La Gallissonniere Easter Egg – Statue of Liberty – WoWS

On-board the bridge of the La Gallisoniere tier 6 cruiser in WoWS we have a golden Statue of Liberty.

I have used modding techniques in order to make the statue glow. You can see the statue, turned gold, on the bridge. It is extremely small and hard to see, but the statue is clearly visible in the texture file aswell. The statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France to the US in 1886.

The texture file:
This is just a small snippit of the texture file for the La Galissonniere, I have outlined the various parts of the statue to make it somewhat recognizable for those of you who are not familiar with textures/models.

~Shipmaster_Crook [NA]


8 thoughts on “La Gallissonniere Easter Egg – Statue of Liberty – WoWS

        1. I will make a post when the new flags are added.
          I make mods that include flag modding, any and every time a new flag is added I have to update the file for my modpack.
          So I can assure you I will know right away when new flags are added.
          For now, there is no Hood Flag, I would personally expect to see it added in 0.6.5


  1. Never played WoWs … but in WoT you can get free camera mod for the garage, allowing you to see everything at whatever angle and zoom you want. If WoWs has similar mod it would be easier to show easter eggs like this, and other model or port details you might find worth mentioning.


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