanks to play with or do we need our own tier X tanks or will we get the possibility to hire tanks?
A: Right now we think only about your own tanks