KV-4 KTTS to be sold this year

EDIT: KTTS, not Kreslavsky. My bad.

…According to our Polish colleagues from rykoszet.info and their insider. As you can see, this pic was found by them:


New stats should be on tanks.gg


24 thoughts on “KV-4 KTTS to be sold this year

  1. I wonder how it will behave. Will it be a sidescraping monster or a joke of a shell magnet?

    Seen the goldspam situation nowadays, I fear its mighty superstructure armor will simply be worthless.


    1. Last time I played it, it wasnt really good, for me at least. To one side (I think left) the angle how you can turn your gun, was really shitty.
      Even with all perks it wasnt something cool.
      I wouldnt even think of buying it.


  2. Hos is this different from the Kv-4 Kreslavsky I won in Clan Wars and have in my garage? And why would the stats change?


      1. I was about to suggest but couldn’t remember the TD name – but image really does look like the “KV-4 Kreslavskiy”…


  3. This thing is a T28 Concept at tier 8.
    And T28 Concept has a nice gun but the armor is too random to rely on it. And KV-4 KTTS’s special feature is supposed to be armor. At tier 8+ now ; where everything spams gold or has huge base pen.


  4. As iirc, they removed it from super test last I heard due to it was “beyond broken” with that armor that even tier 9 guns had issues vs. So I guess they “nerfed” it then? To make it fine for sale. As the top mini turret on the early spects would make even the VK 100.01’s hatch jelly.


      1. Old stats, as it had zero weakspots head on. 200mm was the weakest part about it even back then, as now 200 is the highest. And as top tier, that’s not ideal as not much you face have 200 even with gold ammo. Angle it and by using he gun traverse to max the armor. And even most tier 9 can bounce on it. So imagine tier 5 & 6. That’s why it went of the radar the first time, as WG said it’s “armor was broken”


  5. kv4 kress CW reward tank is really easy to kill.
    KV4 KTTS will be the same as the T28C, 1st month farm then everyone knows where to shoot and no point in playing it.


    1. I would almost say that the meta is ‘play superheavy or go fuck yourself’. On most maps (which are corridors), the team with the most superheavies wins… :-)

      Speed and alpha can only be exploited by good players and only on certain maps, while tomato’s could still do well in a superheavy if the map is not campinovka or the other 3 open maps.


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