Announcing the World of Tanks Info NL Partnership

You might wonder what’s with the new sidebar banner. Well, a new source of WG news, a site similar to TAP, but in the Dutch language, contacted us, so I wondered: why not make an official partnership with them? What’s this all about? We’ll try to complement each other with regular exchanges of unique news in order to bring the best reader experience. Thanks to WoT Info Nederlandstalig for accepting our offer! We are proud to announce this friendship from both sides!

Give them a visit here:


14 thoughts on “Announcing the World of Tanks Info NL Partnership

  1. im dutch, and i read dutch aricles everyday, but when there is mostly english in a centence and a few words dutch, thats so weird…


  2. Nice.

    Wotinfo has nice articles in Dutch for those who have a bit of trouble with their English. Wotinfo’s website is actually optimised for mobile devices, which is great. I could really do without the “please like our facebook page” popup in my face though. Popup advertisement is the worst.

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    1. The pop-up settings are changed. Only visible on the homepage and once a user pressed “close” it will not appear anymore. Also it will not appear anymore on mobile devices. Thanks for the feedback.


  3. How much of the TAP-Readers in % can read/understand/speak dutch? Visited em once, klingoon laanguaage with Popup-Ads, no thanks.


    1. The Klingon Language is Dutch because it’s a Wargaming information website for the entire Dutch community. The pop-up ads which you speak about is only one pop-up with the link to our FB page (settings are changed by the way thanks to positive feedback). There are no advertisement pop-ups on our website.


  4. Thanks for the article and our banner here, TAP!!! We’re glad to have this “partnership”. Hear you all on the Discord and for the Dutch community: “Visit also our website!” And remember: our website doesn’t have to be a replacement for this website! Both website also have their unique content. ;-)

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