War Thunder – A33 Excelsior

Another tank which is sadly locked behind an ‘eventwall’…

The A33 Excelsior Heavy Assault Tank is an up-armoured and up-gunned experimental heavy vehicle based on the chassis of the A27 Cromwell Cruiser tank that will be available as a reward for this years World War 2 Chronicles series of events.

In the second half of 1942 there were concerns about the performance and combat utility of the Churchill heavy infantry tanks. They were too heavy and unreliable so it was suggested that further production should be put on hold and that the idea of a unified tank chassis for both branches (infantry & cruiser) of combat vehicles be investigated.

The Rolls-Royce Company proposed a significantly redesigned version of the A27 Cromwell with stronger armour plating, suspension and better armament. The second version was proposed by the English Electric Company based on the suspension and tracks derived from the American M6 Heavy tank design. Both designs intended to simplify the then current production of heavy Infantry tanks.


Two prototypes were built by English Electric, one based on their initial idea of the M6 Heavy tank and second with widened Cromwell tracks and strengthened side armour plating. Both designs were eventually deemed as unnecessary and the plans scrapped after the production problems of the Churchill heavy infantry tanks were solved.

The A33 Excelsior was powered by the Rolls-Royce Meteor V12 petrol engine with a maximum of 625 horsepower and was able to reach up to 20 mph (39 km/h) on flat road, or 12 mph (19 km/h) in combat conditions on uneven terrain. The combat weight was around 45 tons with a maximum armour plating of up to 4.5 inches (114 mm). The vehicle was operated by 5 crewmen in standard conditions and armed with Ordnance QF 75 mm cannon and two 7.92 mm Besa machine guns.

The Excelsior will be interesting alternative for the fans of British Infantry heavy tanks and unique vehicle, that will shine in its special way on the battlefields of War Thunder. Show your enemies you are no pesky casual, but a true War Thunder veteran that fought hard to get this special historical piece of machinery in the Chronicles of the World War 2.


You can unlock this vehicle during the special event

War Thunder Chronicles!


9 thoughts on “War Thunder – A33 Excelsior

  1. i somehow gave up on tank games. they are all crap. warthunder, world of tanks, armored warfare. none of them speak to me anymore. hell, i played the heck out of world of tanks, spend a few hundred bucks on it. i wont even start playing after all that arty nerf crap. sure, they get nerfed, but they are now simply another type of annoyance.

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    1. I know the feeling, I didn’t play WOT for three months after the non black Friday sales, but actually play yesterday and really enjoyed myself, I think they got MM right. I played mostly tier six a few tier 8 and the the MM was the 3 5 7 all day except one battle that was all tier 6. I only lost one battle all day and never shot gold and didn’t even notice any gold spam. Also only suffered a few splash hits from arty. I am actually looking forward to playing WOT again


      1. i can remember the first time i had a downtime. the HD model of the E3 came through, it looked all beautiful. only to find out that they nerfed the cupola by removing alot of the waste armor on it. figures. the strongest armored tank in the game, and it had to be nerfed. thats the kind of bullshit im sick of playing games like world of tanks. it actually makes call of duty attractive again.


  2. Sure – still room for tweaking arty… But suddenly arty is fun to play again and as a player artillery is still a threat but won’t 1-shot you out of nothing unless you fuck up. If you dont like it I wont miss you in the game ;-)


  3. “eventwall” it’s true, it is even worse since they used it as an excuse for adding the option to buy the tasks you could not finish
    WWII Chronicles or any other task in WT is directed at only one type of player, those who have lots of free time and can play all day, the tasks are both difficult and grindy but to that you have to add that they are not properly balanced
    in the first step of the event japanese A6M2s were simply wrecking american F4Fs, and the americans were not even given advantage in numbers
    this means that if you can only play after work at night it will be hard to complete both aircraft and ground tasks, you have the option of buying the tokens but that means you are paying around 30€ for a low BR (tier 3~5 premium in WoT, usually 10€) vehicle and around 60€ for a mid BR (tier 6~7 in WoT) vehicle, 60€ is the price of the T29 bundle which is top BR among premiums (something like a tier 8 in WoT)

    conclusion: they are overpriced but most of all they are not made to be succeded for free by the loyal players who play at night after work, in addition you have the problem of them usually selecting relatively high “tier” vehicles for the last few days of the event, if you are a relatively new player or have focused on 1 or 2 tech trees much more than others you will often end up with not having the elegible vehicles for the tasks
    this is specially true if you focus on anything other than soviet and german tech trees since they are by far the nations with the higher number of events, of course you can still play with premiums but that means further costs if you don’t have any of the possible premiums


    1. Since when is 49.99 Euro = 60 Euro? Check your facts. All Top heavies in the shop are in 50 euro packs. Still very expensive though. And since RNG in WT is way more fucked up than in WoT not worth it. I mean ho tf do you bounce a KV-2 AP shell from a T-34? Not T-34-85 (even if that doesn’t make any sence either) but a normal T-34-76. The regular Tier 5 in WoT with stock turret and gun. Not to mention that T-34-85’s wreck everything in their BR and don’t get any punishemnt in return. Russian bias is right.


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